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  1. U bitches in this mothertrucker. I need some advice. I lived for 10 months in Paris last year, cuz I did an internship there. I had a great time there.

    In a few weeks I will be done with my study...and I started to send out applications to companies in Germany, London and Australia. 

    Dear exhalers, maybe u live in these countries or u visited them in the past..? Can u recommend me one of these countries. 

    In June I will be in canada, for a couple of weeks, cuz I have to represent my brother in his stores, cuz he will be in Japan business wise.

    Until now I have 3 options for Germany and I need to make a decision within the next 2 weeks.

    so u british, australian and german bitches..?


    Or should I just stay in Cali. Lol :idkney:

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    2. falka


      @sue the expectional earner it could be scary in many places.

      I don't know what to think about whole mess, hope that no one gets hurt.

      Some people are too careless I think.

    3. sue the expectional earner

      sue the expectional earner

      @falka agree, i'm wondering what he is doing now, maybe new forum with new fake account :omg:

    4. Nick Jonas
  2. Akh delam akh delam hawatoo karde nazaninam 23t1n2c.gifNemikham bi too donyaro bebinam 23t1n2c.gifDelam hawatoo karde nazaninam 23t1n2c.gifNemikham bi too donyaroo bebinam23t1n2c.gif


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    2. Britneybbhmm


      @Electro World :mcry:

      - Akh delam, akh delam havato karde nazaninam / Oh my heart, oh my heart craves you my sweetheart
      - Nemikham bi to donyaro bebinam/ I don't want to face the world without you
      - Delam havato karde nazaninam / My heart craves you my sweetheart
      - Nemikham bi to donyaro bebinam/ I don't want to face the world without you


    3. CristMont



      I do not understand but...

    4. Britneybbhmm


      @CristMont u r friggin' hilarious :shadelaugh:

  3. Deep in a perfect moment
    All at once it feels so right
    But when I wake I see reality turn back and bite


    Ah, hah-ah hah-ah
    Ah, hah-ah hah-ah

  4. Everytime I think of you
    I'm blown out of my mind, yeah


    You give me instant dejavu


  5. It's Britneybbhmm


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    2. ATWK


      How ironic...

    3. falka


      @hushpuppies :frenchy: hun , U need read sth,:paper:

    4. hushpuppies





      Oops :moorangu:

  6. the kweeeeeen of exhell "britneybbhmm" is back y'all!anigif_sub-buzz-14719-1488325057-20.gif?

    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      Confidence is a must, cockiness is a plus :feelingmyself:

    2. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      we not worthy :sobbing: radar is too much

  7. Glory era is not over!:staysalty:

    Rise up Glory rise. This is the beginning.Follow+the+yellow+brick+road+follow+the+

  8. @Lonely-Ass are u alive? What's wrong? 

  9. I need some advice u bitches in this mothertruckin' place...:snapney:

    my parents are on a vaycay for a week, my sis is in australia for six months!:forkit:

    I'm alone at home in calabasas!:gloss:

    What would u do guys do?:shameless:

  10. I'll just keep movin' my body yeahgiphy.gif

    I'm always ready to party yeahtumblr_mme7dyWTv41qzjr2jo1_250.gif

    no I don't listen to mommy yeahgiphy.gif

    and I'll never say that I'm sorry...8c309307a6de8a761dd870ccefff50f6.gif

    oh, I'm an american boy...


    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      I was raised by a television :ohmygawd:

      Everyday is a competition :brit:

      Put the key into my ignition ;)

  11. ...and I dont care, 
    That I keep pissing people off 
    I'ma let em talk 
    I dont give a damn what they say 
    It isnt fair 
    That I wear diamonds for breakfast 
    And I know this isnt helping 

    They say I'm superficial 
    Some call me a bitch 
    They just mad cause 
    Im sexy, famous and I'm rich 
    I rock the latest fashions 
    And I set the latest trends 
    Guys say I'm conceited 
    Cause they really wanna be me...:staysalty:

    1. Slayde


      I'll be your blonde tonight

      If that's what you like

      Stilettos and fishnets 

      If that's what you like

      I'll be your... hot mess

      Schoolgirl in curls

      Whatever your type

      Baby if that's what you like

      I'll Do It 

      Image result for heidi montag gif

  12. Have fun y'all :staysalty:

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    2. Britneybbhmm


      @really really cool guy Yeah it was! Don't watch it! It's disturbing!:ricackle:

    3. really really cool guy

      really really cool guy

      that movie was insulting...I hope Britney never watches it  :donewithit:

    4. breaktheiceofmrv


      I want her to watch it and sue their asses.That will make every rude people shut their mouth about her :verycool:

      (i hope she's not sad.she doesn't deserve any of this)

  13. Happy Valentine's Day 


    Baby I see you working hard
    I want to let you know I'm proud
    Let you know that I admire what you do
    The more if I need to reassure you, my life would
    Be purposeless without you (yeah)
    If I want it (got it)
    When I ask you (you provide it)
    You inspire me to be better
    You challenge me for the better
    Sit back and let me pour out my love letter

    Let me help you
    Take off your shoes
    Untie your shoestrings
    Take off your cufflinks (yeah)
    What you want to eat boo (yeah)
    Let me feed you
    Let me run your bathwater
    Whatever your desire, I'll supply ya
    Sing you a song
    Turn my game on
    I'll brush your hair
    Help you put your do rag on
    Want a foot rub (yeah)
    You want a manicure
    Baby I'm yours I want to cater to you boy

    Let me cater to you
    Cause baby this is your day
    Do anything for my man
    Baby you blow me away
    I got your slippers, your dinner, your dessert and so much more
    Anything you want just let me cater to you
    Inspire me from the heart
    Can't nothing tear us apart
    You're all I want in a man;
    I put my life in your hands
    I got your slippers, your dinner
    Your dessert and so much more
    Anything you want, I want to cater to you


  14. Nobody is creating a thread about Valentine's Day! 

    - I wanna read love stories...

