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  1. Adam closed his insta account so I'm not able to check it. If someone follows him, please back this up cause since the Britney's Gram vs. LawyersForBritney situation we cant trust anyone right off the bet (specially on Twitter). Basically, he says he feels its time to start talking about things but it has to start from the very beginning. He met Britney through the lawyers who took care of her divorce from Kevin and they met irl 2 times, and then talked on the phone for a couple hours. He states that although he's not a doctor (nor had access to her medical reports) he saw that Britney could fully understand the situation she was in and was interested to be advised by him. He noticed she needed him in court to ask for the only thing that matters to her (I think he talks about the custody of her boys) and that she knew the conservatorship was smth inevitable but didnt want Jamie to be the conservator. He then says he'll talk more about it very soon. It seems he'll take advantage from the attention the documentary will bring to spill more details that may not make the cut. Lets keep our eyes open ladies and lads and hope for the best
  2. Since Vegas the idea was to keep Britney not too succesful so they could keep her as a nostalgia act in there, which was where the money was at. "Keep her alive, but not too alive. Fans will miss her and will book a trip to Vegas to see the show." If Domination was a thing, you can bet your *** B10 would've been just like BJ and Glory.
  3. NYT has been sharing court backed infos about Britney's legal battle against Jamie and Team Con. I dont see how they could mess this up, specially that we now have so many sources of information about the case and people willing to help. I really hope that Britney and her legal team contributed for this, and that the letter the FTR photog shared make its way into this cause its the only thing, graphycal enough, that could wake people considering its her calligraphy and all. But theres something I didnt get, it will be on Hulu or FX? Cause I've seen people talking about both. Or will it premiere on Hulu and later in the TV channel?
  4. I looked into it a few weeks ago and I dont remember seeing anything besides the ones you already linked I think you got it all over him
  5. 01. So Britney goes to Maui and takes Sam, Cassie and Blake McGrath (choreographer), they all stayed in the same hotel and Cassie Spears shared him on their insta 02. Then Loeb & Loeb and Bessemer got in 03. RCA re-released Glory, which I supose that counts as 1 less album to end her contract because it had "brand new" songs 04. Now Brandon Silverstein from S10 Entertainment follows her If Brandon is indeed her new career manager then 2 things may happened: Britney and her lawyers know she will win against Jamie and are already planning her comeback (remember that a few days after we knew about Lou runing for her life, Cassie Spears posted it was "the best day of her life". It wouldnt surprise me if Britney and her crew get info ahead of time), or... 02. Britney and Jamie are coming to an agreement Im gonna keep taking notes
  6. This Its not a shade but an event that is bound to happen. The timing is not the best though cause people are really taking as shade on twitter, even non Britney fans. Still fun to watch
  7. @Slayer you're an angel for resuming what whas said cause I wouldnt be able to watch the video, his voice at this point just makes me go like
  8. Not at all, it was TriStar very last move as manager to profit from the Britney Brand and then LouLou ran for her life
  9. Not the best, not the worst. It can be catchy if you are willing to keep listening. It sure sounds like a bonus track and theres that What bothers me about it is that they pushed the backing vocals so loud in some parts that you just know it's not Britney, and yes I heard the lead vocals. Right in the end there's a voice that sounds more similar to BeBe than Britney. The vocal effects were kinda unecessary. Will RCA invest with iTunes banners? Streaming playlists? A lyric video perhaps? Cause otherwise it will perform just like Mood Ring, it will sell but it wont chart.
  10. this rumor was generated on twitter by crazy stans a while back... nice try Mr Anonymous
  11. **** you I started reading like it was serious just cause its you but the Lou stunt brought me straight back to reality, u almost got me babe
  12. I've Just Begun (Farting my K_u_nt) is trash. Over to You Know is way superior, breathe if you agree
  13. I would put more from Femme Fatale but I dont remember the name of most of the songs
  14. I've Just Begun Dear Diary Brave New Girl Mmm Pappi Big Fat bass The Beat Goes On Private Show Bombastic Love And 2.5/3 of Britney Jean Edit: damm I forgot Pretty Girls even existed... thats how bad it is
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