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  1. Hey mama by the legendary, black eyed peas.
  2. What if it’s for the release of the vaccine, he doesn’t actually have it but will claim the vaccine cured him. Lol
  3. Girl I know quarantine is ******* with time and space but it’s only been out for less than 3 months lmao
  4. When she cut and dyed her hair. That’s exactly when it started going downhill. Because 1. People didn’t like it and 2. She started acting even more out of pocket.
  5. I’m in pretty much the same situation. Apply for EBT I was approved same day and got my card the next week. Food is a necessity. I never thought I’d have to be on SNAP but I’ve worked my whole life and don’t give a damn that I need assistance right now. You shouldn’t either. ❤️
  6. This is not true. Sometimes the people who feel that they have to prepare others for the potential pain will say something in hopes to ease some of that pain.
  7. If she would have made my oh my’s video uber **** and like her Fallon performance, it would have kept her star alive and smashed. Video was such a miss
  8. She’s saying “I wonder if I could make a song this dope” Cmon y’all lol The last part though. Omg... it’s so cringe
  9. I was thinking about how Taylor can only pull this album off because she’s a vet. Had a brand new artist released this album it would have been completely ignored and overlooked. It’s a bit boring for me tbh
  10. Kanye: She just had them go work for other white people World: Cut the cameras, dead ***.
  11. incredible. And in 2004. All of these new ho’s saying they didn’t know back in 2012? They were from the south and didn’t know? Britney begs to differ. Share this on social and let’s make this known.
  12. How do we know she didn’t want to do it? We don’t. She could have just thought the **** pout was going to suffice but he’s like, dude smile, and she’s like oh **** I probably looked sad. Because of the movement and what has happened since 2007 we are hyper critical of everything but I don’t get anything weird about this situation, but I can totally see how people make it into something we need to worry about.
  13. I don’t see anything really wrong about that clip, this is something we all do. When you are taking a picture of someone and they’re frowning so you say “smile!” Now imagine that on a massive scale, having to put yourself and your partner in front of millions.
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