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  1. All I want to say is that I’m so sorry this is happening to Britney. The corrupt probate system, The CON c’ship, Lou Taylor and her own sketchy family... my heart breaks for Britney.
  2. I remember this. Wasn’t this posted to X17Online back in the day?
  3. Actually I think they can sterilize Britney. Maybe that’s already happened unbeknownst to even Britney herself & of course the public will never know (nor should we.) Remember Amanda Bynes announced her pregnancy then suddenly her lawyer said she’s not pregnant or no longer pregnant. Was Amanda faking it or she was serious but had to end it for medical reasons or something? Surely Britney would’ve been pregnant in these 12 years by one of the 3 C’ship bfs or her ex-fiancé IF SHE really had a choice. Either Britney has been involuntarily, unknowingly sterilized (tubal ligation) OR they have her on birth control (various BC options). By law they can force Britney to terminate a pregnancy if it’s believed its in her best interest when it comes to her mental capacity and personal welfare or her and a child. Imagine what a forced termination of pregnancy would to do her state of mind. 😔 I know this is a serious and sensitive topic but lbr, the reality of Britney’s situation is that things like that aren’t in her hands. Anything can be done to Britney under the guise of what’s in her “best interest” as well as what’s in the best interest of The Britney Brand & the best interest of “hybrid business model” known as the conservatorship. A baby is seen as bad for Britney (numerous reasons like her mental health & avoiding paying out millions to KFed 2.0 aka Sam Asghari) and a baby would definitely be bad for The Britney Brand since we all know she’s talked about having more children for years, preferably a girl, so I mean.. her career stopped for nearly 3 years to give birth to Preston and Jayden. A third baby, especially a daughter would likely make Brit take an even longer hiatus from her career or end it for good. They (her family, Lou Taylor and Team CON) don’t want that. The CONservatorship of Britney Spears has always been primarily focused on preserving and profiting off The Britney Brand!!! Making millions of $$ off The Britney Brand is #1. They don’t give AF about Britney- the woman behind the Brand. Look at how Jamie, Lou, Larry, the lawyers & all the other Spearses are now that Britney’s refusing to perform! The goal is to keep the $ coming in at all costs. They won’t let a bf, marriage or a baby Eff that up. Not again. #FreeBritney
  4. Seems like the same company handling Britney’s socials is overseeing JL’s twitter account. And... WRONG SECTION!!!
  5. That’s exactly what I was thinking!! How would Jamie Lynn feel if Jamie abused Maddie like he did to her nephew? And how is she BFFs with Lou Taylor- the same woman who tried to convince Lynne to send Jamie Lynn away when she became pregnant at 16? How is Jamie Lynn okay with any of this sh1t? Is she downplaying or compartmentalizing Jamie and Lou’s behavior? Did Jamie Lynn feel she deserved to be hit by Jamie? Did she feel Lou was right and that Lynne should’ve been ashamed of having a pregnant teen so she deserved to be sent away to a facility for unwed teen moms as a form of punishment for having premarital s3x??!! There’s a history of abuse in this family. Actually the whole damn Spears family needs mental health counseling!!
  6. Not trying be mean rn, I swear, but whoever styled Jamie Lynn for this photoshoot must have a vendetta against her. Those clothes look terrible and even worse on her. Soo unflattering. WTF is this lewk??? And btw how many more “Reintroducing Jamie Lynn Spears” features is she going to have in a lifetime?? She was reintroduced when she tried to be a country singer but that didn’t work out. Then Jamie Lynn was reintroduced again went she started “acting” on Sweet Magnolias (awful show!!). Now here we go again... another reintroduction. Is this how her team plans to draw back the old Zoey fans and younger generation to watch the reboot? How is she appealing to the public I mean I just idgi. Last thing. The video of her at the end of Nylon’s story... CRINGE!! Sorry guys but Jamie Lou has ZERO presence, charisma or personality on camera (or off). She also looks stiff, uncomfortable and like she hates it. She still benefits from Britney’s name and her hard work. That’s literally the only reason why anyone ever bothered to give her a show on television at all. Tbh her music was decent so she should’ve stayed in Nashville to try to make something of her music career. JL lacks drive and hustle. But at least she has a choice and the freedom to do what she wants in her life. #FreeBritney
  7. Sorry but, what is the oil for? EDIT- Britney try sunless tanner instead of baking your skin at the beach under those harmful UV sun rays!
