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  1. Very true, unfortunately. It’s bad enough that the public, fans & her parents put that sex symbol status on her as a child, but she’s putting that on to herself. I shudder to think how she’ll adjust to aging. How will the “brand” adjust? I don’t believe her dad, manager and handlers have EVER thought of what to do with & for Britney long term. She can’t be a sex kitten forever. For one, our sexist society won’t allow it. Does Britney have anything to fall back on now besides her body? No she doesn’t. She (barely) has a high school education. She doesn’t sing live. She won’t quit smoking cigarettes. She won’t train her voice. She hasn’t truly established herself as a songwriter like Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. She isn’t acting in tv or films nor training with an acting coach to improve her acting skills. Her looks is all she has left now and that’s is fading fast. That’s the truth. Then why doesn’t she or her dad or her handlers find something else for her to do?? She literally knows nothing else except performing (which she lacks passion and drive for!!) but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn something new! Britney has never discovered who she is outside of being a performer. Now her performances are extremely hot or cold. (That’s putting it nicely.) She needs to figure out who she is. Then begin to love herself. Not looking to boyfriends or kids to fill that void she clearly has always had. Britney has a lot of self reflection and growing up to do. Too bad these 11 years under her dad’s cship has done NOTHING to facilitate her growth and development as a human being. Instead they have focused on keeping her on stage and making money. Address the problem, stop putting a bandage on it.
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