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  1. I became a fan between the Blackout and the Circus era, but I had listened to her songs since 1999 (the best known) and had 3 albums of hers that asked for birthday or Christmas, as well as other artists. But it was in the most difficult phase of her life that I became interested in her career and in the beautifull human being that she is and when the documentary "For the record" debuted (I was 18 years old), I never stopped following her life and career until today.
  2. - Overprotected - Break the ice - Born to make you happy
  3. My favorite outfit in performance: Outfit in Music video: Red carpet: (Yeah, i really like that one )
  4. My favorites on that list are: But they should also have included: Grammys 2000 Clive Davis party 2002 Overprotected DC Remix Hollywood Beauty awards 2018
  5. For me it's hard to say 2 songs that i liked that i don't listen today, because i still listen, because they are 2 of my favorite songs of her They are Overprotected and Break the Ice But I think one of her best songs that people forgot is Born to make you happy...
  6. The first photo inside the magazine is from which photoshoot? It's one of her best and sexiest photos, she was perfection from every angle!
  7. Well, at least if the team B wanted to do something like that and spend little money and have little work, they could grab old Britney photoshoots and even videos to recreate an era with chromatic vibe: Gaga: Brit: Gaga: Brit: A video in other planet? Well, Britney did it on Mars: With aliens? Britney did it in Pretty Girls In another planet? Well, Britney did it in the "Paparazi Britney planet" Intergalatic song? (Yeah I know, it's from Britney Jean, but it's one of her best songs )
  8. Lucky makes more sense now and Everytime is more "raw" and emotional but the whole vibe in the song stayed in the past so...
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