  8. Updated caption JL “3rd pic is some cute Instagram gif mask that I added to be funny, because we just have the regular old ugly mask, you people got time haha” JL is Unfunny and obnoxious af. Proving my point again, these photos -whether from February or any other time - are staged. There’s no $ in a pap wasting time photographing her only to get maybe $100 for these “exclusives” Lou or whoever manages JL now, tipped off a photog to capture this “candid” family moment. These photos are to give the perception that JL is a highly sought after celebrity.😒😒😒There’s NO INTEREST in Jamie Lou on that level. Notice how no major publication posted these photos that appear only on JL’s ig. LAME!😑🙄 JLou posted this because she’s thirsty and dreadfully desperate for attention for herself. This is how she can promote that underwhelming show she landed as a child just because she’s Britney’s sister. SAME.
  9. So now Jamie Lou is tweeting again?!??😑She hasn’t tweeted **** since last December, not even to promote her lame azz Netflix tv show that she’s barely in. She’s getting dragged on Twitter as she should!! Can’t filter out those replies. The new, staged paparazzi photos of her, Lynne and her daughters arriving in Los Angeles are laughable. She had audacity to post it on IG. Who the hell does she think she is? JL is just like her daddy Jamie: a narcissistic EGOMANIAC!! Who the hell wants her pictures?? Literally NO PAPPARAZZO is going out of his way to track down Jamie Lou, Lynne and her offsprings. WHY? Because their photos do not sell!! Staged. Manipulated. Planned. It was all orchestrated by Lou to drum attention for the dreadful roboot!! Lynne is once again along for the ride. Seriously... F ** K ALL OF THEM!!! #FreeBritney
  10. You took the words out of my mouth. This is mafia level ish. Intimidation. Threats. Manipulation. Control. WTF?! Who does Jamie think he is... acting like a mob boss, interfering with legal proceedings, confronting lawyers at an opposing firm in efforts to exert his influence over them so he can maintain control of Britney’s estate, keep Britney silent and compliant. WTF!! Once again, I am reminded of what was stated over 12 years ago. The conservatorship over Britney’s finances in particular is not about protecting her estate. Team CON is doing everything they claim they’re trying to prevent Britney from allowing to happen at the hands of others if she had control of her money. This conservatorship exists for ulterior reasons. It definitely involves ongoing money laundering, racketeering, wire fraud (RICO Act). Unlike what the Eat, Pray, Britney ladies believe (no shade to them), I do believe there is theft occurring. They (Jamie, Lou, Team CON lawyers, who knows who else!!) are robbing Britney blind while using the courts to get away with it. Yes, some roads do lead back to Lou Taylor via Tri Star. Yes, Lou is still using Jamie as the public face for her sinister schemes. But this extends well beyond Lou and Jamie. Jamie is in over his head. He’s either too dumb to see it and stop, or as someone claimed maybe he’s being blackmailed or has to fight this to appease Lou or someone else, not to mention to prevent ish about himself from being exposed.
  11. Only thing I can think of as to why she films these videos is (1) Britney is completely oblivious to how badly these videos and pics reflect on her, in part because of the narrative TMZ & Team CON have been pushing on the public and still enforce. Such as TMZ leading the narrative on what Ingham said about capacity. He was speaking of her legal capacity not her mental capacity but that one and FIRST headline by TMZ on the statement carries over to literally every news outlet. (2) someone is threatening her in to filming these videos. Who knows what her handlers tell her to get her to do certain things. But what is it now?? They can’t hold her sons over her head anymore since thanks to Jamie she barely sees them now. Maybe they tell her something bad will happen to her if she doesn’t. Maybe it’s just Britney but I don’t think so, at least not fully.
  12. Did you all read what Lawyers for Britney said? That she likely makes these videos “in batches”, (that’s obvious) “to fulfill contractual obligations”. Citing the video of Britney reading a letter to fans instead of appearing at “Britney In The Zone” (due to injury) for $1M. Ok, I can understand how she was obligated to appear at BITZ and am glad she found a way out of promoting that ****. Suck it, Lou!! But how and why would Britney be contractually obligated to post these kinds of videos (Or any vids) that’s not connected to the Britney Brand, unlike Britney The Zone? I’m not saying Lawyers for Britney is right about that part (contractually obligated to update her IG which is run by a Lou Taylor owned company), but I’m trying to understand why she does these videos. Surely Britney knows OR she has someone in her controlled bubble like Sam or Ingham or Jodi or Lynne/Bryan/Jamie Lynn OR one her home girls from Kentwood to tell her that these videos & her appearance in these vids aren’t helping her case at all & that her messy af Instagram is causing the court of public opinion to question not only her stability and safety, but it draws criticism on those in her family & the ones in charge of her via the cship, riiiighhhttt? On a nice note. Although Britney looks disheveled and appears to be reading off cue cards, the message of this video is heartwarming.
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