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  1. My Only Wish is everywhere!

  2. I hear My Only Wish a lot here :otears: I love that song 

  3. I heard Make Me, Work Bitch and Criminal at work today:yesplease: I love Tijuana, I hear Britney a lot here

  4. I heard Make Me at Walmart today:yesplease:

    1. Isla.


      SLAY. I heard Toxic at my uni's karaoke night last night. I lost my sh!t.

    2. falka


      I heard Born to make U happy on the radio today :slayney:

    3. Ryu


      slay! I hear Criminal a lot here too:yesplease:

  5. Orphan Black finally ended, I'm crying. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress! Still can't believe she plays all those characters! Best serie I've watched so far!

    1. fucknfurter


      I didn't know anyone else here watched OB! I actually have yet to watch the final season; I'm one of those types who likes to wait until the series is over, for some reason. But Tatiana is indeed amazing!

    2. Ryu


      Oh then you should start it now! I don't know if I am way too emotional but a lot of episodes of the last season made me cry lol I'm re watching it since the very start now that it's complete, I just can't get enough, it's my favorite series so far!

    3. fucknfurter


      I plan to start watching it tonight, actually! :) But no, that's totally understandable; I'm probably gonna be a sobbing mess, too! It's such a great show.