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  1. I love this underrated bop!!!❤️❤️❤️ On topic, ppl need to leave Britney’s kids alone.
  2. It’s punishment for her no longer being compliant. From day 1 of the cship Britney’s 2 sons have been used as financial leverage to drain more $ from her (KFed) and emotional manipulation to get her to agree to tour/Vegas residency etc, in order to keep the $$$$ pouring in. The moment Britney finally said F you I’ve had enough is when they found an excuse to cut her child visitation time with the boys then they locked her away in a mental hospital. I’m sickened by all of this!!
  3. This made up excuse is a great cover up reason to tell the public so people don’t ask, “Why don’t you post pictures of your sons... “Does Britney get to see her sons?” Notice how it coincides with the US Weekly reports. We don’t know why she really sees her sons less, other than Jamie’s violent ways costing her visitation time with them. Team CON can keep this lie going all they want to. My heart breaks for Britney.💔🥺
  4. I don’t believe this at all!! This is a lie! Don’t buy into this, guys. Britney still legally has a limited amount of child visitation time. Although she’s been in the cship for 13 years, which means she can’t have custody due to being a ward of the court, Britney’s paternal rights have not been terminated by the court. The child visitation schedule should allow her time with her children despite everything going on. Now that Jodi is conservator of her person instead of Jamie, Jodi could petition the child court to increase or return her visitation time with her kids to what it was prior to Jamie’s violent encounter with his grandson, now that he’s no longer personal conservator of Britney. So, yes, Britney sees her boys very infrequently now, but the reason why that is has nothing to do with Preston & Jayden being teens who decided they would rather hang out with their friends instead of spend their “free time” with their mom. They’re minors and don’t legally have a say in whether they visit their mom or not.... unless Kevin & his lawyer on behalf of the boys feel that they boys are right to not want to spend their “free time” with Britney for reasons x,y,z. As far as we know, KFed/Kaplan hasn’t told the family court judge that the boys don’t want to see their mom or feel unsafe in the environment (which they shouldn’t especially since Jamie’s not personal conservator). KFed rightfully obtained a restraining order against Jamie but Jamie is the one that caused the problem, not Britney! Apparently something happened or a decision was made (for some reason) to reduce Britney’s time with the boys and I don’t believe it’s all because of Jamie’s behavior in 2019. That’s just my hunch.
  5. Absolutely!! It’s mind blowing that all it took for the media and public to finally look into Britney’s conservatorship case was 12 years, an “anonymous” voicemail & a 75 minute Hulu documentary. 🤦‍♀️ If I were Britney I’d not only feel thankful that people outside of this forum are aware of the situation but I’d be mad af. Like, the corruption, theft and abuse is happening in plain sight wtf took you so long to see it, or care enough to do something about it?!🤨🙁
  6. I told y’all!! I said this too! I know I sounded crazy then, even now. I know it sounds far fetched. But they could and would do something to get rid of Britney, make it look like she did it to herself aka an accident. I noticed the difference of the trust name but didn’t realize a new trust has been established to benefit the family instead of just Britney’s sons. Now that Britney’s not performing they have no choice but to make more $ via UO, re-release of Glory, Britney The Zone, etc. There’s still $ coming in but just as much going out to pay everyone’s expenses/fees including Britney’s. When you think about it, Britney is worth more dead than alive. Don’t you think it makes more sense now why Jamie/Team Con modified Britney’s last will and testament a few years ago ... and gave the story to their favorite outlet TMZ to release??!! Somebody was planning to do something to get rid of Britney from this earth, or were anticipating that happening.... Britney’s family, Lou Taylor and everyone involved in the conservatorship down to the judge are so evil hearted! Disgusting!!
