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  1. ...and I dont care, 
    That I keep pissing people off 
    I'ma let em talk 
    I dont give a damn what they say 
    It isnt fair 
    That I wear diamonds for breakfast 
    And I know this isnt helping 

    They say I'm superficial 
    Some call me a bitch 
    They just mad cause 
    Im sexy, famous and I'm rich 
    I rock the latest fashions 
    And I set the latest trends 
    Guys say I'm conceited 
    Cause they really wanna be me...:staysalty:

    1. Slayde


      I'll be your blonde tonight

      If that's what you like

      Stilettos and fishnets 

      If that's what you like

      I'll be your... hot mess

      Schoolgirl in curls

      Whatever your type

      Baby if that's what you like

      I'll Do It 

      Image result for heidi montag gif