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  1. 7 hours ago, really really cool guy said:

    1. Work Bitch is trash and should not even be considered a song :lessons:

    2. BJ is indeed her most personal album ever (prove me wrong)

    3. A new Vegas residency is the best option for Britney

    4. Her new face is affecting her career (lower sales, less interest from people).

    5. Slumber Party's mv is overrated. 

    these aren't unpopular opinions they are just wrong :sippinga:

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  2. 47 minutes ago, December02 said:

    It confuses me when people think she hasn't had a hit since the 90s. Like clearly they just don't listen to pop music. Same with people that think she hasn't had anything since like Toxic. That being said, I'm sure many/ most people under 40 have heard Gimme more, POM, womanizer, circus, IUSA, 3, HIAM, TTWE, IWG, S&S, or WB. Even if they don't recognize that it was her, they've probably at least heard one of those in passing. Really though, if you don't care about the pop sphere, it's been since 2013 that she's had a song that was moderately successful and that's kind of a while ago. I mean in reality it's not that long, but for the GP's memory it's quite a while

    The problem is that people don't know it's Britney singing, two of my friends were singing along to Scream and Shout and TTWE and they were surprised when I told them it was Britney :receipts2: (how can you not f**king recognize her when she literally says Britney Bitch in S&S) 

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Good4Ya said:

    The pitbull song was confirmed but apple pie was just a rumor created around some random apple emojis on instagram =:apple: (the same person who posts random google pics, fairies, corn, minions, biblical phrases, staged pranks, chipmunked songs) :mattafact:

    So it’d make sense to release the pitbull song right before the tour kicks off... maybe on the 12th... though I wonder why Britney hasn’t commented on the song...  :ineedthetruth:



    Probably because Britney nor Pitbull should have commented about it before the planned schedule but he just did :ririshade2:

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  4. She needs to stop putting 9 billion extensions. This is a mess, and maybe if she chopped some of her hair off she wouldn't have to touch it all the time during performances.
    Resultado de imagen de britney 2017

    I'd LOVE this length on her
    Resultado de imagen de britney 2017

    This is literal perfection
    Resultado de imagen de britney dark hair

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