  7. Apparently Columbus made this claim last year in his autobiography. To be fair, the OP’s post isn’t quite what he said. Columbus claims that one of Britney’s parents called him the N word but didn’t say which one. Via US Weekly: “Short, 38, claimed in his 2020 autobiography, Short Stories, that he overheard either Lynne or her ex-husband, Jamie Spears, using the racial epithet to describe him in 2003 after he allegedly slept with Britney, now 39, during a trip to Rome. He did not specify which parent said it. “I was next to [Britney] while she was on the phone with them crying while she had it on speaker,” he wrote before alleging that one of the Grammy winner’s folks asked her, “Why are you f–king that n–ger?” —— Surely he can distinguish Jamie’s voice from Lynne’s. It was probably Jamie that said the N word but Lynne being Lynne may not have interjected. And just because Lynne might not have said that word it doesn’t mean she’s keen on her daughter/children “mixing” with Black folks in THAT WAY. Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/britney-spears-mom-denies-calling-columbus-short-the-n-word-in-2003/amp/
  8. I agree with OP. Christina should’ve won the Grammy for Best New Artist. No shade to Britney or the other nominees. You have to consider the time. To a lot of ppl Xtina had the potential to have the sustained success and career longevity of someone like Mariah Carey. Xtina’s voice is extraordinary (when she’s not screaming!) On the other hand, Britney was viewed as a gimmick, a flash in the pan that was not going to have longevity and ppl assumed she’d be the millennial version of Debbie Gibson, not another Madonna. Xtina’s first album is pretty sold vocally and production wise. It’s teen pop but with an subtly mature r&b vibe. Britney’s BOMT album is more playful and bubblegum pop. So, IMO that year it rly came down to these 2 artists, Britney the entertainer vs Christina the vocalist. Most people in the industry at that time preferred the vocalist as they’re the ones who tend to garner more respect and are viewed as “real artists”.
  9. I know it’s blind item, to take it with a grain of salt as usual. BUT... I can believe this holds A LOT OF TRUTH!!! KFed, Sam Asghari, the forced contraception to temporarily sterilize her until nature takes its course, manipulation and over medicating her .... IT IS OBVIOUS!! How are ppl still missing it?? I mean..how?! I still can’t believe how willfully IGNORANT some people are particularly when it comes to Sam Asghari. I said as much when SCAM ARTIST Ashghari posted his IG story comment about Jamie which was IMMEDIATELY followed by (or was it actually prior? 🧐) his exclusive TMZ interview. Staged. Coordinated. No emotion. Bad acting. But the Sam stans were in defense mode. SMH at them! Scam is full of 💩!! Even he is messing with Britney’s mind + her heart, but she’s seemingly oblivious. Ugh. Poor Brit. I’m still not so sure “Britney” is sending messages via IG vids since WE KNOW she’s not fully in control of, well, her life including her public socials. Every video, photo, caption is vetted has to be Team Con approved & can be edited in any way without Britney’s consent or her knowledge. I don’t follow her IG so I try not to even think about it tbh. P.S., ignore Billy B as well.😒 Some of y’all give too much time to him, Sam and others who should be ignored!! Just my opinion.
  10. Idk if I should post this here but here’s this new TMZ report about Kim & Kanye’s divorce and custody sharing in which Kanye’s bipolar disorder is NOT A PROBLEM. Notice how different the tone is when talking about a man, one who’s rich AND mentally ill but refuses conventional medical treatment for his illness. Well, luckily Kanye hasn’t been stripped of his human rights, forced to take meds, locked in a conservatorship and he still has joint legal & joint physical custody of all FOUR of his kids who are under the age of 7. All Kanye needs is to have a nanny or two help out with the kids when they’re visiting with him, but without a nanny’s “assistance” he’s still viewed as a “good dad”. According to TMZ, nannies are the safety net for Kanye West as a dad. The safety net for Britney Spears is a lifelong conservatorship where everyone is profiting off of her.🙄 Too bad TMZ’s Harvey Levin never extended this goodwill and high level of grace & humanity towards Britney. He never will. Harvey’s a ***ist pig!! #FreeBritney More of this MISOGYNISTIC HYPOCRISY below. ———————— “KIM & KANYE DIVORCE KANYE’S MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES WON'T AFFECT JOINT CUSTODY“ via TMZ Kanye West's mental health issues will not have an impact on Kim Kardashian's move to share custody of their 4 kids, because there's always been a safety net in place and that won't change. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kim totally trusts Kanye with their kids. That said ... given their lifestyle, he's rarely alone with them. In good times and bad, there are almost always caretakers or family members around the children. While the majority of time is spent with help ... our sources say Kanye's a great dad, and over the last few months even made a couple trips with just him and some of the kids ... no additional assistance.“ source: https://www.tmz.com/2021/02/20/kim-kanye-joint-custody-mental-health-non-factor/
  11. Bryan was never Britney’s conservator. With that said, she did appear to be and look more like her old self when Bryan was around.
