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  1. Does anyone happen to know where/which, the name of this waterfall? It’s beautiful and looks so serene. I’m just curious.
  2. BG can’t go dark, drop a bomb, go dark, drop another bomb. Britney would still need court approval for substantial purchases. She should be allowed more personal spending $ allowance. I look forward to seeing what happens next regarding the financial estate. Once Jamie is completely removed from the cship will she then be able to speak freely on some things if she feels comfortable doing that? I feel he has stifled her so much. Maybe removing him from co-conservator of her finances Britney will finally regain her voice, control over her career and life.
  3. Britney’s Gram has A LOT of explaining to do!! Drop a new pod, make Twitter thread q and a or whatever. Address this- on their socials. They barely said **** all last year. Then after so much discovery & progression in this case, in the FB movement... on the last day of the worst year ever, BG drop a bomb then haul ***?!! I appreciate them not going back and forth with LFB or fans online. I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt since I thought they’d stepped back because of Team Con/lawyers. But this has to stop. There are 2 sides to every story. BG can’t go back into their bunker. They should further address this once more then move on. Too many questions. I trust nobody tbh.
  4. Therein lies the problem. People can choose to get it together or not. If the divisiveness doesn’t end NOW it never will.
  5. Lawyers For Britney can respond like they’ve been doing for 2 days, on their Twitter or their backup Instagram. The entire fandom doesn’t exist at this forum. They, just like FB LA & BG have their own place and followers. I’ve yet to see BG, FB or others coming here on the defense. LFB, FB LA & Britney’s Gram (many others) have contributed greatly to FB, but there has been reason for people to be suspicious of one, both or all of them. Neither has a clean slate as far as I’m concerned. Constantly on the defense for two straight days. It gets you nowhere. If LFB wants to be caught up in their feelings for the foreseeable future then okay, be that way. **** it IDC. If LFB wants to focus on the subject at hand then do that. But try as they might, they can’t do both!! There’s enough distractions and drama without the NYE nonsense. They can clean up the mess in their own space (likewise for Britney’s Gram and anyone else starting ****), just don’t bring that **** over here. Finally got the public and fan’s attention after 12 damn years and now there’s infighting over some petty ****?! I’m done with it and I’m done responding to you. Bye.
  6. Support whichever online account you want to. Cancel whichever online account you want to. Take sides or not. But let me make one thing clear: Britney Spears is the face of the Free Britney movement. Period! And, I reiterate. There needs to be organization going forward. Someone should step up to be that person/s to get everything together as far as awareness, speak to media outlets when necessary (but don’t be a media *****), put together rallies for court days, keep people informed about what is happening in court, read and accurately interpret documents, etc. The only person I personally have in mind for this position is Lisa. But that is a lot to put on her shoulders. Things are already messy amongst this dysfunctional forum & this dysfunctional fandom. It’s a full-time job managing a global movement. Lisa would be subject to ridicule, lawsuits, smears and threats from Team Con or anybody else who seems her a problem. If there can be established maybe a 3 person team to unite us, lead the way (collectively lead- not rely on 1 person someone has to answer to) keep everything in line without becoming a dictator, then that’s what’s going to have to happen. There are too many separate entities trying to do the same thing but in different ways, for varying reasons which is causing so much division and animosity. That has to stop. There are also definitely people who are not whom they claim to be, not standing for what they claim they are. Those people must be weeded out. Next virtual Free Britney rally/meeting should definitely address this.
  7. You wanted Jordan to take down this post... WTF is wrong with you??? Lawyers For Britney trying to pull a Lou Taylor “take down this post”. Screw you!! Who do you think you are? Who ARE YOU?! You claim to want this childish drama to stop but you’re the only ones still contributing to it!!! The irony! It’s coming across as you are trying to save face because you’re mad and embarrassed over whatever happened btwn you and Britney’s Gram. If you’re done with it then be done with it. Enough. Girl, bye!! Keep trying to clean up your mess on your own page. DO NOT come over here to dictate what Jordan allows on HIS forum. Take ur *** back to Twitter with this BS!!! FOH I’m tired of you!!
