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  1. Sounds like a joke but it's accurate AF!
  2. Million Billion

    other Which album had the best back cover?

    Sean and Jayden did it from their pc because Brunti thought it would look glorious. Yes, the digital versions do include TIGHT.
  3. Million Billion

    exhale Mandela effect... britney edition

    She thinks she sings live and she actually states it, she also thinks Will.I.Am. came up with the "It's Britney Bitch" catchphrase, if that's not a Mandela effect then what is?
  4. Million Billion

    video Lizzie and Miranda knew what was up

    Lizzie's parents worried because her daughter wanted to dress like Britney just shows how controversial she was by showing a little bit of skin, she's always been dragged for whatever reason, she never won. If those people would have been able to see throught a magic ball what controversial music videos were gonna be in 2010's, omg! their reactions
  5. Million Billion

    event F1 Promo is HEAVY in Austin

    The new FF pic of this era https://static.idolator.com/uploads/2011/03/Britney-Femme-Fatale-1.jpg at lest she does look great!
  6. Million Billion

    socialney New Britneyspears.com Email!

    BIG NEWS and HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT for Britney and her team could mean revealing what time it is at her local zone, nothing surprising We have undergone through A LOT to speculate and make a whole story in our minds and lie to ourselves that somethin GREAT is happening. We MUST believe until facts are 100% confirmed and done!!! Even the Pitbull collaboration was confirmed by the source itself and today it's time we have seen nothing, so. I choose to believe whatever it is util Oct 18th.
  7. Million Billion

    event F1 Promo is HEAVY in Austin

    At least they are not using the same FF pics anymore which seemed they were the only BS pictures the GP assumed existed. Good luck! We know she always puts some extra effort when performing at events where the audience is not only her regular fanbase (BBMAs, Vma's, iHeart, tv aired performances, New Years' Eve, etc.) so hopefully your first time won't be a mess due to her horrible outfits, hair, make up or any other sh!t!!!! Enjoy it
  8. Million Billion

    other Which album had the best back cover?

    And it gets worse when you read HOLD ON TITE That one pic where she is looking up with a head phones is great, I always thought that would be a good back cover
  9. Million Billion

    other Which album had the best back cover?

    I would say BRITNEY because i loved those multiple britneys in different colors in a very light tone, but I didn't like they only used like 1/4 of the available space. Had they used the entire space of the back cover it would be my favorite. So the one I like the most is the FF. The font, the pic, so classy but still cute and sexy, artsy fartsy
  10. Million Billion

    other If Brit stops the injections...

    She never needed anything in first place. She started doing surgery when she wasn't as fit as she is now so, when she lost all that weight her face also looked slimer and those procedures looked more notorious. Maybe and just maybe, the only procedure she actually needed was an eye-lifting which made her look stunning in 2013 for the WB mv. Just that, aside from her eyes her face was perfect.
  11. Million Billion

    other Will Britney ever headline the Super Bowl?

    It's possible but very unlikely since she hates huge events, the BBMA's 16 and VMA's 16 have been the biggest stages she's been since the Primeney days and we used to say she would never do that again, so it's possible but not so easy I guess
  12. Ofc, these talent shows are totally scripted and, as you said, if they didn't want him to be on the final cut, they would have deleted his part and end of the story, it wouldn't exist. THIS! Talent shows stopped being about talent since Idk, maybe since 00's. It's all about the drama and the interaction between the judges and the contestants, which was so weird given Britney is the worst celebrity to interact with.
  13. Million Billion

    other I'm watching chaotic for the first time and...

    The fact her behavior and personality were more real in Chaotic (which they were) doesn´t make it a better project than FTR. Britney is a singer, the best way to show her real persona is HER MUSIC. I still don´t know how JIVE approved that mess. The entire K-fed + the 07 meltdown damaged her so much. Currently we complain about how many fans she loses due to the lack of promotion, bad dancing, bad albums like BJ but tbh, this lapse from 04 to 08 was the time where she lost most of her fanbase or at least those people that liked her. I think only those ones who truly loved her stayed in the fanbase.
  14. Million Billion

    music This is my Femme Fatale album ranking!

    Aside from How I Roll, Seal It With A Kiss and Drop Dead (Beautiful) it's very hard for me to set an order with all those amazing bangers. FF is my 3rd favorite Britney album so it's just too hard to do a ranking, I feel like it would be unfair for many songs the place I set them at, no matter what order it would be Btw, today I was running on the treadmill listening to HIAM and Selfish, exhaler read our minds by magic
  15. She looked nothing like Primeney but she did look great as the beautiful woman on her 30's she is.