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  1. jajajaja Soy de Guatemala pero tengo muchos amigos en ciudad de Mexico y muchos hacen lo mismo
  2. Okay y'all let's hold our horses and stream until is available on spotify or any streaming platform! Listening to leaks doesn't really helps Just saying
  3. One time only and it was very surreal! July 23rd at Radio City Hall NY It was sooooo fast, like I was in line and them I was back at my hotel with an adrenaline rush at 5 AM... The show was great! I took some pictures with one of her dancers, Mike I believe I managed to get 2nd row tickets, at the show she said "I kissed Madonna on this stage" Britney on the flesh is sooooo gorgeous and full of energy! And her costumes are sparky in person, even the hideous red one she used at the end, looks cool in person, the energy on the venue was undeniable. Britney was great, but gurl keept on checking herself on the side screens, which I think she didn't had on other shows, or at lease not to her sight... but other than that the show was very very enjoyable! And incredibly short And I get to meet some lovely Britney fans from Australia and Colombia I still have framed some of the stage confetti that was blessed with the presence of Godney
  4. @Britney-fan12332143 you are a vocal coach right?! @LordofTheMoodRing your are welcome to chime in too! Help me! I posted some days ago some covers I did, and I know I don't have a good technique but I'll die to learn proper singing.
  5. Hello Sistrens! So I wanted to share some covers I've done during quarantine at home, I've always know that I couldn't be a signer b/c I think I don't have it but I really enjoy singing so, here are some of my vids, hope you like them and I would love some feedback from y'all https://www.instagram.com/emmagphoto/channel/ Sorry for the shameless promo
  6. I would go with Break the ice Work ***** HIAM Oops Baby Make Me Mood Ring (in my dreams ) Womanizer Gimme More Toxic
  7. I genuinely think that she was in to doing the intro for Beyonce, I mean Beyonka was going to announce her pregnancy... you know how our home girl feels about it Now the Gags part It was cringe yes, but not a career low, considering this was 2011 give 2011vmaney some credit she was glowing
  8. This can we request it online? I'm from overseas (like Canada) but willing to help
  9. Ok sistrens I'm in Guatemala I've been straming the song all night... but how TF I buy the song?
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