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  1. IDK, isn't Sam Lufti still in the music industry? Maybe he's supported by someone in the industry so her team is only able to keep away from Britney. I don't want to sound as if Im making up a whole conspiracy theory but it's just there are so many things involved and so many questionS. i am so lost in this Jamie's colon is the one freaking out You need to make a thread about that phone call, I neeeeeeeeeed details.
  2. It's funny they have never cared about online rumors since 2009 but now all of a sudden they care about. Absolute Britney's Twitter account had been suspended but I don't know if it is still suspended or not. Wasn't Jordan also sued like in 2007 or 08?
  3. The GP (straight males) be like: Play Toxic 10 times
  4. This site is getting worse everyday and it seems Jordan loves f**king it up on purpose
  5. She's grown up so I won't say anything about her persona, what I miss is the slayage on stage from pre-2005 Britney. Currentney gives us great visuals but when it comes to live shows it seems like a total different person, and it's weird because she's been 20 years into this and you would think that the longer she performs the better she becomes but it seems like she goes backwards after 2007. And no, I am not a hater. I love everything current Britney gives us but we DO KNOW she's capable of giving much much much more.
  6. It's a great song and you need to re-evaluate your existence. JK!!!! It's better than 50% of Glory. Case closed.
  7. Yes, because it was HER who brought that topic up to the table. She didn't say specifically "I am Virgin" but she said something like she wanted to wait for the perfect time for it or smh like that. Then, she said she regrets having said that because of the whole virginity drama that comment caused and how it was twisted by media. I think nowadays it would be even a bigger stigma because we have social media which we didn't have back then. In my opinion.
  8. Besides the FFT she didn't promote both Till The World Ends and I Wanna Go too much yet, they did very well on the charts. Had she put the same energy from her prime era and promote those 2 songs a little bit more around the world as she did with Womanizer they could have been bigger hits than what they were.
  9. FIXED FOR YOU Better ot Love Me Down should have been THE LEAD SINGLES!!!
  10. From the fan-perspective I do enjoy listen to it because, one, it's her newest work so it doesn't feel as wasted as if I heard ITZ, Oops or Baby and second because her input in the album is great, specially after the BJ mess. It was a good direction of what her involvement should be like in the making of her music. It's a good and enjoyable pop album. From a non-fan perspective, you need to be into pop music in general, specially to deal with the simple lyrics, monotonous sound and with 80% of her falsetto & smooth nasal vocals. Maybe the only factor that could encourage some of the GP to keep on listening to Glory (in a long or short run) is the fact that there are like a thousand of other similar songs in the pop music given the album as an overrall is a trend chaser album so that could encourge some people to think or say: ok, this sounds good.
  11. Forbes named her the most powerfull celebrity in 2002 during the Britney era so that says it all. However, the ITZ era/albumand tour is my favorite.
  12. The FEED THE WOLVES from this decade. The FREAK LIKE ME & APPLE PIE from 2019
  13. There's no need for that. Her team is in charge of that since 2008
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