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  1. omg I totally forgot on accident lmao must have slipped my mind
  2. replacing freakshow with private show is actually an amazing idea!
  3. is anyone here for the return of radar?
  4. replace it with hold it against me tbh
  5. We all know POM 2.0 >>>> 1.0 but are there any other changes you'd liketo see added to the show? ( like an actual encore)
  6. Does anyone know when/ why they took out the prerecorded vocals for some songs?
  7. Not bitter or dragging make me, but I CANNOT BELIEVE after all that promo it tied with the debut. We've had the worst luck with charting this era. Flawless music stays flawless tho.
  8. oh yes my bad that was a typo *don't drag me pls*
  9. To anyone having a meltdown over chart positions, just remember blackout debuted at #2 and the majority of the fanbase agrees that's her best album, so I think we just have to settle with the fact that the flop GP does not recognize artistic masterpieces *kanye shrug*
  10. does anyone else find this line in private show kinda ironic when POM doesn't even have a legitimate encore?
  11. yes omg my target had zero copies on release date. I was so confused. Thank god they finally shipped some in by thursday. literally got mine at the last minute. this definetely affected sales tbh. target had a whole ******* end display when 1989 came out and that sold 1.3 million the first week so...
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