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    music Britney Talks New Music!

    pandaney is now at the top of my list with redbullhandsney
  2. LionHeart

    other positive thread.....Britney's laugh

    i bet snakes' sound is at the top of her list.
  3. oh cool .i had forgot about him tbh i checked his twitter profile and he has sclub 7 tour mixes as well to release. i ended checking youtube, wow paul looks tragic. i was so in love with him back in the day. he looks worst than the red power ranger.
  4. the choreo is better than 80% of her previous show BUT HER DAMN REDBULL HANDS NEEDS TO GO. she needs to learn the soft slow movements with her arms and hands, her body language needs help, it makes her looks like she's dying for the show to end. it looks cheap and unprofessional. come on someone tell her for once!
  5. she looks so hot and bad bitch on the teaser video but it didn't work for the promo poster, she is photoshopped af again.
  6. LionHeart

    tour Mohegan Review of Britney (negative?)

    "Will Britney ever be able to break free from her image of sex kitten? " this is all i want to be gone.
  7. until now theres just teasers coming out so i think everything will set up soon. also IG is the best promo she can do, going to +10M people around the world who likes her music. she can adds link to preoder and swipe up on her IG stories is very effective. i bet she won't promote it like that. people don't watch tv anymore. but youtube +sns is a must.
  8. truly an icon in so many levels-years-decades-generations-etc 1/4 of the edition will be POMneysince that show is turning 5
  9. she stills redbull hands. not impressed