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  1. No doubt in my mind... it is worse than we imagine. God only knows what they have been doing since 2008 to Britney + her money, AND what they’re doing to Britney + her $ now. Surely, they’ll make her film an IG video soon to refute Andrew’s video and her letter resurfacing. In today’s climate they have to go all out to cover their ***. It’s just a matter of time until Britney is drugged or coerced to say “hey guys I’m fine. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”🙄 Including her own handwritten letter exposing the vultures in her family & her professional life!! We’ve seen this play out before...
  2. How much longer until TMZ puts their Team CONservatorship-approved spin on this? Or will Team CONservatorship reach out to a more “legit” source like People magazine?? If you all haven’t already saved Andrew’s videos then do it now. Look for a way to keep in touch with him offline just in case Andrew pulls a Rose McGowan by deleting what he posted. I’m sure Britney’s handlers have already sent him a cease and desist letter. He’s likely been threatened in other ways or as Team CONservatorship (plus Looney Lou would say) he’s been warned”. 😒 I bet they have this man under surveillance, checked his background and probs has him followed too, just to further intimidate him into silence then making him disappear. Britney’s evil handlers have done this before. If you’ve been paying attention from the start you’ll know what I’m talking about. Andrew needs to be careful. Team CON are just like the mob but worse since they have TMZ, the court & the law backing them. Sickos!! **edited**
  3. Jamie Lynn ... I can hardly hold back from typing what I really want to say about her. Like, I’m thisclose to going off on her.🤬
  4. Mmhmm. Same old, same old.😒One of these days the evil con squad will meet their match. They’ll come up against someone of equal stature who won’t back down.
  5. Maybe Britney wrote this letter in 3rd person because she’s compartmentalizing. It’s possible that she sees herself as two separate entities because that’s how the world views her. The world knows/has an idea of who Britney Spears is but they don’t know Britney. It also may help keep herself grounded if she sees her celebrity persona as another person. Like there’s Britney then there’s “Britney Spears”. A lot of celebrities do this. They get so famous that they feel they have to separate themselves from their own celebrity because of the power their name & image has over their life which can be stressful or cause them to feel isolated or othered. Being “Britney Spears” is what she does to make a living (it’s a job) but it’s not who Britney is. That’s one way to interpret it. Or like others said, she wanted him to read it so maybe that’s why she spoke of herself in 3rd person.
  6. Have you noticed Jamie Lynn has limited comments on her Instagram account?? Jamie Lou KNOWS what’s up. Brainwashed by Lou or not that little $hit KNOWS what’s being done to her sister!! As far as I’m concerned Jamie Lou is a trifling accomplice to her sisters abuse. What an ungrateful little ******. She got her career because of Britney. So because of nepotism JL continues to profit off Britney. Now she’s giving her sister her *** to kiss. Ignoring Britney’s pleas and pain while she promotes that lame Zoey 101 reboot. She can keep her IG comments limited but SPAM the **** out of her on Twitter!! I’m sick of their ****! #FreeBritney
  7. I was just gonna say WTF is her mother Lynne doing or thinking? Surely Lynne has known from the start that the conservatorship isn’t right for Britney. Lynne must know that those apart of it & profiting off of keeping Britney on legal lockdown are wrong for participating in this scheme. Lynne included. She does her R&F side job but it’s Britney’s estate that funds Lynne and Jamie. Same with KFed through monthly child support payments. ** Do you all remember the incident at the hotel regarding Lutfi’s sister sneaking Brit a phone in the hotels gym while she and Lynne were working out? If Lynne didn’t know then she definitely found out in the press like the rest of us did. The restraining orders... I mean Lynne is not in the dark. Lynne KNOWS!! She doesn’t say or do **** but she KNOWS!! ** Do you all remember the argument Lynne & Jamie had over Britney around early 2009?? I think Jordan posted about it on old BH.com. Surely both of Britney’s siblings Bryan and Jamie Lynn KNOW good and well that their dad is taking advantage of their sister, using the legal situation to control her and make $ for him and many others on payroll. MONEY AND CONTROL. That’s all this conservatorship is about. It was NEVER about helping Britney get back custody of her sons nor was the intent to get Britney help for her mental health so she can someday get back on her feet. The Spears siblings have got to know the role Larry Rudolph AND Lou Taylor play in all of this. You can’t tell me they’re oblivious to what’s going on, who’s pulling the strings and why!! They are all complicit in this.
  8. That’s the thing. If he would’ve released this 10-12 years ago no one would have believed it to be real. Britney’s team has controlled the narrative from the beginning with the assistance of TMZ. It was just a year and a half ago when most fans finally began to wake up to the reality about Britney’s situation in the CONservatorship (how she feels about being in the public eye, whether she wants to be a popstar anymore or be on stage, etc.) but the tide turned only after Britney’s Gram whistle blower podcast dropped which started the Free Britney movement forcing the reluctant media to look into Britney’s situation. Even today so many fans & media have their heads in the sand. In hindsight it was smart to wait. Now people are open to receiving the truth no matter how much it hurts to believe it.
  9. That’s been my fear for a while. With her neither working or spending much time with the boys Britney’s worth more dead than alive. They’ll do something to her but make it look like she did it to herself or make it look like it was an accident. They’ll blame it on her not taking RX unbeknownst to them which caused her to spiral beyond their control. I don’t trust her family, the system or her handlers. I’m sorry to say it. I just hope things don’t end up so bleak.
