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  1. Million Billion

    tour The original ponytailney?

    The difference is that this is properly made by a hair stylist or at least she took enough time to make it look good vs the ponytail Britney does now in 5 seconds or less that looks she just woke up, let alone the amount of hair extensions she uses, it's impossible to manage that much of hair even for regular activities, now imagine doing hair flips, dancing here and there with it, ofc it will end up looking like a dead rat on her head
  2. Million Billion

    socialney (You Drive Me) Crazy is almost reaching 100 million views

    I said in the US, but yes, I assume it reached higher positions world wide which ultimately doesn't precisely states how good a song is, Toxic a timeless song that could sound fresh nowadays peaked at #9, even Xtuna's first singles were #1 but compared to BOMT, Crazy, Sometimes and Oops, they are totally forgotten.
  3. Million Billion


    Check the threads made in 2016 where @LoanSPW made a survey for each album to rank all of the songs, btw what a drama back then
  4. This iconic 90's anthem and one of my top 10 Britney songs ever is FINALLY reaching the 100 million views. Can't believe it took almos 10 years to get this amount of views being such a classic bop in pop history. It was never #1 in the US but it was #1 in our hearts, because it was obviously a remarkable song in Britney's career as well as in pop music. Could we make it gain 1 more million before 2019 arrives? STREAM IT BIATCHES!!!!
  5. Million Billion

    tour The original ponytailney?

    Well, the difference is that she wasn't wearing 100 pounds of hair extensions and it actually looked like she did straighten it before going on stage, not like the mess her head looks like now.
  6. Million Billion

    exhale Post your favorite 2018ney moment (2018 throwback)

    I almost had a heart attack
  7. Million Billion

    news Britney spears interview on justin Timberlake

    I don't see the point in bringing this up after almost 20 years, I mean, not your thread but the MsMojo clip
  8. Million Billion

    event Britney Spears JUDGE on RPDR s11 e01

    Nothing in the Britney world is reliable until it's actually happening, so I don't think it's true