  12. Remember how much of a fight Jamie put up when Kevin petitioned for an increase in child support? KFed’s a lazy grifter living off of his ex-wife, for sure, but in light of what’s happening, maybe Jamie fought Kevin so hard to stop him from receiving more money from Britney’s estate because there was so much shady business happening behind the scenes regarding her estate, plus it was his own greed!! Please remember to replace the name “Britney” with the name of her conservator or say the conservatorship. It’s not legally Britney agreeing to anything. It’s whomever acts of her behalf even if she is okay with it. Such as this... https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/music/britney-spears-child-support-kevin-federline-thousands-more/%3famp=true “Britney Spears Agrees to Pay Kevin Federline 'Thousands More' in Child Support: Report After Federline asked for "three times" more than the $20,000 he already receives, the singer has reportedly agreed to provide more child support” Remember how Kevin and his attention ***** lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan (whom Britney pays his exorbitant legal fees!) trotted themselves out in front of a camera when he demanded another hand out from the Bank of Britney?? Again, it makes me wonder what was it that prompted Kevin to want more money after 10 years of being content getting $20k/mo?? A year later Britney is sent to a facility when she refuses to do as told (take meds, work, etc), Domination gets canceled, Andrew Wallet jumps ship, the whistleblower voicemail hits hard & Jamie gets violent with his grandson causing Britney’s visitation with her sons to drop to 30%..., we know the rest... Seriously, WTF has been going on between these men profiting and controlling a “mentally incapacitated” Britney Spears + her fortune??? Don’t forget about Lou!! Something has gone down over these last few years, pre-Britney’s Gram podcast voicemail from the whistleblower that sparked the Free Britney movement!!! Money is at the root of it all!!
  13. She still had custody post rehab. ⏺When they separated and started the divorce proceeding Britney and Kevin shared joint physical and joint legal custody of the boys 50/50. ⏺Britney lost physical custody of the boys in Oct. 2007, then lost legal custody of them in Jan. 2008. ⏺February 2008 the conservatorship began. Later that month Britney’s granted monitored visitation with her children- NOT CUSTODY of any kind. ⏺The media (mainly TMZ and Billboard magazine in 2015) repeatedly, falsely claimed that Britney had regained custody. Not true. Increased visitation is not custody. And it seemed as if Britney’s increased visitation with Preston & Jayden was an agreement between Jamie and Kevin, NOT child court. ⏺The media and yes fans always overlooked the fact that the cship prohibits Britney from having any custody of her kids. ⏺In order to avoid custody trial which would not bode well for Britney, she (tbh legally it was Jamie acting on her behalf as conservator of her person) agree to Kevin maintaining sole physical & sole legal custody of the children while Britney was allowed monitored visits which rolled out slowly over time to allow the kids overnight visits. ⏺Britney hasn’t had custody of any kind since early Jan. 2008. After Jamie’s violent altercation with one of her sons Britney’s visitation with the boys went from 50% visitation “custodial rights” down to 30%. This was court approved. If I were Britney, for this alone, I would never forgive Jamie for causing her to have even less time with her children! https://www.distractify.com/p/who-has-custody-britney-spears-kids
