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  1. She had a brain freeze from the drink. Other than a bit of a messy hair and anxiety from being followed a lot, it wasn't a big deal. However - she didn't seem fine during that time for whatever reason.
  2. Its on Youtube. There is a download plugin you can use to download it on there.
  3. I buy Britneys music because I like it and because I've done it for so long. She doesn't owe me anything in anyway, it's a choice I make. However - when I see her artistic work is overshadowed by certain deals her team make, that's when I get a little jaded. She said herself she was in a conservatorship that made it tricky in the past for her to be the true artist she is. I demand nothing from Britney but it would be nice not having lawyers, her team and god knows who, standing in her way a lot.
  4. Yup. And she didn't have to testify, she wasn't capable or incompetent or something?
  5. Exactly my point. I liked the HIAM video. It's a piece of art to begin with, but I also think it sends out a message depending on how you look at it. The same with Criminal. He might have been the one who could've changed the conservatorship a bit, being the co-conservator. As for the previous albums and the promo, it was painfully clear how uncomfortable she was in interviews. She might be shy but the questions were very limited and she looked at Larry (or Jaime) constantly, maybe to get approval? The only times she seemed relaxed was when she talked about her kids, i.e not a minefield.
  6. This makes me wonder about how much debating has been going on behind closed doors. How much freedom she has actually creativitywise both present and in the past years. Fans say "of course she has" but since the interview Im not so sure anymore.
  7. I think its hard to be all in three nights a week for how many years now? It's like another day at the office for her by now. And this is the longest ever she's done anything in the same place. So our girl has the right to be a little bored.
  8. It's not rocketscience. Everybody who knows how to google knows Britney has shown interest in Lady Di and Monroe for years. Im sure there are people out there who know things clinical science can't explain yet, but the owner of that post is hardly that person. When that date in 2018 has passed Im sure it will be explained that the poster meant " reborn", taking another careerpath or whatever (her contract in Vegas is up for example). No. Just no.
  9. From what I can see, many corporations are registered after the c-ship was put in place. Can someone explain why that is? Like: a young, now high functioning, woman is placed under a permanent c-ship, or rather two. One of her estate and one of her as a person. Because she's not capable of taking care of her own finances or making her own personal decisions, like what to wear, when to take a shower, who to date and what friends to chose. And then, all of the sudden, all of these corporations start popping up here and there like mushrooms. I don't know. It doesn't seem like the first thing you do when a young, vulnerable woman is standing in the middle of this? It tells me the conservators is creating an empire in her name knowing its not very likely Britney herself will ever be able to handle all that. I don't get it.
  10. From what I read, some staff att Ceders Sinais were fired for snooping in her medical records when admitted. That might explain rumours. Just a theory. This thread might not make a huge difference for anyone or anything but it's an eyeopener. I think in general, having valid questions is a good thing. I get its a personal thing, everyone has the right to some privacy. However; when she openly spoke up a little about it and it was cut, that's a whole different ballgame imo.
  11. For some reason I thought he had a restraingorder placed on him and wasn't allowed to contact Ms Spears in any way, shape or form.
  12. I find it very disturbing she was being censored. Its incredibly sad that an US citizen isn't allowed to speak her mind about her own personal situation. Its not ******* Roswell, Watergate or whatever. Whatever it is, its so delicate its being cut out from a harmless interview? Smh
  13. Why do I like that idea even though its kind of..weird and stalkerish?
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