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  1. what happened to BoA? She had so many cool songs. Is she still in the business?
  2. Oh someone revived this thread? Good Idk if I answered to this once, but if I did here I come again. JT is an unecessary artist. He pass because he's a white dude that used to be hot during his prime. I honestly cant see what his impact in pop culture was, there's nothing memorable about him. A bunch of male artists that came after him managed to build a more apealing visual identity than he ever could, and he also just couldnt get even close to his predecessors like MJ and Prince. Plus, he remained popular circa 2005-2013 because of Timbaland, once Timbaland lost his touch Justin fell off big time as seen with "Man of The Woods" (the Trollz song doesnt count, it was made by Max Martin so whoever sang that it would've become a success anyway plus the new one for Trollz 2 which was produced by Justin himself floped hard). That doesnt mean he's not talented though. 20/20 Experience was hella good and I listened to it back and forth so many times.
  3. As he should. I pray for the day the queen and her right hand knight get to work together again without Jamie and his leeches around. There I said it and I will never take it back
  4. WB remains a banger in my book. Some fans trashed the song when it came out, trashed the song a year later and some still do to this day. But that didnt stop the track to become one of Britney's signature tunes, and Im at peace with that. I dont personaly click to listen to it, but whenever it comes on shuffle I make sure to jam to it
  5. A Bruna ficou perfeita. E o colar com #FreeBritney foi a cereja do bolo Tava pensando no quão grande é o impacto da Britney na nossa geração, vira e mexe alguma coisa legal ligada à ela aparece do nada. Só essa semana teve Slave 4 U viralizando no Tik Tok, Bruna e Manu no Miaw, Hillary Duff falando que ama a Britney, fora todo o lance do movimento e os avanços que ela e o Ingham tem feito. Não temos música mas temos referência, iconicidade, adoração e muito mais pra vir. Até na areia seca do deserto é ótimo ser B-Army cara, amo
  6. I chose Bambi cause it was tought out to be more mature, but this is a tough one. There are aspects of each performance that if somehow Britney decides to merge them it would make Womanizer amazing on stage. The break from POM and 2016ney fire, the floor parts from FFTour, the atitude from the XFactor, the matureness from Bambi... anyway, I miss Britney promoting her singles like she used to and btw JordyJord @Jordan Miller, new Exhale looks fire
  7. She's composing for a future album, once she's free from Jamie & Lou Britney is going to release the personal album Britney Jean was suposed to be. Her "Ray of Light" is going to be called "Rose" and the visual identity she'll go for will be of a mature elegant femme full of wisdom and crown flowers for days. A mix of Sade, Madonna and Lana Del Rey, right? RIGHT? I want to believe
  8. Adam Streisand used to be a partner for this law firm. Kinda feels full circle doesnt it? Imagine if King Streisand is working with Brit Brit in the shadows? I can only dream This law firm is extra good, full of awarded professionals and of course they see Britney's case as a golden goose for the companie's marketing meaning they would not get in this process to lose. From what I read about them and the clients they have, Im confident in this decision. So far Britney and Ingham are doing a great job, Bessemer and Loeb? #FreeBritney wont stop Jamie gurl, u in danger
  9. It needs to be kinda family friendly cause NFL aint there for edgy sexy stuff and cursing on the songs so her Gimme More punch line and WB would be out of the equation 1. Hold It Against Me (hard hitting bop) 2. Circus (to present this generation what a real Pop Circus was and should always be ) 3. Womanizer (cause duh) 4. Piece of Me (with the iconic golden cage from the CS:BS please ) 5. I Love Rock'N'Roll (cause everybody knows this song) 6. Slave (Jungle theme) 7. Baby/Crazy/Oops medley 8. Toxic 9. Till The World Ends No features, no guests, just Britney.
  10. but why even compare? One debuted with an album completely influenced by the 90's era, where artists could pretty much just be vocalists and it was fine, and the other came in an era that is kinda crucial that artists need to have their hands in almost all aspects of an album otherwise they are considered not talented enough. Its like comparing Apple Pie with Macarons, both delicious but popular in totally different eras of the dessert spectrum if that makes any sense If I had to pick one it would be Billie's cause Im a fan and its much more her's than Baby is Britney's. And in terms of Britney's albums I never listened Baby in full anyway. All I care are the singles, I Will Be There and Soda Pop Both albums successfuly helped build the images they wanted to portray in pop history and I got to a point in my life that i just want to enjoy music guys, no matter who it comes from. Right now Im addicted to neither Britney nor Billie but The Smiths, for the 10th time in my life. KEANE and Belle & Sebastian Im gonna revisit yall next
  11. If she remains in a conservatoship, even with Bassemer and Jodi, everything needs to be crystal clear for everyone to feel confortable to show their suport for the Britney brand. Specially if she is happy and if all the things that comes from "Britney the artist" actually comes from "Britney the person" first and her will to keep going. Something that would also be well apreciated would be open up on who her new team is going to be and what each and every person do, no transparency no suport Edit.: and also an open and wider communication channel for Britney outside of her Instagram like a blog or a tumblr page like Taylor does. Get her a proper social media manager to help her with that so she can tell us how she feels, post mommy pics, talk about the books she's reading, the songs she's been listening to and stuff like that. Britney is much more deep and thougtful than Instagram could ever allow anyone to be.
  12. He said he's only around when Britney is working. The thing with Larry is, we will never know for sure what his role with Team Con was. He could've sided with Jamie and Lou and take advantage of Britney? Yes. Could he be one of the few truly there for Britney? M-a-y-b-e. One thing we can assure, Britney liked him. She called him one of her best friends once and she used to have fun with him off camera even during the Glory era. I would not be surprised that even she gets rid of Jamie and Lou, that she would get him to keep working as her manager I can not defend nor acuse him cause I dont have tea about him, lets make that very clear here We got this stigma that Larry was an awful manager, but gathering the infos we know right now... was he the problem or was it Jamie and Tri Star always being cheap and making sure to keep things low so Britney would never grow wings again? The guy for sure had to sign an NDA to be around her...
  13. If I'll do that right now all the pizza and cake I just had would leave my body in a second.. Im super stuffed that hurts but its free I've just begun having my fun, inside me theres pizza I found, I wanna eat around, I just begun dont wanna settle down. Good night yall s2
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