  14. Y’all need to stop reaching out to him. I don’t know what some of you are thinking!
  15. The interview seemed very spur of the moment. IMO Bryan’s intentions were to do damage control, i.e., clamp down on the fan base’s speculations about Britney + assess how extensive the Free Britney movement is. He was basically like, she doesn’t want the cship but we prefer she stay in it cuz it serves us as a family and it’s too hard to teach her how to order room service.🙄 He didn’t come across as prepared for some of the interviewer’s softball questions. I think it’s clear where they all stand. Lynne and Bryan are NOT in favor of ending either of the 2 cships, BUT they (particularly Lynne) do want Jamie removed. It seems that Jamie Lynn is in favor of keeping Jamie as conservator of the estate (because she’s a dunce). Jamie wants to remain conservator so that he can keep a lid on the corrupt financial dealings that have gone on, some of which he’s heavily involved in along with Lou Taylor & others. In turn, Jamie has to keep control of Britney via the cship to ensure she never can speak out about anything. The conservatorship was never really about Britney NOR was it about helping her regain custody of her children. Me thinks the Spears’s prefer KFed to have sole full custody of the kids because they know that KFed can be bought. This family is covering up so much ugliness that is NOT even related Britney’s mental health!!
  16. I hear you. I agree. I just think we look to Britney’s peers to show support because we’ve seen them rally around other causes. It’s possible these ladies are supportive but don’t want to say anything publicly now or maybe ever. They’re not obligated to make a statement though. On one hand I don’t think fans should press Gaga, Bey, Taylor etc, to say something but in a situation like this, knowing full well what Britney is up against from a legal standpoint, the more public support from these big names the better.
  17. ^ adding to all of the above...If plausible... Britney’s mental health/breakdown, downward spiral and drug use would be the perfect excuse for Jamie to take over via a conservatorship. The cship was never about “saving Britney”. It’s about making sure she keeps working so that the $ keeps rolling in, all the while covering up for whatever amount of Britney’s $ has been pilfered pre & post cship.
  18. I knew that there was a thread covering the financials. Merge thread please!! I think damn near err’body with access to Britney’s finances has had their hands in the cookie jar taking as much as they could. Britney’s money was being mishandled pre-cship and it still is post-cship. If Uncle Reggie & Bryan were, I’ll say unintentionally, mishandling B’s $ via poor business investments, then Britney wanting to remove her uncle, her parents/siblings off payroll would be a strong reason why Jamie collaborated with Lou (according to Through The Storm) to orchestrate the coup (the cship). Lynne & Jamie sided with Kevin during the child custody proceedings causing Britney was done with all of them by then. Larry got dumped but Jamie/cship brought him back. Britney had re-signed with Larry post-split from Kevin so she had obligations to fulfill the terms of their agreement. IMO She could’ve done so without Larry being so directly involved but the Spears’s trusted him. He knew their secrets. Lou being Lou saw this as an opportunity to profit, boost her rep & grow her clientele. She has quite a hold on the Jamies. Moving Britney’s assets, from SJB Trust to the CONservatorship worked until Lynne noticed something. Just my opinion, Lynne needed $ (from the SJB Trust? 🧐) ... after inquiring she discovered that there is not as much there as she thought hence why she finally made a move. The trust isn’t just for the boys’s benefit, right? It’s Lynne & the boys, right or wrong? Lynne’s been receiving $ from Britney since she became famous. The financial cship being in place means she’d have to stay in Jamie’s good graces to keep receiving $ to maintain Serenity, her lifestyle. Jamie could cut her off. Her house is in Britney’s name, isn’t it? Britney can’t do anything about just Jamie via the Court. I’m sure the Court would approve of Jamie’s request that Lynne stop receiving her allowance from the estate or even sale Serenity- Lynne would be homeless. Jamie is that nasty!! I know he’d cut off Lynne’s allowance and toss her out! There’s a strong reason WHY TMZ lied saying Lynne’s been estranged from Britney for years. Constantly painting her in a bad light. It was a smear campaign! To turn public opinion against her (2) keep Lynne in line/compliant so she wouldn’t make a fuss about Jamie’s treatment of Britney or go public about how Britney’s finances are being mishandled/embezzled. Lynne’s complacent AF!!! They’re all liable for what’s going on. I’m low key suspicious over Lynne’s nominating of Bessemer. Britney doesn’t know any better, has no real say. I hope that now Lynne is acting on her daughter’s best interest not just because it benefits her too.
