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  1. I went to get a haircut today, the barber I got was pretty rough grabbing my head...I was this close to calling him Daddy :likethat::yesokay:

    1. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      I've had a few similar encounters.. my dermatologist was SO f*cking hot, jesus christ, I didn't know what to do.. :umomg:

    2. IUSAtonight


      I hate when barbers pull your hair like they're going to make a wig out of it :zoomzoom:

  2. JustLuvMe

    Avril Lavigne

    Thank you all so much, I just got off work and I can’t wait to go home and check these out
  3. JustLuvMe

    Avril Lavigne

    A couple of random songs by Avril came up on my Spotify playlist and I liked them. I think a I want to get into her music. Where should I start, and what are some highlights of each album?
  4. JustLuvMe

    other Britney mentioned in ‘Total Bella’s’

    I like to watch the show as a distraction, keeps me entertained As for the comment I think she’s talking about how when someone let’s their emotions and everything bottled up until there’s a breaking point and how important it is to vent or seek therapy
  5. JustLuvMe

    music Mariah songs that can relate to Britneys life

    Through The Rain That’s like a life anthem, helped me get through a lot
  6. JustLuvMe

    The Insecurities / Self-Love Thread

    I want to check out your bottom half, send pics
  7. JustLuvMe

    music Quavo (from Migos) uploaded the video.. fml

    The comments are really going in on her If you were going to sample a piece of music from one of the hottest artists rn you should’ve killed it
  8. Maybe she just loves apples and fairies for some odd reason