    - experiences u had

    - ur plans

    - surprises and so on...

    there is more in this world, u guys only care about Kunti Puta..?! Life twirls on...:mhmnod:

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    2. SlayOut


      omg same @Slayde! :queenflopga: Flawless sistren have flawless plans not gonna lie! :queenflopga:

    3. Slayde


      @SlayOut You know when people asked me if i got some D on Valentines I said yep. Well did I lie? What they didn't know is it was my own tbh :queenflopga:

    4. SlayOut


      Same sis same! :tiffdrink:

  15. Is Kunti Puta still the center of attention in exhell? :byebitch:

    enough is enough...


    1. Slomana


      let her get the only attention she can get if no one else cares about her new single



  16. Britney appears on the red-carpet after quite some time and this is exhell...giphy.gif


  17. iy2yqe.jpg

    hope u guys like it! I worked it a bit (just a bit) out! 

    1. SlayOut


      Her hair's on point!


  18. Ok u guys...I need to talk about this...

    so some of u guys maybe know that I'm half persian...and I do not know a lot about my fathers backround, culture and so on...

    ...so in 2 weeks there is a wedding...and today there were rehearsals for the wedding...so all the cousins came together...to rehearse a specific dance...

    it's called "Ragsheh Chagoo" The Persian Knife Dance.

    I was like:idkha:

    here is an explanation: 

    The Ragsheh Chagoo is one of the many Persian traditions, the bridal-pair must offer money to the dancing friend in exchange for the knife.

    The idea behind the dance is for the bridal-pair to retrieve a knife from the dancers so that they can cut the cake.

    The dance begins with one person performing a typical Persian dance, holding a knife and asking the couple for money. The bridal-pair have to pay money to the dancer in return for the knife. Once the dancer gets the money he or she passes the knife on to the next dancer.

    I was like:watrusayin:

    ...and now I'm nervous :decisions: !

    I never danced persian and definitely not with a knife yo..!!!:wannadie:

    There will be hundreds of ppl...

    I feel ridiculous tbh.

    I'm confused, basically I'm dancing for money...lmfao...

    and I will be the last person from all the cousins to get the knife for the dance...they dance and hand out the knife to each other but I am in the position to decide when to give out the knife to the groom or bride...!

    Should I danced until the track is over...or should I dance just a few seconds and end this mess quickly? 

    But it's about to tease the groom and the bride...and get as much money u can get...

    so I searched for vids on YouTube (and there r many) and I found this one, so this bitch danced until she got his credit card...


    :mj: I know it's long read...but I need some advice..!:tiffdrink:

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    2. trav


      If the choreo is Charm level, substitute with the slave breakdown :ponderney:

    3. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      " ...so in 2 weeks there is a wedding...and today there were rehearsals for the wedding...so all the cousins came together...to rehearse a specific dance... "

      When reading the first sentences, I was more expecting something like you fell in love with one of them, not that you would use a knife to threaten the bride and the groom. :juggingu:

    4. Britneybbhmm


      Hahahaha u guys r hilarious!:hahaha: Thank y'all <3

  19. 2usfj3s.jpg

    we r the kweeeeens on britneys Instagram:shameless: ! 

    1. ChrisTheLoner


      Wow slay, get that promo :giggleney:

    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      Slay for being under Nicki :bootyney:

  20. I came to the conclusion that opinions r like a**holes, everyone has one.

    I can't with these threads lately, it's too much negativity in here. I can't deal with that.


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    2. A.D.


      I know, right? I have mixed feelings in regards to a lot of things about POM but I don't need to create repetitive threads every 5 seconds unlike most Pressdhale members who are constantly claiming they'll "unstan". As long as Britney delivers quality music I'm good. I don't want her to make generic basic pop songs just to top the charts :sassybrit:

    3. ChrisTheLoner


      I feel ya sis :embarrassney:

      It's especially horrible such they're going on about this shit when there's more important things to worry about. I'm more worried about Maddie than any dumb chart or if she continues POM. I'll always be a stan no matter what. As long as she keeps supplying us with fantastic music and that she's happy doing what she loves then I'm happy with her :yeaok:

    4. Britneybbhmm


      Preach it y'all. :staysalty:

  21. praying for maddie <3 :(

    1. ChrisTheLoner


      Looks like our prayers worked sis :gobaby:

      I'm so overwhelmed with joy that the spears family no longer has to be worried. I hope Maddie has a good recovery :)

    2. Britneybbhmm


      Omg! Thank u dear Lord! Thank u Maddie! Wow, so damn glad! There can be miracles, when u believe tbh. 

  22. Justin Bieber's SB ad is so cute! This guy tbh.:shameless:

  23. Happy Birthday Harry <3

    u sexxxy motherfucker...tumblr_oghj8pzjZ81rm6sqqo1_500.gif


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    2. Britneybbhmm


      @falka Heath Ledger <3 what an amazing guy he was!!:makeitrain:


      at 0:33 they were meant for eachother!

      He said once... “I want that girl, I can’t deny it. I can treat better than any man around. I’ve met her a few times, and let me tell you I was smitten.”

      Omg life can be so cruel...:crying1:

    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      I'm more into Zayn :thirsty:


    4. Larry Stylinson

      Larry Stylinson

      can you believe Louis tweeted Harry ? :meltdown: Larry is rising #IToldYou