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  1. I can't believe it's been that long since it was released! Seems like just yesterday
  2. I think it was good! Better than I can do for sure. Can't wait to see more vids
  3. It drives me crazy! Like come on people google it if you're gonna talk about her.. geez
  4. I remember watching all of this stuff back in the day. Everyone needs to see this so they can understand how horribly she's been treated over the years! It makes me sad to watch this. Anyone would have freaked out the way she was being followed all of the time and most people probably would've done a hell of a lot more than hit a car with an umbrella. Anyone else could shave their head if they want but because she did it they had to speculate on why. That VMA's performance is more legendary and memorable than 99% of the performances since. She's such a sweet and humble person and it's unreal how everyone in the media just attacked her and made fun of her. She wasn't even remotely fat and them making fun of her weight is crazy. This would never be tolerated today. It hurts my heart that such a sweet, talented wonderful person had to go though all this and is still being held a prisoner to this day. I pray she gets her freedom
  5. I kind of feel bad for Biden. Dude really is losing his mind and hardly ever makes any sense. He is only being used as a puppet for the real people behind him who are in charge. There's no way his mind is gonna stay good if he wins which means Kamala will be our president if they win. She seems like a very angry woman and she's wanting to ban all kinds of things including how much meat a person can eat which is just flat out ridiculous. I'm all for a black woman being president but not her. She is crazy. Trump may say some things and has some harsh words but at least he won't take away my freedom
  6. Can we just all agree to disagree and we can all just have our own opinions? Sam probably did like those posts but he probably denied it because everyone was attacking him. Who really cares anyway what he likes? Britney is probably more worried about her freedom and seeing her kids then who the president will be next. I don't think Sam's opinions represent hers...
  7. Can we not vote for who we want without being bashed? Trump is straight forward and I don't agree with everything he says but Biden has dementia which means Kamala would be our president. For now this is a free country but if you're for socialism which is what Kamala is for, then have fun working while the government takes your paycheck, and gives you and the lazy person at home who isn't working the same amount of money to live off of. I sure as hell don't want to work my *** off and pay for someone else to live who is capable but doesn't want to work. Look at Venezuela and the money laying on the streets because it is worthless and you think finding toilet paper was hard a few months ago. They are eating from trash cans because they have no food. No one is gonna want to work if socialism is implemented. Also, Biden has ran for president twice and if you go to youtube and watch old stories about him, you'll see he is plagiarist and there is video showing him copying other peoples speeches word for word. There's a reason he didn't win before. We are all allowed our opinion and hating on someone else for having a different one is just as bad as what you say Trump is doing. Also people wishing someone would die is really messed up.
  8. I commented on this post on her instagram about how tiny and pretty she looked and it got deleted. In fact, every time I comment on any of her posts it almost immediately gets deleted. My comments are always good and appropriate so I don't understand. Does this happen to anyone else that follows her?
  9. I'm so booking a room there next vacation I had no idea she owned a condo there. I go there almost every year
  10. I'm not gonna lie, I loved the 20/20 album, both of them, along with a lot of his old songs from back in the day and went to his concert for the man of the woods tour... He was very good at performing but I have to say he really does think he's better than everyone and you can sense his narcissistic attitude while he's on stage. He may act like he's a good person and that he cares about others or children but he doesn't. He's very self absorbed and thinks the world of himself. The way he dragged Britney over and over again just shows that. If it wasn't for her, he would not be as famous as he is. Jessica Biel annoys me too but I feel bad for her cause he's not a faithful person and she's had to basically trap him with children to stay with her. Just the way he comes off in videos and interviews wreaks of narcissism. Just my opinion...
  11. Yes, you are exactly right! The British accent is not just because of her grandmother either. There's a lot of symbolism in her music videos like hold it against me where she is fighting with herself. Not sure where but I thought I saw her have the two eyeballs in one eye thing on one of the videos which also means multiple personalities.
  12. I feel like they made it hard to watch FTR and you can't find it anywhere because it shows just how normal and sane Britney really is. It also showed how they all control her every move. I do feel like she is being forced to take meds that are either in too high of a dose or she just doesn't need them. I'm sure she has depression sometimes but who knows how many pills they have her on which would explain the weird way she acts sometimes on instagram. I say this because I had depression and was give lithium which I knew nothing about but is actually for bipolar people and it made me feel like a crazy person like I was losing my mind until I got off of it and changed to wellbutrin. I wish more people could see FTR so they can see just how sweet, wonderful and normal Britney is and how horrible the people around her are
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