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  1. Daxx

    socialney [NEW] Instagram video with Sam

    Sam's probably like "the sh!t she makes do"
  2. holy sh!t I forgot how skinny she was the first picture looks unreal
  3. Daxx

    other Why autotune!?

    I believe this 100% lmfao
  4. pensaba que había pan Bimbo en otros paises
  5. Daxx

    exhale New Fantasy perfume (+ new promo pic)

    she looks sooo good
  6. it's more urban and cool, very dark and you know a workout itself, it's the hardest dancing I've ever done and you know very different from the 5 shows I've done in the past 6 years, my son came up with the concept and will.i.am did the photoshoot. it's very cool because it's faded and exciting. you'll have to wait and see.