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  1. Was gonna come here and read the drama... then realised it’s 28 pages long. Probably just gonna give up
  2. Her chart-topping days are over sadly. So if Smile flops (and it will), it's not because it's a terrible song compared to her previous releases. It's only downhill for her from Witness on, so next album is gonna flop harder than Smile. I hope that she truly understands it and still releases music for her fans because NRO, HiH and Smile are still fun.
  3. Anyone watched the CW 90210? I used to watch that show to fill my hole from Gossip Girl. Watching Once Upon A Time, but kinda wanna give up already at S3.
  4. It's the problem of the country that these people can't get money / social benefits while Kayne West's Yeezys is receiving a $2-5 million loan.
  5. It's a nice cover. Smile is a cute song, better than Daisies but still not the single material I want.
  6. I was there at the meet and greet. She did get kicked out by Britney. I shared my side of the story a few times. as for Nick Jonas, he was actually nicer than I expected when I met him. Kevin Jonas was the nicest out of the Jonas brothers. But all 3 of them were pretty polite and nice. The first poster about Camila was pretty accurate to me. ive read some positive stories about Katy Perry M&G though, e.g. she won’t let the security guards rush the fans if they wanna talk to Katy. also, the M&G price for UK tour (Britney) was actually about £460 if I remember correctly. Nothing like the Vegas ones.
  7. I can't believe I actually am starting to feel bad for James Charles. He seems the least evil out of the 4 people.
  8. I’d be here for PF2, but Nicki has lost all my respect. and it’s nice to see @Jordan Miller moderating!
  9. Still remember how Sunmi just gave up SOLO because of his plagiarism. He sucks.
  10. Actually, after reading your comment, I rewatched it again and I love the ending. for some reason, I don’t have much faith in YG this time around. We still have about 2-3 more months till their first full album.
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