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  1. The only place I would want her to "remake" her hits is on stage when she's performing "live". Pre-recorded vox, please (@ britney's team).
  2. POPCORN. I *******.... i didn't have words to describe that weird beat for years. Bless you
  3. I even feel like she lipsynced better here than she does today..
  4. The guy who made the noises around the second half of the song ruined it for me.
  5. I feel like whenever I see people talk about the lead single and the sound in the beginning of the song. Some people say it sounds like someone screaming, and then you have people including Britney who say it sounds like a baby crying. Even my mom thought that. Was I the only person who immediately thought it was a distorted saxophone? I don't know, but it really contributed to the overall feel of the song in general. Like the whole grand, classy feel about it. Then again I might just be overthinking it. What do you guys think it is? P.S. Yes, I know Exhale is dead and bored and there are weird threads like this popping up. The question's just been really on my mind for some reason
  6. I don't really like it but I think it would've been a big hit.
  7. This dude probably won't have a career after PLL anyway
  8. Honestly, with everything Britney has ever gone through (basically hell and back), all i am is grateful there wasn't anything more and thankful and that's all i focus on. i wouldn't even think about that???? this just feels absolutely unnecessary like, what the ****
  9. Exactly. And I, for one, am not even begging her to sing live. She should at the very least do prerecorded vocals. If social anxiety is truly preventing her from singing live, then what is preventing her from just re-singing her (nearly) twenty year old songs before she goes up and performs so she doesn't have to be so afraid? The solution is out there already. God knows why she hasn't done it yet. EDIT: I forgot she did it for Work ***** quite recently. That just makes it even more ridiculous. If she can do it for three year old song, what about the rest? I love you Brit, but this is seriously getting out of hand You gotta stop making yourself look ridiculous in front of the rest of the world (when it comes to singing) and do something! Sigh.. only wish she could see this.
  10. She is so beautiful. I know everyone else in this thread is saying this but I don't care I'm just in absolute awe of how cute she is.
  11. I instantly saw bullsh!t when I read 99%. That's ridiculous. But I will acknowledge she has the final say and should not be a "people-pleaser" as she describes herself in interviews. Although, it is not really her fault since many over the years have vied to take control of her life, so much that shutting up and doing what people say seems like the easiest way to get things done without causing a scene. It's kinda sad
  12. This. Can people stop getting angry at people who come at Brit for lipping?
  13. honestly, anything new works for me. if she took a dump on the stage in the middle of the performance it would be at least a little more interesting. i am tired of the same old lackluster choreo being done over and over again with no change or at least some prerecorded vocals. at least this made me wonder "wait this isn't the usual choreo, what's she gonna do next?". This will satisfy me for now
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