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  1. I love the melody and the overall feeling of Body Ache. Production wise... but yeah I think many of us have noticed the difference between the two verses, equaling it is not all Myah (tbh I still want to believe it is not Myah at all)
  2. Oh lord this was such a disaster Watched it once and can’t do it again it’s almost admirable how something can be so messed up, like if it was a joke
  3. I’ve already finished but I’m changing the rates slightly all the time this is so hard, I’m finding myself liking some songs I’ve slept on before
  4. I’ve checked out my chart there some time ago, it was very interesting I am sun AND rising Sagittarius, moon Aries So basically
  5. I love the melody of HIAM chorus, there’s something a bit sad there, like yearning even tho it also is sexy and suggestive, combined with sharp and airy background. That’s the case with the first two choruses but then the last one is a full blast, my heart still jumps everytime I listen to it especially with headphones on
  6. Slightly OT but I remember when WB came out and my first impression was WTF, after a few plays I already liked it. I always thought it kinda flopped but apparently it didn’t? I read it was voted the best workout song and I personally think it is a banger and a quite well-known song nowadays, because of its theme and vibe. Btw so proud rn, read about Britney’s singles on Wikipedia and we Finns have appreciated them and they have charted here usually higher than elsewhere
  7. I actually buy this And I think she’s referring to Frozen movie? Anyone?
  8. I re-read it and I just can’t so many mistakes. It’s like they just pick a couple of things and that’s what their opinions are based on. My main point here is, anyway, to show that some people want to stick to the narrative that Britney is unstable and unable. I’m so pleased whenever I seen an article that dives deeper and then, naturally gives quality information (def not this one).
  9. So this major Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat just released a Britney-related essay and it’s biased and just wrong The title: ”Fans demand releasing Britney Spears from a ”prison” - What if she just wants to be in peace?” Luckily we have a small country and that article is labeled as a “Today’s Diamond” so it can only be read by subscribers The writer is only paying attention to the fans’ IG interpretations and not at all to the hundreds of pieces of evidence like leaked stuff, things people who know her have said etc. (I wrote the newspaper a comment where I pointed all this out) There was even false information there. Considering the Wednesday’s remote hearing, “Britney wasn’t there”, like that was the problem. She also said that Britney admitted being bipolar in I am the BJ? Eh? Well, I’m disappointed and I wish they had written a trustworthy and well-explained story in Finnish about all this but no. I will keep on spreading the word and explaining things to people who are curious (GP here and my friends as well are aware that something’s not right with this whole situation)
  10. Hmm. A random stranger/fan/reporter could not have joined. I believe someone (team CON) has purposely given the access to the virtual hearing to mess it up and gain some extra time until next possible date of hearing. Time to paint the picture the way they want it to be seen, time to make Britney do what they want her to do. Don’t tell me I’m reaching ‘cause this actually makes sense
  11. I just can’t Being a bad driver and can’t do reservations? Wasn’t a problem before 2008 and def is not a reason to be under a CON
  12. There is no reason she would post this and ignore the hearing so there’s two options 1) she doesn’t know about the hearing 2) she’s not the one posting this obv they want it to seem like she doesn’t want to speak about the CON/she is so unstable she can’t even manage/doesn’t care to attend BUT they don’t realize that people won’t buy this
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