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  1. Right? They want record certifications as if they are selling album copies by not treating singles as they should be. It works if you have a great reach, like Harry, and therefore have the audience to suport that. Lets see how this strategy will perform for Ari. What I want for Britney is to release at least 3 to 4 singles even before announcing an album and treat them as so like experimenting, get strategic featurings, making a video, perform, promote, push RCA to work on streaming and invest in radio play, be out there and focus on them to revitalize her brand to only then put them in a future album as bonus tracks. That's what Sam is doing, his "album to be" already has way more than 1 billion streams (Promises, Dancing With a Stranger, How do You Sleep, To Die For, the feat with Demi and now Diamonds) that will count for certification later on. And the great majority were singles SINGLES, hence the results.
  2. its getting more usual for artists to release first singles that doesnt sound deserving to be first singles. The song is good, I have it on repeat. But its not major, and its clear that its was released just to gather streams for the album's ceritification later on. Harry Styles and Gaga did it and Sam Smith is doing it, all 3 finding success in this strategy. And now Ariana is doing it as well. Its kinda what I wish Britney would do if she ever comes back to music. Katy Perry did the wrong way and floped hard
  3. Jamie and Lou are quick to take dowm fans I see. Cant they see they are shooting themselves in the foot? #FreeBritney is like a Hydra, you cut one head and two more come alive angrier and stronger than never. They're only adding more gasoline to the fire and we love it, let it burn mother****ers
  4. I dont mind, it just means that someone, somewhere in this world, just doesnt share the same perspective as I do and thats fine. I avoid giving downvotes but if something is really offensive towarsds me or someone that I like, for no reason beyond hate and disrespect then I see myself cliking the downvote button
  5. Thats pretty much childish, plus those coins wouldnt go to Britney anyway. Let Zoey 911 have her cake, the woman never had success in her life anyway Call me if yall need to spam the official audio on YouTube with dislikes tho
  6. In the middle of a court battle.... What would happen if Britney wins over Jamie and fire Tri Star, which operate business for the "Britney brand", right after? Would contracts be cancelled or invalidated in some form? Im just curious.... No surprise Britney's brand can sell pretty much anything, like dolls in 2020/21. Done correctly and resulting in very hq products, homegurl could make lots of bucks. It would mean the world if those sort of things happens after Britney regain control over her brand, but like this? right now? I'll pass cause I dont wanna give Lou my hard earned coins
  7. First and faremost Britney is far from scaring the world with her insta posts. The only reason people are going *OMG* with her insta is because of the bots in the comments shaming her and spaming "aRe YoU Ok?". Once she disables the comment section that narrative will disapear, just watch it
  8. Very busy to understand all its written. From the comments its a hearing about Jamie Lynn wanting to transfering the funds from the SJB trust Britney created to protect her money to be given to her kids when she passes to a completely private account held by one of Lou's companies? This is so ****ed up, its obvious they want to drain that money to disappearance while Bessemer isnt involved yet. That will lead to Britney having no money at all to pay for Ingham and Loeb & Loeb to assist her in having Bessemer as her conservator of the estate. Basically if Judge Penny aproves this its over, the people helping Britney will be forced to abandon the case due to no money being paid. That's why Bryan steped away and they inserted Jamie Lynn in this. She's the youngest and expected to outlive both Britney and Bryan. That's the only way to stop Britney from getting out ot the conservatorship *EVER*. Im out of words right now..... This family is vile and that was always their plan. That's why they keep saying Britney is the "family business". For the love of God, Penny. Dont fail Britney
  9. If dancing is smth you want to persue or at least keep getting better and better, I'd say to work on the fluidity of your movements. But all in all, its really nice and you have the sas and agility already . For the next dance video, try to show your whole body babe. @ me when you post again cause Im curious for the next one. Keep dancing till the world ends honey
  10. Its so obvious now... she is feeling liberated. Imagine Britney being completely free of the strains that stopped her so many times to express how she feels, how sexy and comfortable in her own skin she got. That's not smth from today at all, during the Glory era she was already showing us that. Once she gets rid of Jamie, Im totally here for Eroticaney. Justify My Love was Madonna's seed and Erotica was the tree all grown up. I hope Britney does smth similar and ad some extremelay theater-ish stuff. The power this woman has
  11. I pray for the day her label and new team get to re-upload all her videos in 4k. Watching Circus, a music video not so distant in time, in that ****ty *** resolution is tough man
  12. Funny how ET puts like "hey Jamie and Bessemer are chatting about working together " and Ingham in the court room straight up says Jamie reached Bessemer behind their backs to sabotage Britney's relationship with the company. Why is it so hard to keep up with the truth? ET is on Team Con payroll, the subtable changes in the narrative are not something new coming from everything related to this mess of a channel. Eat a bag of d***s ET!
