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  1. I’m still looking for this btw, I high key stan this bish.
  2. If no ones around I don’t see the problem, it’s the unwritten rule. Also I don’t think this scene would be made in today’s over sensitive society.
  3. Message me back on Insta :gerlwat:

  4. Where can I find the uncensored version of the Gimme More music video that aired on Music Choice. I had it on my old laptop but now I can’t find it anywhere. Just a low res small screen version in YouTube. Does anyone have it in decent quality, it leaked online a few years back.
  5. This topic isn’t relevant anymore. This dude isn’t for somebody, he’s for everybody. I just got caught up in the moments and lies. I know better than to fall for this kind of thing but every now and then I slip up also I started talking to someone else like a month later and forgot about this guy.
  6. Not you bumping this old thread lmao also Hi
  7. I haven’t been online in years...this new layout is confusing :sponge:

    1. Jordan Miller

      Confusing in what way. I'm here to help 🙏 

  8. It’s depressing af, sometimes I wish I was straight so I wouldn’t deal with the same **** over and over again. I go through the same cycle with men and I don’t notice it until I’ve already been played. Maybe monogamy is a myth. Just some late night thoughts, I couldn’t sleep and had to vent.
  9. He just wants to **** sis, that’s why he hasn’t set a date for the date. If he wanted to take you out he would, but he’s hoping you’ll settle for some bedroom fun either that or he’s just not interested.
  10. I started to sell mine, I got rid of the easy to sell ones (Britney, Lana Del Rey) but there are some that I can’t get rid of by lesser known artists (Ashanti, Vance Joyce, etc.) because no one wants them lol. I’m only keeping my 2 Mariah vinyl records, it’s an expensive hobby to collect vinyls so I stopped.
  11. Where TF is it? I can’t find a good version of it on the web besides shitty pixelated versions. Youtube only has the Black & White photo shoot version, but the one I remember she’s dancing in palm trees with this really cute dress and then there’s some scenes of her on the beach. I low key stan this *****.
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