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  1. I don’t think we’ll get new music until we approach Domination, if we get anything at all.
  2. I wonder if she’ll use this show to road-test new choreography for Domination
  3. What’s funny is that you can literally pick out 30 other moments, lol. And now I want Outback, lol
  4. LARRY, WE’LL NEVER FORGET YOUR LIES https://m.zimbio.com/Music+News/articles/qekbv-zVbxx/Britney+Spears+Will+Singing+Live+Vegas+Says
  5. I hate when he merges threads. Right when I’m about to reply to someone with a long ass post, I click submit and get “sorry, that thread doesn’t exist!” I can’t even go back to copy and paste the message because the page disappears, I have to remember it and re-type it from memory
  6. Let’s look on the bright side, this is the most media attention she’s gotten in 5 years. Even if it’s for all the wrong reasons!
  7. danny1994

    event ET Canada's commentary on Domination

  8. Billy Joel announced a concert at MSG this morning and I got more excited about that, lol. Someone who actually gives a sh!t about the performances they give.
  9. He looks awkward and has no idea what to do, lol. He didn’t even know he was on camera.
  10. I think you’re delusional for the “surprise” part. But Domination is a random ass name. I think it must have some tie-in with a project she has coming out soon, whether it be a single or a new album. There’s three months until the residency starts, so that’s plenty of time to announce it.
  11. You know the announcement was a failure when the most memorable part was Kalen Allen