  19. Guess which investments were made by Jamie versus which ones by an intelligent professional. Deere & Co John Deere is the brand name of Deere & Company, an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment. ^Very popular brand tbh especially is you’re a rural southerner living in the country. Very Jamie Spears!!! Britney herself would never want her $ invested in Deere & Co lol! ”Britney sold 574 shares of Coke for a modest profit of $3,238.55. She held on to 208 shares," reports TMZ. "As for Pepsi ... it's nowhere to be found in her portfolio" despite the brand showing consistent growth since the 80s. TMZ notes that "Brit sold a few other random stocks for a profit — including AT&T and Deere & Co. — but it wasn't all gravy: she lost $640.13 on McDonald's and $1,277.38 on Chipotle." Overall, Spears netted $97,883 last year in stock earnings, which TMZ points out is peanuts for the pop star, who will earn more than triple that per show in her upcoming Vegas residency. According to the docs, Spears' other holdings including safe bets such as Chevron, Microsoft, Phillip Morris, Heinz, Nestle, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Lululemon, and Visa. In all, the 31-year-old former child star has nearly $13 million of her conservatorship money in the market.” Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/pepsi-spokeswoman-britney-spears-invests-in-coca-cola-2013-9%3famp I hate the spin they put on this. Makes Britney seems like a hillbilly simpleton who is smart enough to know she should have a proper financial team working on her behalf. LOL, that’s what TMZ was pointing out in their shadiest way. A Red flag that went unnoticed.
  20. I remember that!!! Jamie has no clue of how to handle money at all. He had Wallet and Lou in the background but he became so arrogant he really believed he was good at the job. Alarms went off when I saw the report about the will. It was randomly reported. Like Britney is redrafting her will...9 years post-cship. Why then? It was like, nothing to see here but just wanted you to know that Britney changed her will.😐 Idk what prompted this change, or whether TMZ’s report is only part true. All I can is Britney did not redraft her will, Jamie/the cship did. I wonder if she even knows. Wouldn’t it be weird if the public knows this but she doesn’t because she’s so isolated? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2017/08/16/britney-spears-will-protect-kids-estate-trust/
  21. Do we know when Bryan and Ivan Taback stepped down from SJB? I thought there was a thread about it somewhere around here. Jamie Lynn coming on board, she likely was just listening to Lou. I can see Lou turning to JL insisting as the younger other sibling she do it so it doesn’t look so bad since she’s family. Bottom line is they’re gaming the system.
