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  1. She looks beautiful and sounds great!!!! I’m glad she got vaccinated. I did too!!!♥️
  2. Well yeah. That’s why they even bother to update Britney’s Instagram even though her IG is cringey af!! It’s about keeping up appearances and setting a pro-cship narrative. I agree that they realize they messed up. THEY are the ones who have irretrievably broken Britney’s image & marketability for years to come. But they’re filled with greed and busy trying to cover up their wrongdoings. Them getting Britney back to work ASAP also supports the “all is well” narrative Team CON keep pushing. It’s a bull ****!!
  3. Is Steven Tyler still affiliated with Lou Taylor’s Tri Star??? What about Mary J Blige & JLo??? I wonder if they’ve seen the documentary. If they are still affiliated with Lou’s company they should cut ties ASAP and make sure they haven’t been robbed by Lou/Tri Star like Britney has.
  4. Team CON got the headline they wanted. THIS stupid headline **** is EVERYWHERE NOW and THIS is WHY “the Britney Spears Instagram account” is active. PR. Spin. Advantage to Britney’s handlers and advantage to her dysfunctional family. Don’t let them change the narrative, but don’t let them ***** you around anymore either. Enough is enough! Unfollow that bull*** * Instagram acct. End conservatorship abuse!!!! Peace, y’all. I’m out. https://www.tmz.com/2021/03/30/britney-spears-embarrassed-framing-documentary-cry-weeks-emotional-breaks-silence/
  5. UNFOLLOW the “Britney Spears” Instagram account. UNFOLLOW all of the “Britney Spears” social media accounts. Tell those who are managing The Britney Brand to **** off. It’s bullsh!!t. It’s not even her Instagram, it’s her deranged team of handler’s Instagram account. FFS! I hope more of you all see that now!! Lies. Lies. Nothing but lies. Smoke and mirrors. In your heart you know better. Let go. Move on. Expose Cship abuse and demand it be reformed!! I am saddened that this is happening to Britney. 💔
  6. Britney has very little — if anything at all — to do with the official “Britney Spears IG account.” I sound like a broken record at this point...😑 Curated content taken from a private account she may or may not have or whatever, *this* “Britney” is fake as ****. The sooner the majority of this fan base comes to terms with the fact that fans (and the public) are steadily being emotionally manipulated, aka mind ****ed... just as much as Britney is tbh, the less perplexed, sad, etc., you will feel. Stop taking every IG post that is made pretending to be/for Britney to heart, or not even take it as truth. I unfollowed that IG account two years ago. Maybe you all should do the same. Spare yourself the heartache. It’s time to grow up, kids, and move on. Let go of the popstar that was Britney Spears. Focus on exposing conservatorship abuse, changing probate court laws and holding Ingham’s *** to the fire. Hold him and ALL of Team Con accountable for destroying Britney’s life and making her worse now than she was in 2007.
  7. BRITNEY SPEARS: I NEED A NEW WILL TO PROTECT MY KIDS TMZ - Aug. 16, 2017 Britney Spears is going back to the drawing board and redrafting her will ... all for the benefit of her 2 boys. Britney's longtime conservators have filed legal docs asking for permission to change her will, which was drafted before she gave birth to Sean, now 11, and Jayden, now 10. We've learned the current will simply provides ... when Britney dies her kids inherit her entire estate. Problem is ... they would get her entire fortune -- estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars -- when they turn 18. It's not wise to open the vault all at once to 18-year-olds. Our sources say the new estate plan creates a trust for the kids, who will inherit her entire estate. But they will not have access to the entire fortune until they turn 35. The trust gives them limited access at 18, more access to the money at 25, but they won't get it all until they're eligible to run for President. The trust also slashes the amount of inheritance tax the estate will have to pay. The judge has to approve the change, but there shouldn't be any problem. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2017/08/16/britney-spears-will-protect-kids-estate-trust/ c&p it here in case it gets edited or deleted
  8. Britney’s sons have been used as pawns their entire life to get their mother to comply. First to establish/maintain sobriety (Rehab) then to trap her in a conservatorship she can’t get out of which will also allow her to have visitation with the boys, BUT she still has to remain compliant as in steadily working to make $ for the Britney Brand & therefore for all those who benefit from keeping her under a conservatorship. Amending Britney’s will ... did SHE want this? She doesn’t have a say over it anyway so Jamie & Co can say they changed it on her behalf. For them it’s essentially just another business decision. To me it’s clear that Britney did NOT want to go on the POM tour (I don’t believe she really wanted the Domination residency but she had to go through the motions as usual). It’s because they’d locked her in a contract and used her kids to manipulate her. Again! Her father and her legal handlers expect the worst case scenario happening- Britney’s death- so they’re hell bent on ensuring that if she dies her estate will be dispersed to not just her 2 sons but the Spears family. If Britney were to die while her sons are still minors, Kevin (and his lawyer Britney pays for) will to wrangle his way into more $ until they both boys turn 18. Usually with a trust the children will have to go through a trustee to access their money until they reach a certain age. It depends on how it’s set up. No wonder Kevin is considered like Jesus to Jayden. I’m sure he loves his sons but KFed also knows which side his bread is buttered. He’ll need to remain a good relationship with Preston & Jayden if he ever needs a hand out from them in the future. This is all so gross. Britney is just a bank account to these people. Yuck!🤢
  9. So, Britney didn’t go on that trip alone as she claims in the caption? How does she define alone? Ugh at this ****. I can’t.
  10. In retrospect, all Britney can express about this showcase is “Wow, Singapore”. Surely she’d have more to say about such a momentous moment in her early career. Okay, Lou🙄or whoever controls her IG. The bit about Lynne too- surely Lynne knows why Britney doesn’t sing anymore and why she doesn’t speak anymore like she once was able to. 😑I’m sorry (no I’m not sorry) but her IG is such bull****.
  11. Think back to the UK interview when she did speak of the conservatorship. What did team con do?? Could she even fight it? Nope. So, EDIT!! CUT!! That is a form of silencing. Idc how much freedom it appears Britney has but it’s an extremely controlled she’s in. I’m sure she’s used to it. Fighting even within must be hell for her. She acquiesces. Idk what Ingham is telling her but so much of this appears to be him placating her and even the public just enough to keep everyone from looking at him. I still don’t trust LFB. The end game imo isn’t what we’re being led to think. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.
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