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  1. generation glory

    other I was in Kentwood today... and I‘m devastated.

    I just thought her bored face and tone was her trying to be humorous lol. Maybe she is bored sometimes but I think she likes where she is. I agree that Jamie Lynn had the choice to stay in Nashville longer to establish herself as a singer-songwriter but she chose to return to Serenity mansion with Lynne. Next thing you know she meets Jamie W and the rest is history. In her docu I don’t remember her explaining why she left Nashville to return back home so I assumed she got homesick.🤷‍♀️ Or maybe Nashville, a big southern city, was too much for her? Too competitive and fast paced compared to Kentwood? Not to sound mean but the only reason she got the opportunity to be on those two Nickelodeon shows as a child is because of who her sister is. Not due to her acting talent and hard work. She didn’t earn those jobs. But I wouldn’t say she moved back to Louisiana to do nothing. Seems like she just wants to be a full-time mom & wife that occasionally writes and sings her music. Jamie Lynn’s so lucky to have had the safety net of Serenity and her Zoey 101/All That money to raise Maddie. Maybe if she’d been a poor teenage single mom she’d have stayed in Nashville longer to chase what she says is her dream. She has enough money and fame from her teen years and by being Britney’s sister to live quite comfortably for years to come. She’s trying to be a country music singer/songwriter while being a full-time housewife and mom in a different state. It’s not gonna work. If she really is serious about pursuing music she would’ve moved back to Nashville and got a real management team to help get her on as an opening act on a tour with Florida Georgia Line or Miranda Lambert, etc, and do more gigs in the area on Music Row, more singing at writers rounds which occur nightly. Her biggest success to date as a musician is co-writing that top 10 song for Jana Kramer which happened when she lived in Nashville! Imagine where her career might be now if she’d stayed there.
  2. generation glory

    other I was in Kentwood today... and I‘m devastated.

    Now the sign says “Welcome to Kentwood. Home of Ney Spears.” That’s funny!