  22. I was hoping people would see why it’s important to publicly discuss the finances. It’s obvs there’s been both intentional theft and “legal theft”, as in loopholes. As Surprise Witnes mentioned “What’s next is speculation: but one could be forgiven for thinking that Lou, Mitch, JL & co. had already moved Britney’s $$ without permission, got exposed, then literally the next week scurried to the court to ask permission.” Could see this happening... Let’s not forget that it takes money to maintain a conservatorship. Britney may not have as much $$$ as she should but at the same time she has too much $$$ (more than the average conservatee) to ever run out in order for these leeches to find another victim to drain. Lou selling her business HQ. Jamie selling the family home in Kentwood. Lynne only getting involved when it comes to SJB Trust $$. I wonder why she chose Bessemer? At least Bessemer will keep Jamie in check long enough until the judge removes him. But my worry is, none of these people who make a living on handling estate, probate court attorneys, are trustworthy. Not Jodi, not Ingham. I used to feel like at least Britney’s got a relative looking out for her. Turns out she can’t trust her dad, mom or siblings.😩
  23. C & P version. Just in case Surprise Witnes’s account suddenly gets suspended. Text below. Bookmark her original tweet thread!! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! Summary thread 👇 if there’s already a Exhale thread specifically related to the financial conservatorship of Britney Spears please merge this.🙂 ——————————————————- Don’t forget that Lou Taylor worked as an investment advisor at Stonebridge for YEARS AFTER Britney was already in the c-ship. The #Facts tell us that Jamie Lynn tried to put Britney’s trust funds in Stonebridge last year. Mitchell S. Martin is listed as the president of Stonebridge. Mitchell was also listed as the president of Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment all over the internet. Also for years. Last year I found evidence of those listings being deleted. #FreeBritney Why do we care about Tri-Star? Glad you asked. Tri-Star is Lou Taylor’s company. It was also Britney’s “business manager” according to publicly available court documents. This business manager (aka Lou & Mitchell) was also responsible for the cship financial reports. So recap real quick: Lou & Mitch work together for 9 years at Stonebridge. During that time, the cship is established. Mitch and Lou are both listed all over both companies. In 2020, Jamie Lynn as “trustee” tries to put Britney’s money in Stonebridge. Also in 2020 #BritneyLeaks tells us that team cship told a court under penalty of perjury and LOSING THEIR LAW LICENSES that these 2 companies just happen to do business together from time to time. “Just like Merrill Lynch”. That was a lie. At the same time (2020) it seemed from what was available publicly that team con was also attempting to move OTHER money (not the trust) into Stonebridge too. They told a court that there was no affiliation between these companies. Despite almost a decade of common mgmt. So let’s turn to Stonebridge shall we? Up til recently,almost all their twitter presence was weird retweets of Lou Taylor’s clients and their upcoming projects. (Travis Scott, Meghan Trainor, Reba). So, in many ways, NOT “just like Merrill Lynch”. Let’s #FollowTheMoney then shall we? According to @Forbes, in 2018 Britney should have been worth upward of $600million dollars right? But the cship financial reports (aka Lou and Mitch) state that she’s worth closer to $60 mil. Where could all that money have gone?! You’re wondering. Well, the cship itself is very expensive. Lawyers, fees, Jamie’s salary and kickbacks, etc. But it can’t be THAT expensive right? You’re also wondering. I agree. So let’s get back to Stonebridge. In 2007, you can see the amount of dollars Lou and Mitch had to work with we’re going down. But look what happens around 2008/2009 - slight little bump. Means they started managing more $$. Not that weird by itself. But what else was going on then? That’s right. Britney’s cship. So Lou was still working for Stonebridge when Britney was out in the cship according to the SEC. Lou was also Britney’s manager at this time. Stonebridge had a healthy uptick in 2008/2009. Amd look - STEADY increases ever since. So let’s go to 2010. Lou was Britney’s business manager and STILL listed as executive Vice President of Stonebridge. She’s also Britney’s manager (probably) in charge of Britney’s investments. She’s ALSO the one reporting Britney’s $$ to the courts. Then a weird thing happens. Thanks to @MeanerThree and @lawyersforbrit, we realized that there is actually a REFERENCE TO SOME OF BRITNEYS MONEY BEING IN STONEBRIDGE. So it’s a court documented FACT from Lou herself that at least some of B’s money was in Stonebridge. According to the SEC, Lou stopped being an investment advisor in 2013, but this website which takes its info from the SEC still lists Lou as Exec VP, so idk if she is or isn’t. But she was for years. And look how many employees work there... That’s right. Only three people. We know 2 for sure are Mitchell and his son Tyler because the SEC says so. But who