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  1. sometimes she's scared of pups
  2. sometimes I wonder if she's a pupper or a doge
  3. weird tbh was it a fake interview after all? Too good to be true? Jordan deleted it from the main page Is there an audio to the interview?
  4. Awesome interview!! This is literally the first time she mentioned mental health since FTR I really hope that one day she will be confident enough to do a sit-down interview and explain everything about her darkest days
  5. Out of the ones I've smelled Believe and Fantasy are the best. Believe is even better imo, it's light and and clean yet sweet and feminine. Fantasy smells very sweet and girly, it's awesome. Midnight fantasy smells cheap and not good imo
  6. awww that's so sweet <3 We're not mad at ya bae everyone makes mistakes it's not a big deal <3 Love ya xxxxxx I'll never be able to forgive you for posting that ****
  7. she just didn't want to be Britney anymore
  8. I love this guy! He's so damn fast The bottle is definitely my favorite of all of her perfumes, so beautiful and the scent must be awesome! I guess it's like the more innocent version of PS, still sweet but with more fruity notes and no coffee. I'd love to smell it and buy it as a gift to my mother
  9. as you can see the tattoo in the second picture looks like it only had one laser session, it's still there but very faded I'm sure she had more sessions after that
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