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  1. Unpopular opinion, but Slumber Party. It's a good song but not radio friendly enough to be a single I think.
  2. Would it be Sony or RCA? Either way, they should at least reupload the videos that were filmed in HD. I would have a hard time believing they didn’t use HD cameras in 2008 to film Womanizer.
  3. Yeah it's not true. Even if they did change the rules, that wouldn't make Blackout #1. They just use the rules in place at the time of the release. They would need to go back and change every single chart for every single album.
  4. If you think that’s overweight, you have a warped sense of what a healthy body looks like
  5. Let’s say it is true that Britney checked herself into a mental health facility under her own free will. That shows that she’s capable of making decisions for herself and getting help when she needs it, so the conservatorship is unnecessary. If it’s true that she was admitted against her own will and was forced to take drugs, that’s a violation and abuse of the conservatorship. So either way, this conservatorship shouldn’t be in place unless Jamie can prove she was exhibiting reckless behavior that put herself or others in danger.
  6. I’ll pirate it. I don’t want Jamie, Lou, or Larry to make a cent off my listen.
  7. Can I just say, I’m loving this new “read more” button. I’m tired of long ass posts being quoted and making a page take forever to scroll through
  8. This tweet is not legitimate https://twitter.com/britneyslayer/status/1129920199766007809
  9. Not falling for it! Nope nope nope. She looks good though, I just think these are old pictures.
  10. Wow, looks like someone who’s mentally not well and unexcited to perform
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