is that third mystery employee? And why are only 2 of them “investors” (remember LT’s investor status has lapsed) Ok so now the main event. Remember that $600 mil @Forbes was talking about in 2018? Check out what happened to the amount of dollars Stonebridge managed in 2019/2020. It increased by almost exactly $600 mil. It goes from about $150 mill to $722 mil in ONE YEAR. So I made a tiktok about this on august 13, 2020 and the #freebritney movement shared it widely. But we didn’t know if it was for sure Britney’s money. Then on August 21, we get a court filing. It comes out that Jamie Lynn had been appointed Trustee of Britney’s pre-cship assets in 2018, and now JL was them trying to move that trust into STONEBRIDGE! What’s next is speculation: but one could be forgiven for thinking that Lou, Mitch, JL & co. had already moved Britney’s $$ without permission, got exposed, then literally the next week scurried to the court to ask permission. Then LITERALLY a week later (Sept. 1), Lynne Spears (Britney’s mom) who had been oddly silent throughout all this, NOMINATES A NEW CONSERVATOR, Bessemer Trust Company (sept. 1) - but that’s not all. Lynn had actually signed this nomination on August 27 - at the height of the time the #FreeBritneyMovement was dragging LT across the internet for this clear conflict of interest. A couple days later Britney Spears herself nominates Bessemer as new conservator. And on Sept. 3, only a couple weeks after we figured out the #stonebridge connection, she opposed Jamie’s motion to seal the record for the 1st time. And this court filing is probably our favorite one of all time. Sam Ingham comes out swinging. He trashes Jamie and them but gives us the line we all know by heart “...Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans.” And it has been a knock down-drag-out-ever since. The NYT documentary was so good - but it failed to mention what I think is THE story. That this was manufactured by professionals who are to this day making $$ off that scheme. With no end in sight. I know there’s a lot I left out. But I think this thread will suffice as a summary to get people up to speed. #AuditTriStar #AuditStonebridge #InvestigateLouTaylor #FREEBRITNEY Oh another thing - Lou “resigned” as business manager since all this went down. She alleges it was from “death threats”, but most of the examples she provided were disgruntled #freebritney fans cursing her out. You decide what happened. . . Another nother thing. #FreeBritney activists found evidence suggesting Lou is selling her business headquarters recently. (End thread) Repost credit to Surprise Witnes💖🙏🦋
  24. I rarely make threads. It’s not my thing. I’m not good at it. But, I feel that the ongoing mishandling of Britney fortune (as the late Michael Sands once put it, the financial r*** of Britney Spears...”) deserves and most definitely needs to be more widely discussed by the public that’s paying attention now and of course investigated !! I’m reposting a thread by Surprise Witnes. Not sure if it’s been shared already but since the entire is woke to what’s been happening to Britney Spears as well as her finances (including $ set aside for her two sons Preston and Jayden) it’s the perfect time to highlight this yet again! Credit to Surprise Witness and Thank You!! To say this saga is complex is an understatement!! But I believe that this fan base and now the general public is ready now to fully focus on not just the human rights aspect of this case but the financial situation. We can multitask. Please share SW’s thread with literally everyone you know. If you’re fortunate to speak a second/multiple language/s, please translate this thread and ask your friends and family to share it. I think it’s safe to say that this is just part of a huge, calculated, maliciously intentional, longstanding and ongoing robbery of Britney Spears. Disgusting to think about because theft is wrong but stealing from a woman who has no idea what’s actually happening to her finances, a woman who’s been deemed by the Court to lack mental capacity to hire or fire her lawyer, etc, is so evil. If Britney is mentally incompetent why does the Court allow people to steal from her?? Even if there are loopholes these crooks jump through there should be more oversight & changes made so nobody can run a con scene like this in the system!! Britney has no idea what’s happening with the SJB Trust money other than what these lying snakes choose to tell her, lies or half truths, it is sickening!!! At least 2 of the people mentioned are related to Britney: her dad Jamie Spears and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears who’s still heavily personally and also likely financially bound to that crook Lou Taylor. A lot of us have long questioned WHY has Britney’s mother Lynne Spears been silent all these years but only chose to get off her *** and do/say something about her daughter Britney’s situation ONLY WHEN she noticed (or was alerted) to the fact that the monies SJB Trust 💰 holds was being compromised.🤨🤨🤨🤨 All of these people are morally bankrupt frauds!!!! The only one coming outta this **** show smelling like ROSES 🌹 is Britney.
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