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  1. THE TIME HAS COME! (finally I can add Mood Ring to my Spotify playlists...)
  2. Holy cow! What a birthday present lol. I guess my Glory vinyl is a relic now. Oh the stories I’ll have for the grandchildren...
  3. Props to Billie. Of course their situations are different, but she’s definitely facing enough stardom pressure now to empathise to an extent. Britney was really the first of her breed: a teenage girl mega star in the new technology era and the amount of scrutiny that she was under was practically unprecedented. I’ve noticed that a lot more people are becoming more understanding about Britney in general and I think that’s a good thing.
  4. If so, good riddance! I feel so bad for her boys. To not only witness their own mother’s treatment, but to also suffer the abuse of their own blood is horrific.
  5. Aw Briiiiit. You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are.
  6. Aw, this is adorable! Imagine having your music played in space
  7. Okay the shift in tone on her Instagram is becoming very obvious and I hope that it’s her free will
  8. This is really treading into dangerous territory. Either Britney is fine and just needs some time off or we’ve stepped into some real ****. We have to be smart. No more death threats or uncoordinated attacks. If we want the public’s support, we have to get our stuff straight.
  9. I don’t think this was the final product; it doesn’t look like it was graded yet. Either way it’s still visually better than the mess we got. She looks stunning, but I don’t get the plot. And that product placement though. Girl, get your coins but it drew me out of the vid
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