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  1. That look is weird. She does look good, but I feel like that hairstyle and dress made her look way older than what she was. By 2002 she was only 20 but she looks around 25-30. She doesnt look bad, it's just that 00's fashion was the worst tbh
  2. While I do think the c-ship stops her from speaking about many personal issues I also think the whole Carpool Karaoke thing is not that serious, it's about telling jokes, sing this or that song and basically be on people's screen so they can catch up with your music, many tv shows have a scripted structure they must follow in order to make everything faster and concrete, not just with Britney but with everybody else, but it doesnt mean the c-ship stops Britney to talk about many things she would like to talk about, or album concepts, and all those artistic issues.
  3. I feel like 80% of Britney concert audience is made of fans, that other 20% is casual fans and people who are not necessarily fans but they are into pop music so... It all would go to hell. They would simply have to cancel, at least, tour dates. Maybe they can have a chance at award shows, because people dont pay to be there, but when it comes to tour dates, she would barely sell a few tickets. Honestly, if she come to my country under the current situation she is now, I wouldnt buy any tickets.
  4. Since Netflix is in the works of a new upcoming Free Britney documentary and hopefully The New York Times is also thinking on making a sequel of the successful Framing Britney Spears documentary are you excited for them to come out? My thoughts are, Netflix is a HUGE platform with a larger reach than Hulu's. Netflix is basically the t.v. of the 21st century, everyone (from Australia around to L.A. LOL) will have the eyes on the Free Britney movement. Right now Jamie, Lou and their lawyers look ridiculous making us believe Britney needs a conservatorship, now imagine if the entire world joins in the help of her. The cons is that I am afraid Netflix makes it look like one of those ultra creepy criminal cases ala Investigation Discovery, very hollywood-ish to the point it loses its humanity. TNYT made it so respectful that I doubt Netflix can follow the same tone in order to make it more impactful and (at the end of the day) gain more views. In the other hand, TNYT is a serious media which (according to the doc director) the project was done 100% by women, that makes you think of the level of commitment they have towards the final product regardless of the profit they can get. Of course, both Netflix and TNYT must be paid for their work, (it's not like the nyt is doing charity) my point goes to the fact that Netfilx gives me the vibes that they care more for the views than actually make a quality research. But at the same time, Hulu is not as big as Netflix so, if they get to make a sequel, it wouldnt be as impactful as it would be had it been available WORLWIDE at the same time. Maybe if TNYT sells the documentary to Netflix so they can premiere the doc on their platform, so they both can win. I would like to hear your thoughts.
  5. Guys, I am emotional on how much support she's getting now from the GP. She hasn got this much of support maybe since she filed for divorce and showed up at the AMA´s in 2006. That is the last time I can recall the gp was on Britney's side. I have cross feelings, I wish I could hug Britney and let her know how much we love her, but at the same time I wish I could go to Vivian, Lou and Jamie's place and burn their houses with them locked inside.
  6. Well, they keep making non-sense statements. They say she can perform whenever she wants, she can record music whenever she wants, she can live her life the way she wants, then...... WHY THE F-U-C-K the conservatorship remains ongoing if she can clearly do those things by herself? why would she need her father? Is Jamie a musician? An accountant? A music manager?
  7. Jayden is blonde (not sure if that's his natural hair color or if he bleaches his hair, as his mom ) and Sean has a darker hair color, not black but dark blonde.
  8. What would he manage? The 3 pennies she does out of Zoey zoom calls?
  9. God!!! So that guy who tweeted Judge Penny was his mom turned out to be true? I thought he was just kidding everyone but I....
  10. Serious question, is this sarcasm or it's actually her the lady on the pic?
  11. I might be delusional as I keep re-watching the doc, the part where this man explains how they 'casually' caught Britney on the street I started thinking K-fed had something to do with it. How did that Daniel guy know where Britney was? How did he know she was gonna be at Kfeds house? Why did he know it was gonna be a good night to shoot Britney? Did K**** warned the paparazzi guys Britney was gonna be there so he wasnt gonna open the door? Remember that one letter allegedly written by Brit where she says it all was set up? Maybe she also refered to this incident. Guys, the more I watch this documentary, the more I try to figure out how things gone so bad for our girl.
  12. I think that you are not responsable for other people's decisions. If he left his wife for someone else (Britney In this case) he would have left her anyways in whatever context. He made the decision, Britney didnt force him to do so. He was an adult, and adults must face the consequences of their actions.
  13. Well, we already knew all that generic S-H-¡-T they claim to be, it's no breaking news I really cant wait for the day our girl is set free and give all these disgusting rats HELL right on their faces.
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