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  1. 3 minutes ago, WannaComeOver said:

    Gaga looks badass, Britney looks cute.

    Since I'm more into cute girls, I would prefer banging Brit in that look rather than Gaga


    Badass is an overstatement, in my opinion. I would say she looks...homeless :quirkney:

  2. Liar would be good as a second single because it's an empowering anthem and it's a departure from the sex themes that are representative for her. GP needs to see her from another angle again like in My prerogative and Stronger. Also the video could be something iconic, revengeful and sexy a la Toxic, but moving to the next level, to be innovative and fresh.


    Also, Love me down or Better would be very radio friendly. So one of these 3 would be appropriate for the second single, to compete with Katy and Gaga.


    For the third single, I think Slumber party would kill everyone's discography and would have a chance for top 10.


    Britney team and RCA, please pick these songs as single and don't mess the incredible opportunity to make this album successful.



  3. Hm... 

    10. Kill the lights

    9. Work Bitch

    8. Circus

    7. Break the ice

    6. Womanizer

    5. Overprotected

    4. My prerogative

    3. Stronger

    2. Me against the music

    1. Get naked

    Honorable mentions (Glory tracks that need to pass the test of longevity): Liar, Change your mind, Better, Love me down

    Honorable mentions (ballads): I run away, Unusual U, Everytime, Touch of my hand, Someday (I will understand)


    P.S. it's difficult to make a top 10 and put it in an order since her repertoire is so vast, diverse and full of amazing songs.