  10. If Tess and Babs have been silenced by those involved in the CONservatorship & TeamCON this only serves to prove yet again that anyone who tries to speak out about this “business arrangement” Britney’s (il)legally locked in will get silenced. If you’ve been paying attention from day 1 then you’ve seen this happen many times before. It’s disgusting that this is legal and her team and family hide behind the law this corrupt system has put in place. It’s why so many people are cautious or just don’t speak up about it because they get threatened by the CON-lawyers. Unless you’re someone who has equal power, stature, respect in the industry and more importantly if you have the MONEY to defend yourself as you battle the CON Team then you’re going to be silenced. I think Tess & Babs did all anyone can. At least they leaked the whistle blowers voicemail and now there’s awareness about Britney’s situation and Conservatorship abuse in general. I was glad to see Free Britney trending the other day. And the Tik Tok video about Britney’s situation went viral. That is huge! So unexpected. Tbh I hope that from here on when someone reposts “Britney’s” IG videos or IG photos they don’t mock and laugh at her anymore, but instead use their social media platform, no matter how many followers you have, to repost her vids to show support for Britney and spread word about her CORRUPT CONservatorship, all the vultures involved in the scam, show them the docs!!., the false dementia claims by her disgusting dadJamie and get the truth out about Lou’s crazy ******ic money grubbing azz too!! Repost her IG with a positive purpose to support Britney. If not just post supportive comments which might make it on The Blast blog instead of omg her make is awful (which it is). Sorry. No I don’t like her IG btw but that’s out of my/our control. *edited
  11. As I said before and others too, Britney is a living meme. Isolated in her mansion making “dance” videos and pacing back and forth deliriously smiling for the camera. I’m sorry but it hurts like hell to see her like this. Everyone know how this looks. Not funny. There has to be some one on her side that will help her, protect her and advise her but no one is there for her. Her parents, siblings and handlers SUCK!!! This is way different than the silly catwalk vids from a few years ago but I can’t laugh anymore at this. It’s 💔!! The comments are worse than ever. At least there are some people who get what’s going on and there’s a sliver of compassion they feel for her. But everyone who’s not delusional can see that (1) something is NOT right with Britney and (2) the people who are supposed to help her aren’t doing ****! Not when it comes to her personal care or anything. She’s a laughing stock who’s pitied and mocked. Where dafuq is Jodi?!! The CONservatorship is just as much a joke too but the GP don’t see it. The look at her IG (our only glimpse into her sheltered existence) and say “oh I see why she’s still under conservatorship after 12 years cuz she’s crazy as hell.”. Instead of saying why the **** aren’t her parents, her legal representatives like Jodi Montgomery or some ******* body helping her & managing her social media with RESPECT AND LOVE as opposed to PURPOSELY letting the entire world see Britney Spears in this horrible condition. Her entire team knows full well that Britney has ABSOLUTELY no idea WTF is going on, no idea how she’s perceived bc of these vids ... (even IF she’s actually okay!!!..). and there’s NOBODY in her life, even those who get paid by her estate, that cares enough to stop this. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, LOU??!! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW JAMIE??!! Jamie Spears was praised for years as Britney’s savior. He “saved Britney” but look at the damage HE DID on his way out! And now because of JAMIE, Britney has a barely there relationship with her 2 sons. So her “savior” stepped down as CONservator to leave her to be babysat by Jodi who’s nowhere to be found and her paid “boyfriend” Sam Asghari. Every one of them have failed this woman. ** edit** I rant here in despair as Jamie, Lynne, Lou, Sam Asghari, the judge, a team of lawyers, security guards & faceless handlers count the money 💰 that rolls in which Britney earned that pays these worthless ******* on payroll when NONE of them are worth their fee!!
  12. I saw this too. Plus there are several videos worse than that all over tik tok. Britney’s cringey instagram posts have turned her into a long running joke. She’s a living meme. Seriously it’s like she’s a character of her former self that people, even fans, make mocking caricatures of on social media. Fans jokingly mock her but it’s still so 😬 to see it.
  13. 💯!!! I AGREE!!! Pure fire.🔥 🔥 I love this performance more than any of her other VMAS!! There was magic in the air... that night a star was born!! So was Britney’s legacy! The audience was electric I mean it was just a different vibe. You just knew you were witnessing something truly monumental.✨
  14. Does she even stand a chance at this point. My friend who rarely talked about Britney talked about Britney for the first time in years about these recent posts. She’s concerned and said “WTF is going on with Brit”. If she sees this and is startled what do you think other people who never even followed Britney’s career look at this **** and thinks? 💔 All I can say at this point is it’s Britney’s family and her handlers that are at fault here. I sincerely hope Britney is getting the help she needs and deserves. I hope the people doing wrong by her will be stopped, exposed and are punished severely for what they’re doing. To Lou Taylor and to Britney’s other so-called pious yet morally bankrupt handlers who obviously lurk here on Exhale every day obsessing over what any of us say while continuing to exploit Britney for their own advantages, power and profit ... ”He that sows iniquity shall reap vanity: and the rod of his anger shall fail.” Proverbs 22:8.
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