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  1. I really wish we could have seen more from Naya too. Hearing her speak in interviews from post Glee, and in her “Sorry Not Sorry” memoir, you could tell she wasn’t always the most confident in her talent and what she had to offer (which is absurd) especially with the way Lea treated her and used the producers in the show against her. It’s really too bad. PS - Happy belated birthday! 🎂🎉 Hope you didn’t let all of this keep you from celebrating in quarantine. 😕
  2. I’ve had a pit in my stomach about this all week. Naya was always one of my all-time favorites on Glee. 😭 I’m so sad for her son having to go through this alone, at the age of 4, and can’t comprehend the irreparable damage this is going to do to him. I hope Ryan Dorsey steps in as the father and gives him the life and love this child deserves, and only speaks highly of Naya the older he becomes. ❤️ I had the opportunity to meet Heather Morris at a fundraising event she was a guest at last year that raised money in support of dance / the arts (you can see my pic with her here: https://ibb.co/0n0rGKD) Being the Gleek that I am, most of my questions for her obviously had to do with Glee. I didn’t understand why then, but her overall demeanor about Glee seemed very distant and removed (I’m sure like many others, her experience with Lea Michele was a reason for that), and I was surprised to find that she didn’t have the fondest of memories of the experience (she even said she couldn’t STAND her on-screen cat Lord Tubbington 🐱) The one positive she did have was her friendship with Naya. She spoke very highly of her and talked about how they both still talked everyday and even would have play dates together with their kids. I walked away from that interaction loving that all my Santana / Brittany fantasies were fulfilled and that they truly had a great friendship off the screen. And being such a huge fan of Naya, I loved getting to hear about what a great person she was through Heather, and about how much fun Heather had with Britney on the set for “Britney/Brittany.”
  3. Right? Me in high school vs. me now...
  4. Us Exhalers fighting over these menz like:
  5. Gaga stans like me reading the title of this thread... Girl, bye. ✌
  6. The Fame / Fame Monster duo will forever and always be Gaga’s prime era, and The Fame Monster alone by itself was and still is THAT ALBUM. The overall sound, the visuals, the production, the fashion, BEYONCÉ (Beyhive haters don’t come at me). She had it ALL. I’ve had the HBO Monster Ball special on repeat during this entire quarantine because I literally cannot get over how FAB she was during those years. It’s really Gaga’s best. That being said, The Fame’s late aughts Red One production really sounds dated for me. Not that I don’t love a trip back to 2008 every so often (Ah, pre- Corona, Trump, and 9/11... what a time to be alive), but really, without the Fame Monster attached, it’s not her best work to me. Other than the singles (Paparazzi being my favorite of them), Summerboy, and Paper Gangsta, the rest of the album I skip. Fame Monster I still play straight through, every time. Born This Way to me is her most cohesive full body of work sonically, and where Gaga got the most interesting for me visually. Her songs combined with the visuals, started carrying more dimension and depth, all with that heavy metal (lover) edge that Gaga seemed to really be at home in, and which I personally loved. ASIB soundtrack (although good) doesn’t count, and Artpop / Joanne were not really my cup of tea, tbh. As far as Chromatica goes, I think y’all pay dust to it and don’t see it for the gem that it is. It may not have pleased everyone’s expectations, but I think it’s an excellent, strong body of work that is true to Gaga’s artistry and is a worthy pop follow-up. My order of albums would be: Fame Monster, Born This Way, Chromatica, The Fame, ASIB (if we include it) Joanne, Artpop, Cheek to Cheek (I do enjoy her signing jazz but prefer her pop music much more).
  7. “Don’t Start Me Now” and “Say So” did not adapt the GP’s ear alone. There’s been a Gen-Z trend the past several years of embracing the 80’s and 90’s in popular culture in general, not just in music. Just look at the television / film industry: Stranger Things, IT, The Americans, Red Oaks, The Goldbergs, Halt and Catch A Fire, GLOW, ...etc. Artists like La Roux, Brandon Flowers, Walk The Moon, Janelle Monae, JT, Bruno Mars, and so many more have all been injecting 70’s and 80’s disco / funk / synth into their sound for ages, and this wave only continued after 2016 with the death of Prince. Ian Kirkpatrick has worked with Neon Trees who’s been influenced heavily by the 80’s and even Dr. Luke has dabbled in 90’s house (see Katy Perry’s “Walking On Air” from 2013). This cycle happens to each decade after 20-30 years after children grow up and transition from being consumers to creators of popular culture. So if anything, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Say So” and “Chromatica” have only further solidified the trend that’s already been prevalent for so long.
  8. I’m feeling some Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know vibes today.
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