  13. Is Larry still working with Miley? Or was it Adam Leber? I dont recall. Whoever is working with Miley today should work with Britney as well. Miley is everywhere since Midnight Sky droped Answering the question: idk. Larry said he's only around when Britney wants to work. And besides, Larry was draged by the fanbase for so long by lack of management/suport and now we know for sure Jamie was always the one pulling the strings and giving the final word on rather things should be done or not. He may or may not have dirty hands with Team Con and that is smth we would never know unless his name start droping in court docs. He was right when he said Britney could never perform again tho, look what happened. Its hard. BUT, I wish she picks someone completely new to start things fresh again. And also gather a creative team like Gaga did, it would help a lot to bring her ideas to fruition in a current way. Her brand needs a serious revamp. If Jamie loses his influence over Britney and she still calls Larry.......... then we speculate
  14. I guess its related to when someone became a stan actually. I knew Britney since the Oops days, but I was so little and never had an album of hers. I became a stan during the Circus era so that album hits different and is the perception I have from her as a pop artist. Femme Fatale also hits different. Sometimes I stop everything to listen to it and jam to every single song, I sing every single lyric and I know exactly what is going to happen production wise. In Britney Jean I lost it, I just dont go there. Then Glory came. Since its release, Glory is my most streamed album by any artist. I adore that album, its was current and very Britney and still tastes like the finest champagne. It hurts how poorly that album was treated. In a decent sound system its just eargasm after eargasm from vocals to the beats. That doesnt mean that I dont apreciate the older albums. In The Zone, Blackout and Oops are just irresistable. Britney is great but the singles are just enough. Baby I never listened all the way, just give me the singles, I Will Be There and Soda Pop Did the conservatorship affected how I listen to her music? No. From what we know she didnt have creative control over Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. Femme Fatale *had* to be commercial, it was a competitive time in pop music and it gave her 4 hits. And as I said, I dont listen to Britney Jean so Im good in that regard. I guess it is also because the older albums had her fully there to promote them. The over exposure of her image kinda makes people believe that thats the "real" Britney. One era fully well promoted can change that perception rather quick.
  15. Of course he would. It passed the point of a conspiracy theory that its not just Jamie, that there is indeed a whole mafia behind this conservatorship. God knows how many people have been profiting off this mess for the past 12 years. The panic mode is on, I guess he knows what and who will come for his wig if he lose control over Britney's money.
  16. It means Brenda gurl aproved Britney's wish to hire Loeb & Loeb to assist Ingham. She has a team of lawyers now instead of just one, a team specialized in conservatorships that is. Britney won today.
  17. Considering its you in the avatar... Hello gorgeous You new here? If so welcome to Exhell we like to have fun in this household
  18. My heart is so full of joy right now that I dont know enough words in english to express exactly how I feel Britney I love you, we love you. You were, still is and forever will be an essencial part of my life. Here to many victories still to come!
  19. But there's so little someone like her could do with a 1k allowance. She went to target and bought the camera, the lights and the white blanket and probably got out of cash so how on earth could she hire pros to do a photoshoot without Jamie allowing it
  20. Not to sound in favor of the Princess Duck Killer, but she kinda has the right to snap. The amount of comments taging her on insta threatening her and even her kids is absurd. Some people go too far, one day I saw a comment saying that Maddie should've died in that river accident. I dont know if she reads everything but its plain mean what some people do to her. People have the right to have their opinions, yes, but straight up being terrorists will never be the answer. Not saing thats what OP did, but I general that what happens to her.
  21. Not me reading this line like they were the titles Danja shared.... Like: - What Do You Think - Am I reaching? - Are We Getting Something
  22. Im tired yall.... Im so ******* tired Yall know what we need to do. Whenever there's fake news regarding Britney's case going around, like its hapening right now, we should start reporting the tweets. There's no respect towards Britney's image so we should not show them any respect either. I dont know how twtter name those steps in english so I'll translate from how they are called in my language: - Report Tweet - Abusive and Harmful Content - Its disrepecful or ofensive / Includes direct harassment Dont waste time, if you have a Twitter account please do it. This is spreading like crazy and is damaging her image more than anything right now while WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT And while you're at it, report this too: They are big here in Brazil and other websites from Latin America just copy and paste what they say. PopLine NEVER respected Britney, always throwing her under the bus. They managed to get the TMZ story and make even worse. If we are in to #FreeBritney we gotta do it right and protect her at all muthafuhKim costs Edit: I may seem crazy to some people here with this post, but I just had an anxiety attack and then went to Twitter and all I saw was these kind of posts. As I said, Im just tired of people doing this to her. No regrets of posting this tho.
  23. Imagine not liking Miley's voice She's has such a unique voice and it goes along with a bunch genres
  24. And that's how its done Lance: you aknowledge, you respect and show your feelings about it. As a public person you should know that Mariah, Paris and Miley showed suport without going the extra miles you went and none of them are facing backlash, just saying
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