  8. @lawyersforbritneyYou know what. Y’all are pissing me the **** off!! It’s been TWO DAYS and you’re still keeping this **** going. I understand you want to defend yourselves. I’ll put aside my personal feeling about you and your behavior over these TWO DAYS on Twitter and IG, for now. But really, STFU and ******* move on!!! Next topic!! Get on with it! “Thou doth protest too much”. 👆 That’s you ... and even your loyalists. We know who they are. Personally I’ve had enough of all of you! I never saw Britney’s Gram, FB LA or even you all as the “face/spokesperson” of the Free Britney movement. I can’t tell you how many followers you or the others have on IG. IDGAF! I believe you deleted your own IG!! Just like you deleted/briefly disabled your Twitter which you’re still running your mouth at since you returned there & your backup IG.🙄 There’s no owner of FB. Nobody should be claiming otherwise or accusing others as being clout chasers. Apparently you and the others feel otherwise. Tbh the movement does need an official spokesperson but it damn sure is NOT LFB or BG!! Because you’re annoying AF and have completely lost focus!!!! I feel that if the movement is to go forward there desperately needs to be a leader and proper, concise organization. Don’t even at me I have nothing else to say to you, LFB, your pal Meaner03 and the others! Carry on about your business. Whoever wants to still follow you -or not- then so ******* be it. You’ve made total fools of yourselves. Stop it. Focus! Stay on message if that’s what you are even actually about. 🤨 Peace out!
  9. It makes me sad. JL what happened to you? It can’t just be Lou’s influence. It’s gotta be smth more. It’s 💔 Low key shade but I think she is just joking but yeah at the expense of her sisters mental health.💔 That’s what I’m sensing. Resentment. JL is very passive aggressive toward Britney. When JL’s documentary aired at the time I foolishly believed JL when she said she doesn’t feel like she’s in her sisters shadow. She probably does feel that at times but doesn’t admit it. Which if true, I can understand why. It could be just regular ol sister **** but it seems to be smth deeper. JL does seem to be able to handle the attention or pressures that comes along with fame anyway. Yeah Britney had a hard time coming to terms with her fame like all celebs do. But at least she was dealing with it. Unlike JL who ran back to Kentwood when she got homesick. Idk there’s tension btwn her and Britney who really knows why.
  10. That’s my point. Ingham is doing a good job now. What has he been sooo busy doing for 12 years? It should not have taken the Free Britney movement happening to force him to do right by the person he was appointed by the court to protect. I guarantee you if BG hadn’t released that voicemail exposing WHY Domination was canceled, Jamie telling them to blame the cancellation on his illness, WHERE Britney was and really HOW LONG she’d been locked away, Ingham wouldn’t be doing anything for Britney right now. Nothing. Britney will be lucky if she makes it out of the conservatorship alive. This **** is evil.
  11. This doesn’t seem to be Britney’s team if you mean team as in Jamie/Jodi/Lou. This, LFB, appears to be Ingham. I see Ingham separate from Jamie etc., since Jamie’s role as personal conservator for Britney is over. It’s Jodi filling that role. Ingham is a separate entity. Remember when this started it was Jamie Spears with Andrew Wallet and Ingham on behalf of Britney. Lou was always lurking in the background. Jamie, Andrew, Lou and Sam Ingham. (Jamie’s days as co-conservator of Britney’s estate are numbered.) The not-so Fab 4. Of the original four, who’s still standing? As I said earlier, Ingham is securing his $ and preserving his reputation. If LFB is an a way to help clear his image, not have the Britney Army gunning for him I think he’ll do what he feels is necessary no matter how bonkers and desperate it may be LOL! Yes. Sus as hell.
  12. There’s more to this claim by LFB. But not for obvious reasons. Could be the first name to come to mind. Smh these ppl. What a ****ty way to backtrack on their claim which they sure made it a point to sound confident about. Like someone else said, LFB is panicking. They’re not the only ones. Apparently.
  13. Well look what the cat dragged in. Hello, stranger. It’s been awhile. How have You been?? somebody’s triggered
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