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  1. Older Gen: Shinee and Girls Generation New Gen: Twice and Monsta X
  2. Definitely in my top 10 favorite KP singles of all time! Such a breathe of fresh air that song. “Harleys in Hawaii” should also make the cut. You can keep “small talk” tho...
  3. Chile...it’s gonna get worse before it gets better! I kinda believe both sides of the story with this whole Tati, James Vs. Shane &Jeffree. It’s so hard! Both sides have good points and some degree of fault. We should just cancel everyone and get a new set of influencers tbh!
  4. Going to listen to her music now! “Look How I’m Doing” and “Blackout” are my ultimate faves!
  5. Queen B! And Beyoncé stans will deal!
  6. Gurl you betta call your massage therapist so he can smooth out the muscle you just pulled from that REACH! Lmao Although I agree most EDM songs sounded the same during this era, Gangnman Style was most likely inspired by the dudes of LMFAO and not Gaga.
  7. It’ll probably have a feature with a trendy artist, I mean how long since she’s actually had a hit on her own?
  8. Was Katy Perry’s performance at American Idol at home? If so, hands down that’s my fave!
  9. It might be a grower...but I’m not even sure if I even want to plant the seed! Lol Sorry for the dad joke.
  10. She was born to be a “burrower”! I mean she stepped into the scene literally portraying the life of Selena in a movie. It was meant to be!
  11. Pathetic! #Justice4RainonMe? Lol The song hasn’t even been released yet. Literally have never liked Blind Fans that will purchase whatever just because it has a certain name attached to it. Let’s wait until Friday to see what the song/video has to offer, then we can talk about it!
  12. Still waiting for someone to execute the runs properly at the beginning of “Countdown”! Iconic tbh!
  13. Normani: so talented, yet so uninteresting to me vocally speaking. Also, for some reason she slays with the dancing when performing, but I’m missing charisma and... I don’t know, it’s just hard to describe. Wish her the best though, she deserves to win, just not my cup of tea.
  14. Will never take this website seriously until they hire someone to proofread their articles. Come on guys you had one job, let's check for typos!
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