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  1. There was a twitter video posted back in 2016, I remember it clearly because she pronounced conservatorship wrong and did say “3 years”. Because I remember people wondering if she was referring to when the conservatorship became permanent in 2013. btw look when I registered
  2. The dance scene was so f**king good and her in the skin toned outfit surrounded by dancers, it was so fluid for britney’s dancing post 2008. As soon as it switches to the EOS house and the tiger it went to a mess, I didn’t even notice her nipple in the cage I was too distracted by her murdering her pool dancer and getting f**ked on cam by geasy. That was too much, that scene made me so uncomfortable, especially with the camera cuts and weird **** going on with a bulldozer. Lachapelle failed obviously because this is a mess of a concept. He was in charge of that shoot, he takes the blame. That being said I wish they would have done a straight up dance video like they did for the first half of the video, along with the cuts of her humping the floor and posing in the hall, would have been iconic. Instead they threw pretty much all of the video away when if put in the hands of a competent editor could have been a VMA winning video. There’s a point where it’s just too over the top and someone let it go way past that point with this concept and budget lmao.
  3. ohhh, she must've had a custom one made just for her. She whips her hair too much to wear a regular one. She wore a regular in ear on jay leno to perfrom MATM, she sang live but it flew off during the last chorus
  4. well maybe she doesn't sing live a lot because she doesn't like to use monitors I will solve this mystery
  5. did you see monitor speakers? They are speakers that face the stage so the artist can hear themselves in order to sing live ( ). Here's Britney standing between them: To sing or even talk, you have to either have monitors or wear an in ear monitor. In ear monitors are on the opposite side of the mic and are beige colored. According to her sound engineers on the circus tour Britney really doesn't like in ears. see: ( https://www.mixonline.com/live-sound/britney-spears-tour-profile-368156 ) Here she is wearing one in 1999: So they sometimes use monitors for her on tour, but I never saw either at the POM shows? That's why the "leaked real mic feed" from las vegas in 2001 sounded so s--t, the monitors were off because of the pyro and rain. If your monitors go off or break you sound awful, it happened to kylie back in 2000 because of the rain: so does Britney have them at POM?
  6. and her charisma is suddenly back, like for real not us being delusional. Britney you are an enigma.
  7. She had the GP on her side a few times, last time I remember was 2011. See for yourself at 3 min in I wonder who gets that kind of reaction today besides bey ? Anyone?
  8. hardest working performer in history in her prime, second only to MJ. Everyone else is all laughing and being silly, but look at britney's face, she has fire in her eyes. She wanted to blow the effin world away and she wasn't going to stop until she perfected every millisecond of that performance. Can't believe she was only 17 here. No one works this hard anymore in music. Maybe because britney had such iconic influences like Janet and Madonna. Who knows, all I know is she is a once in a generation talent. effin legend, kids today need to take notes.
  9. Britney did a full run through of the show, 3 TIMES and a soundcheck. Imagine performing the OHT 3 times in a row , I would have a effin stroke. Then the day of the debut/san diego show she did another soundcheck. Just like she did with the DWAD tour, she did a soundcheck for every date. Proof at 0:45 No effin wonder she doesn't dance as well as before. TBH she dances incredibly for someone who literally only learns choreo and does 1 dress rehearsal. Literally no one can keep up with that amount of work for years and years. Here's some clips from the opening show: Onyx was also revolutionary because it was the first pop show to have 30 video screens behind her, the most ever done at the time. so claps for the onyx hotel tour, I still haven't checked out
  10. X factor. That cheapened her image so much and made people see how awkward she had become. That's when I knew it was the beginning of the end, then vegas and work ***** happened and I stopped checking for her. I'm still a fan but I just can't get excited anymore. It's weird because during circus she was still mostly herself except for the dancing, she still had her confidence, her personality, and her flow when dancing. We'll never know the mystery of 2010/2011 but she became very robotic, stiff, awkward, and predictable. And even though she's improved and glory was incredible, she just missing that spark that made her someone you couldn't look away from. But keeping it in perspective, I'm grateful that she survived her breakdown and has seemingly found peace with her family and herself.
  11. The last paragraph was the most profound to me: STRAUSS Who do you listen to for advice? SPEARS I don't listen to anybody. Nobody can tell me anything. I'm stubborn. STRAUSS Really? SPEARS No. If someone tells me not to do something, I do it. But I do listen to Madonna. For some reason I listen to her. I know that sounds really silly. STRAUSS Is there some advice she's given that's inspired you? SPEARS I don't want to say. But it's nice to have somebody just to ask questions to. She's a visual artist and a deep artist as well. I like the way she thinks. I wish I could be inside of her head. STRAUSS Outside of Madonna, are there other people whose careers are a model for you? SPEARS Well, I like Madonna's career, and what she's done with her family. I like Faith Hill too, just the way she's been able to balance her career and her family. There is a clear thread to this last response: Ms. Spears's worries are not necessarily related to music, but to balancing her public life with her real life and, eventually, having a family. When the interview ended, Ms. Spears put on make-up and a dress so that an MTV crew could interview her for a promotional special, "In the Zone and Out All Night." They asked her about the energy level in one of the clubs at which she performed a surprise show, and Ms. Spears dutifully responded that it was great and exciting. Suddenly, five minutes into the interview, Ms. Spears seemed to snap out of her trance. "This just isn't working," she told the crew. Then she stood up and left the room, leaving the crew and her assistants befuddled. Clearly, as Ms. Spears's publicist later confirmed, her mind was elsewhere. It was a decision that took a degree of independence, confidence and honesty, which are all mature qualities. But it was also an impulsive act. A more polished pro might have forced herself to snap into focus and give a good interview, even if she didn't want to. Neither choice is right or wrong, but they are emblematic of the crossroads where Ms. Spears, at 21, finds herself: one route may lead to the isolation and disorientation of a Michael Jackson, the other to the perseverance and inner strength of a Madonna. The path Ms. Spears takes is another decision she must make by herself. you can read the rest here: http://events.nytimes.com/2003/11/02/arts/music/02STRA.html?pagewanted=2 I wonder what her relationship with Madonna is like today, and I wonder how much she's really changed since then. And I know she has, we all do in 15 years but she went through so many life changes. It's an intense juxtaposition reading her interviews then and now. But the one thing I think that never really changed was her longing to have a family and private life, I'm glad that she's found that now.
  12. and this, go to 2:48 go to 10:25 for the performance, the vocals are live here too, and she's dancing and I don't think a lot of new fans know that the 2001 VMA performance was a SURPRISE, and she DEBUTED slave there. We didn't know she was even going to show up until it leaked the day of the show online that she would "make an appearance". Same thing with the ITZ promo nightclub shows, they were all a surprise! Also she sang live at the GothamHall special, fans that went to the taping confirmed it. The DVD version was really dubbed. They are hard to find but there are still some ABC broadcast versions of the show on youtube and you can hear her vocals: listen, it's still dubbed but you can clearly hear she's singing live:
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