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    event New Vegas residency would be career suicide.

    Make Me only stayed on top 40 radio for only 2 and a half months. Lean On stayed on for 5 and a half months. That’s real success Not to mention, Lean On was INDEPENDENTLY released. No radio deal or anything, it just got popular on its own.
  2. danny1994

    other When was the first time Britney lip-synced?

    She lipsynced Baby One More Time on Nickelodeon in 1999 She sang crazy live, so maybe she sang BOMT live and they just edited it. She also lipsynced Born To Make You Happy on several occasions on tv.
  3. danny1994

    tour Clumsy/CYM appreciation thread

    She was a lot more expressive and energetic than usual here. She’s usually like that after breakups.
  4. They went to a party in London and they don’t live there, of course they’re going to stay in a hotel lol. That doesn’t mean they stayed in the same room. I’ll give Justin the benefit of the doubt. Britney could’ve easily fought back and said Justin cheated on her. She didn’t. And if it is true, Britney is too nice not to throw him under the bus and is a bit of a pushover honestly.
  5. So because they went to a club and rode in a car together automatically means he cheated? What is this logic? Ffs, you can’t be friends with someone the opposite sex these days without being accused of cheating.
  6. She cheated on Justin and practically admitted to it.