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  1. Million Billion

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    Every music video is getting the 100 million views but my fave (Overprotected) is totally stuck in the 80 million mark since forever ago I f**king cant
  2. Million Billion

    music For you, which Britney song you think is better than "Toxic"?

    Mmmm... K I would like to read a good argument on what you specifically consider better in Liar than in Toxic, it would be interesting
  3. Million Billion

    music what did you honestly think about this performance back then?

    Averageney was just born here. Her 07 vmas performance was horrible but we can rely on the fact she wasn't mentally and professionally in the best state to perform after 4 years in such big stage as mtv but by this Bambi Awards performance she was supposed to be back at her game. I remember during the early days of the Circus era I used to make many excuses like "ok she's just coming back, let's give her some time" or "she's nervous she will eventually get better" but it never happened ofc. It was just good but I can't erase from my mind her face at the end of the song, she was nervous AF! and it was obvious. I also remember there were rumors about her outfit, it was rumored Madonna allowed her to wear something similar to what she used to wear on her Sticky and Sweet tour because both outfits are so similar