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  1. At 21 you don’t know if you feel uncomfortable posing topless? Btw I love the pics and see no reason Britney should feel embarrassed or apologetic. Just saying...it’s not anyone else’s fault she took the pics. She enjoyed the controversy and had always said she was rebellious.
  2. Asking hard questions isn’t aggressive. Diane did her job...most of the question were softball questions that brit could barely answer...example...Britney herself offers up that Touch of my Hand is a risqué song on her new album...Diane takes the bait and asks her about and then Britney cannot even answer the question. That’s not being pushy or a *****. Interviews are apart of being a celebrity. She asks about her difficult year with illness in the family and a breakup...Diane would suck at her job if she didn’t ask. Like what world do y’all live in? All the questions should be catered to Britney’s agenda?
  3. It’s sad. I adore her but she doesn’t want this life and she isn’t well...that’s just a fact. Anyone pretending anything else is kidding themselves.
  4. It’s not rude...it’s an interview...not that hard. Britney is 21 year old woman year. I love how to some of you enablers literally nothing is ever her fault. It’s was the photographers that pushed her into the shoot/it was pressure that made her get married in Vegas/Kevin tricked her into a relationship and leaving his pregnant girlfriend/she was set up when she didn’t show up to court mandated custody dates...nothing was ever her fault ever! God the logic in here is mind blowing.
  5. Lol have you seen her? There’s not gonna be a B10...and saying that breaks my heart...but ain’t gonna happen sweetie.
  6. To all you enablers that are like “she’s so happy! So adorable!!” You’re just as bad as Jamie and Lou. I said the truth. You need help just as much as Britney if you see nothing out of the norm here. Seriously you’re delusional. There’s a reason I get 20,000 Dm’s everytime she posts bc everyone knows I love Britney...and it’s the same response every time “what is going on with her and why is no one helping her!?”...stop acting like everything is normal with her...it’s not!! Yall are prob the same ppl that said Whitney was clean too...smh
  7. How much enabling can y’all do? I’m not gonna single out features or anything but to say she looks good or “adorable”? I can’t help but wonder what y’all actually think looks good 😂 not shading I LOVE Britney...but I’m also not a liar or enabler where everything she does deserves praise no matter what. Girl needs a lot of help! Still love her though still gonna Stan
  8. I literally come here for the comedy now 😂 I just knew the comments would be “she looks so good”
  9. Kim is a trans woman and she has her own experience! She has every right to her opinion. How she can get backlash for not immediately labeling someone is beyond me. Kim is a compassionate woman and deserves zero backlash!
  10. Yikes...okay after first listen, I have to say very underwhelmed. And I love Gaga! It’s just all very generic and sounds the same and at times...unintentionally hilarious. I even like Stupid Love! But those saying the fame monster Gaga is back...please! The choruses are just not there. It’s not total garbage it will just take several listens to grow on me. I found Babylon so cringey but that’s just my opinion!
  11. Okay first...Kim is not signed to his record label...she has her own Bunhead records... second...a lot of hypocrisy in here. We don’t k ow the full story or truth in the Kesha situation. I’m not saying don’t believe her, I love her personally, but that doesn’t mean we have to “cancel” every artist that works with him. Y’all do realize Britney herself had a sexual assault case against her years ago right? Where’s your outrage against her? According to a lot of your logic, we should always and only believe the accuser at face value. Where is your outrage against Lady Gaga? She is one of the most outspoken about this issue, yet she knowingly worked with R Kelly and only took it back once she was feeling the heat years later. Oh and don’t forget Gaga also shelled out MILLIONS for Michael Jackson memorabilia. It’s funny how she and a lot of you have very selective outrage
  12. Not a fan of either, I can't stand Kanye but this tired issue is baffling to me. Taylor seriously get a grip. You have not been put through hell. For every hater there's a million people kissing her *** at all times and she never lost her fans, so really her perception on reality is completely skewed. Also, who cares about the word *****!? Such a pathetic world they live in where these are big issues. To quote Kourtney K, "Kim, there's people that are dying". I normally would probably side with Taylor but the fact that she brings this up AGAIN and coupled with a call for charity!! Completely out of touch with reality, and to prove it if she gets called out on this she spins it as "people always try to silence an outspoken woman". Done with her
  13. Yeah the only good songs were God Control/Come Alive/Future...I really reallllllyyyyyy tried to like the rest but it's just grating to my ears. Not pleasant. I'm a lifelong Madonna fan I even can listen to American Life but I just can't warm up to this album no matter how much I try.
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