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  1. Look guys, I'm 38 and getting older does suck but it doesn't get bad until like 36 so enjoy your youth but just know that it isn't all over with once you get older. Britney, despite her excessive tanning and smoking, still looks pretty damn good for her age and like someone else said there are popstars way older than her who are thriving. Not like she's 80 or something, lol
  2. I think she's just having fun but I do find it a bit weird when she posts several times in a row and it's just pictures of her in the same outfit. Also, some of the dancing is a bit weird but like someone mentioned before, if she was a regular person no one would pay any attention. I could also do without the weird scrunched up face and tongue sticking out videos. She's a beautiful woman but that face makes her look bad. Just my opinion
  3. I totally agree! This performance was the beginning of many that set Britney apart from everyone else! No one could top her!
  4. Yeah the cover reminds of a Whitney Houston album cover for some odd reason. I do think she could've been really big if she was still here although I don't think she would have surpassed Britney. Britney was everywhere and no one could come close to her fame and popularity at the time
  5. I've seen her videos before and have always been fascinated at how good she is at doing Britney's choreography. It almost looks like Britney herself at times
  6. I know everyone else hates it but I like it so glad to see someone else does too
  7. Aaliyah was starting to become more famous but died later that year in 2001 so her career didn't really get the chance to take off as much as it would have. I do remember her starting to become really famous though and we all listened to her music back then. It's sad that she passed away but there's no need to bring someone else down. Britney worked extremely hard for everything she has. Nothing was just handed to her. Not to mention her stage presence and the fact that she was extremely talented and an amazing dancer
  8. That was so long ago and she didn't mean anything racist by it. Britney is not racist! How stupid! Can everyone just stop being offended by every single thing especially something this old that doesn't actually mean anything
  9. I try to forget those times. I don't know how bad her hair looked underneath but nothing could have been as bad as this How could her team let her go on stage with this thing on?!
  10. Wow! When did this happen? She looks amazing! Now I need to get off my [email protected]@ and get back at it in the gym after seeing this
  11. He's right! She did make MTV and the music video awards what they were way back in the day. Britney took that over though when she came onto the scene and then MTV was all about Britney all the time, which was amazing by the way! I miss those days! Also, although I like a few and I mean few of her songs, Courtney Love is so sleezey and I do believe she killed Kurt after watching some of those documentaries about it
  12. I'm not sure but when it first was used like way back in the day, wasn't it a derogatory term? Now it means more like your friend or something. I would never in a million years say it out loud in front of other people I didn't know but I love singing along and learning all the lyrics to songs so if it's in a song and no ones around I will sing it although even then it still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable like I'm doing something wrong. Why must it be used sooooo many times in songs Also when I'm blasting it loud from my car I feel extremely uncomfortable when they say it and I feel like other people might hear it
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