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  1. Honestly cancel culture sometimes goes too far for things that happened thousands years ago and even after people apologize. BUT there’s people that should be cancelled forever, I don’t care how much talent or success you have, if you are a horrible person you don’t deserve the fame and fortune. People like Chris Brown and that guy “6xi9” or whatever his name is, shouldn’t be able to sell a single record. “But we have to put apart the artist and the person blah blah blah” sorry but whoever says that is stupid as ****.
  2. Honestly I don’t understand what the **** she’s doing collaborating with that piece of ****.
  3. ASHLEY TISDALE! Everyone thought she was gonna be the next big thing but suddenly she disappeared. Honestly in the Disney days Selena, Miley and Demi were nothing next to her.
  4. She looks really beautiful and it looks like her “super hot body” is making a comeback again??!! I love her, I can’t help it lol 😍
  5. Ashley deserved better! She deserved to be up there with the Disney ex-acts (Miley, Selena, Demi...)
  6. Kim making a comeback to the favorite child position lol. I mean good for her, she’s the responsible of her whole family fame and fortune so yeah. She really worked nonstop until achieving her goals. I wish lol.
  7. This was the best we’ve seen her dance since the mannequin rehearsal video! It proves that she still has her talent and if she trained and wanted to work hard for an amazing routine, she could. If she wanted she could slay our entire existences again but she’s on another chapter now. I see her being happy and it makes me smile. Honestly I don’t blame her for acting a little bit weird sometimes, she’s been 12 years under an abusive conservatorship without any of her rights, being medicated with meds that she probably didn’t need, being put under facilities, not being able to use a phone, date or hang out with friends freely without being controlled, she’s been treated like a 10 year old for 12 years, it’s almost like she’s kidnapped or something. I just hope she gets to be free again and live her life the way she wants with her rights back. FREE BRITNEY! FREE BRITNEY! FREE BRITNEY!
  8. Impecable videography? Pretty Girls, Gimme More and Make Me say hi.
  9. Ugh I hate homophobic people. Like what it’s your ******* problem? Why do you bother piece of ****? ******* *********... I swear... I would lock people that make homophobic aggressions and homophobic therapy conversions up until they were fully re-educated. This ******* *******s. Lou, if you are reading this, hi!
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