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  1. Everybody does archive/ delete posts at some point. Chill
  2. Circus was recorded in 2 months and it’s a blackout repackage more than an actual album. Not experimental at all. if were gonna talk about Britney’s experimental album that’s In The Zone Only. it was the first time Britney started going dance/edm, songs produced by many different producers like Moby, Bloodshy&Avant, plus Max Martin isn’t there. In The Zone is the beginning of the experimental sound in Britney’s career. thats why Blackout and Circus has a similar formula from ITZ.
  3. Not sure about my fave Britney item. it could be my Radar US promo cd or my Baby One More Time Pink Vinyl (1st Edition) or my Japanese collection of all of her albums. or my first press collection of all Britney albums released in USA. Idk i think my entire collection of vinyls currently.
  4. She said everything I’ve been saying for so long so I couldn’t agree more. theres a reason why britney doesn’t interact with her fanbase anymore, she understood the logic about the fanbases and how messy they can be.
  5. Wasn’t tmz the site that promised and confirmed that North Korea’s leader was dead? just for ending being false? lmfao after that we cannot consider their “sources” as factible.
  6. Oh lord another “me me me” post. And that ugly typo makes the words harder to read. Tbh your post doesn’t help at all. But if you wanted attention congratz.
  7. Thank you for sharing those tbh I’ll only keep them when they’re available on HQ I’m so used to this fandom clownery to create fake supposed new outtakes from some Britney photoshoots, that it’s hard to believe what’s real or not.
  8. tbh if Britney is happy with him even knowing he will get benefit from it.im ok with it. But it’s better him than her previous boyfriend he made her look fit and younger. So
  9. Another asssshooleee trying to tell others what to do. If he’s not gonna get real with Britney, + won’t speak about her, then he must SSTTFFUU. i don’t like him anymore. useless ****
  10. I think she doesn’t speak as strategy. If she does speak or do something that can cause big attention the court could use it against her to keep the abuse on going, like she can be called as manipulative person with mental health for speaking out to brainwash her fans for example. also speaking out won’t help much to her own case. It’s a lawyers/court situation that needs to be over. And obviously speaking out to the media won’t change that. Lets wait and see I believe Britney is calmed on this and yes she doesn’t care about the money.
  11. The vinyls are great ! So why not giving her a #1 spot for oops new version ? gotta catch ‘em all!
  12. I do have them all. Singles and albums. if you are a Britney collector vinyls are q must! The quality is amazing. But I still keep my vinyls sealed lol
  13. No. Danja is a big no. He ruins songs with his vocals! get naked is a mess and gimme more is annoying on the outro part. Not all breatheheavy likes lady Gaga, I’m personally not interested into see a collab with her.
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