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  1. MuuMuse’s play-by-play review of last night’s non announcement is both hilarious and sad. https://muumuse.com/2018/10/britney-spears-domination-las-vegas-announcement.html/ “AND THERE YOU HAVE IT: THE GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2018. Looking back, was it all truly a shitshow of the highest order? Well, yes. An elaborate display just to watch her walk directly into a car and leave is the most appropriate representation of the business of Britney in 2018. Or, was it actually an experimental, artsy-fartsy display of the boundless fucklessness of the Living Legend, and a middle finger to the impossible heights of stan expectations? Who’s to say? But one thing’s for sure: her team looks dumb as hell for this one, the legacy has been disrespected yet again, and I am definitely still going to this show on opening night. The world’s ending in like 14 years or whatever. Or sooner! Might as well dive even deeper into debt with Britney.” - - Bradley Stern/MuuMuse I love Bradley.😘 Like so many other stans IMO he’s just too damn loyal to Britney & the Britney Brand but I do appreciate his take on the display show in which Kalen Allen announced the announcement Britney didn’t.
  2. By then she’ll be 43 years old. Sam will have moved on to another woman. She will still be stuck performing in Vegas locked in a careeer she has no interest in and still be under the conservatorship. It’s like neither her team nor her are thinking long term about Britney the person or her career after age 45 other than milking fans out of as much money as humanly possible.
  3. So she can no longer say a few words to the audience and fans watching the livestream like she did 5 years ago? See. That’s how bad things have gotten for her. It’ll only get worse if they continue doing this. This is absolutely shameful. Truly. Britney I am so sorry for you. Anyone financially supporting Britney’s exploitation, I feel sorry for you also. Positive note: She looked great. Cool title for the residency but it’s ironic AF. Domination... yeah Britney is being dominated by her handlers and the LA court system. There’s your domination. Enjoy the low budget illusion y’all. Peace out.
  4. Are they freaking serious? Live stream over like THAT’S It??? Where’s the announcement we waited a week for from Britney LOLOLL!!! I’m so damn over it I just gotta laugh!! Smh this sh!t I can’t lolllol. I’m not being an asshole when I say this because I say this only with love. Britney Spears needs to retire. Retire & recover from her mental illness. No shame in her doing that. Find healing and learn to effectively cope with her issues NOW!! Her wack ass team and family all need to STOP pimping Britney out. Britney Army should NOT pay a single f**king dollar for tix to this residency which will be another incarnation of POM. I feel bad for what is happening to Britney. She clearly DOES NOT WANT TO DO THIS. The little crowd that showed up probably frighten her. What’s happening to her is criminal. Pure exploitation!!
  5. I like the title ‘Domination’. Seems like it could be an extension of the prerogative commercial. She’s coming back...right?
  6. They need to bring that guy back. At least he’s entertaining (to me lol). This parade is boring me.
  7. OMG y’all I am cackling at the intro Kalen is giving Britney LMFAO!! Help me lawd
  8. We already knew this would be the surprise. This has been in the works at least since Lou and Jamie were at the POM show last year before that residency even wrapped up. The new residency should start the first half of next year which is what’s rumored. I’m not mad or excited about this.😑 It’ll be the some old Britney just a different residency. Inconsistent dancing alternating between good and IDGAF. Nice costumes at first which she’ll destroy. More arm waving and hairography and ponytail fixing. Any shows she does will be a greatest hits show because she hasn’t had a BB #1 on the main charts since FF era. Until Britney and her team gets their professional & personal sh!t together and until Britney looks like the pop star she’s supposed to be on and off stage *consistently* then she’ll remain a nostalgia act who the GP will pity and make fun of her on her own social media. I don’t expect artistic, visual growth or changes at all. I’m realistic AF.