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  1. As an avid lover of Christmas jumpers, I need this in my life.
  2. Isn't Just Luv Me track 5 of Glory?
  3. Scream and Shout is a will.he.is single but everyone knows it as a Britney song rather than a will.you.are song. Our Queen's impact! I forgot 3 songs: 3, Anticipating, and My Prerogative. Shame on me.
  4. It's the link to another article from the page the information was copied from ? I live near Glasgow and so many people have tagged me in this. I feel like I should drag everyone I've ever met to this event.
  5. I like that she recognised the fan did the Oops choreography :). I quite like the Clumsy performance too - it's a fun performance.
  6. Omg I couldn't get Glasgow, London, Manchester, Scarborough, or Dublin but you've given me hope again. I'm forcing my boyfriend to come see Britney and I mentioned Pride and he seemed excited by that as it'd be a cool road trip for us but I thought I had missed every opportunity of seeing her in the UK. I'm happy I saw your post! I'm grateful for your presence on this forum and I hope good things happen for you in life! ❤️
  7. How do Pride Parade tickets work? Do we buy a ticket for the pride parade and we get to see Britney with it or do we need a Pride ticket and a Britney ticket?
  8. Anyone having any luck with Glasgow tickets? VIP tickets loading fine but general tickets page just keeps saying tickets are about to become available.
  9. Oh my Godney, she's doing Glasgow I don't know how to handle this.
  10. It's an interesting video: there's nothing really in it that Currentney can't do or hasn't done. Maybe she needs to learn how to be a bit faster again but there's not a huge difference at all (in terms of that video).
  11. Clumsy is a bit generic but still good, not sure I'd have it on the album but it doesn't detract from it - she certainly sounds as if she had fun recording it. And they've added background vocals to Just Luv Me which doesn't make the song worse but I preferred the leaked version which didn't seem to have them.
  12. Woohoo, another Scottish fan!! Nice to see the UK wanting the album!
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