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    other "Secret Projects" and "Wait and See"

    You missed: A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
  2. Million Billion

    music Why do we call Blackout the Bible of Pop?

    I really don´t know, it's not even in my top 3 favorite Britney albums but it happens that this fanbase loves it so much, I mean, it's a great album but she has better albums to me. I like it anyways
  3. Million Billion

    Do Somethin' Trl premiere

    That's so stupid, it's like opening a store and blocking certain people from buying just because.... It makes no sense
  4. Million Billion

    exhale Britney with 90's Idols!

    Jessica: can you let me be you just for one day, please? Britney: who are you?
  5. Million Billion

    exhale Britney with 90's Idols!

    I don't think they tried to upstage her, that was Pink's style at the time, she was on her Try This era, and Beyonce was aa recent solo act so no, I don't think so... Anyway, Britney stood out as she always does
  6. Million Billion

    exhale Britney with 90's Idols!

    I remember there were rumors of him being gay but it apparently was false cause hes now married and a father
  7. Million Billion

    Do Somethin' Trl premiere

    My brain will never understand the logic behind releasing music and blocking it from BIG markets like the US or even small markets, isn't it better to release it to the entire world so it will sell more? I just don't f**king get it
  8. Well, nowadays we trust more in certified accounts so, who knows, I don't believe anything until see it done
  9. Yes, one of my cousins (10 years old) looked it up on YouTube after watching that silly movie and she had it on her mom's ipad all the time, it was so weird to me because i have been a fan since 1999, to hear britney music from someone who's just 10 years old
  10. Omg she's following Britney's steps. First, dating Jason Trawick, now increasing her Instagram followers, Whats next? A Vegas residency?
  11. Million Billion

    other New unedited pic by Randee st lightninglas

    Before opening the link, put on your sunglasses sisters, you will need them
  12. I had hope this sh!t had been scrapped, but anyways, Im a brisni stan and it's my duty to celebrate whatever sh!t she does, if the song is cool I will be dancing to it, if it isn't, well, I will pretend it never happened
  13. Million Billion

    music What You Need should have been the Glory lead single

    I like the song but given it's too different and experimental for Britney's standars, I wouldn't put it as a lead, maybe as a 4th or 5th. When it comes to LEAD SINGLE of Glory I can't think of anything else but: BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER It was generic AF! so that would have been at least a top 10 so that sales would have been higher and we would have had more singles.
  14. They ultimately earn the same with her or with others, I guess the only difference is that they are mentioned as "Someone's writer" when working with someone else, I think an artist like Britney, Beyoncé, or people who are not necessarily chart toppers but still hold an A-list status like them, they will always be producers' firsts options. Just an opinion.
  15. She needs to throw THIS umbrella to Kfuck right on his face when he asks for more money
  16. Circus photoshoot says Hi! I mean, an artistic umbrella but ultimately an umbrella. *Can't post the pic from my phone, look it up on Google
  17. Million Billion

    poll Do you like 'Make Me Oooh'

    Cool song but horrible lead single choice. Lead singles are supposed to hype things up and Britney’s known for putting on great shows so a song like Make Me is one of the least (from Glory) to allow her to do such thing. Lead singles GREAT choices would have been: 1 Better 2 DYWCO 3 LOVE ME DOWN In that order, the rest of the album, thank you very much
  18. Million Billion

    exhale MYSTERY SOLVED: Exhale Detectives Pulled Through - Brit's Hair

    I thought it was an official file from her website or something like that, well done man It's great because just like the OP, I sometimes think of many POM references but I just can't precisely say when, thank you, thank you Btw, I loved mermaidney's hair August 8th, in the pic you selected, it cant be entirely appreciated but it looks as if they purposely messed it up but ended up looking so cool and girly, Idk how to explain it