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  1. LMFAO I've never said such thing. You are literally a weirdo. You said that Albanians are indigenous. I exactly know what you meant by that. Actually you are the one who's saying that Yugoslavs should leave because they are Slavs lol Don't try to cover up your gross racism with other stuff and nope, Albanians are not indigenous to the region neither are the Yugoslavs. I don't need to read fake and populist history books that written by the Balkan nationalists so thank you, I studied history so I'm pretty sure that I know the case better than you do. You should study on your history. (The right one lol) You are contradicting yourself.You just said it doesn't matter where the people are from but you are also saying that Albanians are indigenous, out of nowhere and the reason is very obvious.
  2. Also this is completly SICK and racist. According to your logic Americans should go back to Europe and leave their homes. Also bad news for you Albanians belong to E1b1 haplogroup which is not European.
  3. They experienced war in Republic of North Macedonia? LOL She did not share the map of Kosovo but GREATER ALBANIA
  4. No they had another song for Eurovision in 2013. They came 21st our of 26 countries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HYTd7WDCPg
  5. You said that Americans boycott anthem and flags. Like how could you bring that? You are a 7 year old for saying that. You think that situation of the minorities in North Macedonia and in USA are even close enough to mention that? You can't even use it as an argument. We have that much of a difference. Minorities in USA have reasons to boycott them but Albanians in North Macedonia don't. You have NO idea about Macedonian governments and how they work but you are trying to dictate your opinions. You can go and chat with racist Albanians who support Greater Albania. Where did I say that it's an inadequcy. I don't say that they are not capable. They simply don't learn it because they H A T E Macedonia. Get back to reality and read some interviews, facebook posts and columns from North Macedonia. You clearly have no idea about the situation. I've never said all I always said majority and majority of the Albanians are not less advantaged in North Macedonia they choose to be the ones. They wanted Macedonian and Albanian schools to be divided and UCK started a ******* civil war for this. And now they only learn Albanian at their schools. We can't force Albanians for anything.
  6. USA enslaved the black people. When did Macedonia do that? You just keep saying the same thing tho. Albanians were in EVERY government coalition since we took independence from Yugoslavia. They have EVERY right in the country. Why they don't change it? They always have a sig. number of ministries in the government. You know the answer. I have tons of Albanian friends who are not hateful towards Macedonia and they have much better income than avarage Albanians you know why? Because they did learn Macedonian and they work in private sector now. Albanians having lower income is not our fault and you have to recognize that.
  7. Where did I said that Albanians can't start a company in North Macedonia? They can but they do not. I told you why Albanians have lower income compared to Macedonians in North Macedonia. Not that Albanians have to learn Macedonian. Majority of the Albanians in North Macedonia think that it's an insult to them. Just check the facebook posts, news and their arguments. They openly say it, It's not something that I made up. Albanian politicians boycott Macedonian anthem, flag and everything possible.
  8. HAHAHAHAHHA seriously? Okay so I'm not looking for a job here or in USA. Also I don't live in USA. Plus I do speak English, might not be the perfect one but I do. Albanians can't even ask 'what is your name' in Macedonian here. And why would I want your understanding? You just sound arrogant and ignorant enough to think that everyone on the planet speaks English so I had to explain it to you. Yes and that's what I've said. Albanians can't find job because they don't bother to learn Macedonian and there's barely any Albanian companies in North Macedonia. So they either fly to Switzerland or live a bad and poor life because they hate Macedonia and everything connected to it.
  9. Considering that English is not my mother tongue and I've never been to USA or UK I think that I'm pretty good at it however your arguments are dumb and pointless and you are trying to cover them with insults but apparently you don't even know what 'private sector' means. I suggest you to read about it and then answer to my arguments. I'm a lost cause because I'm saying that a person has to learn the official language in order to live a better life? LMAO and no, everything I said was on point and true. If I go to Tirana without knowing any Albanian will they hire me? NO LOL so shut up and cut the bull****.
  10. LOL Discrimination? hahahha What are you even talking about? First of all Albanian is not an official language in whole country. It has a special status. Also nobody said Albanians should leave because they don't speak Macedonian. Don't twist my words. I said that they don't learn Macedonian so they can't find jobs in private sector.If someone who doesn't know any English would try to find a job in a company which functions in English could that person be hired in USA? I don't think so. Nearly all the companies are Macedonian in North Macedonia and sorry but they can't hire Macedonian/Albanians translators just in order to hire Albanians. If you wanna be employeed in that company you HAVE to learn Macedonian and it's N O T racism or discrimination at all. It's like saying that the straight people are homophobic because they won't have *** with gay men. Nobody can't spend tons of money just because you are a racist and didn not learn the official and national language of the country. If you want a job in a company which functions in English in New York you HAVE to learn English. Also not learning the language because you believe that it's an insult to you to learn it is not a discrimination but not hiring someone because that person can't speak the language which your company functions in is discrimination? lol
  11. No we both know that it's a map that represents Greater Albania and unification of those places. Ofcourse I admit it. Cause it has happened and I'm still proud that my country helped them somehow. Albanians don't even learn Macedonian language in North Macedonia. They think that it's an insult for them to learn it. How do you expect someone who don't even learn a language to be employeed in an ethnic Macedonian company? Would you hire someone who doesn't speak the language you speak? Ofcourse they have lower income and that's because this reason. Not because we hate Albanians.
  12. Agreed. I'm from North Macedonia and I can totally say that Albanians in North Macedonia enjoy every right possible for years and they are below 20% in the country but they almost have more rights than Slavic Macedonians.
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