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  1. I agree with this 100%. Leave Whitney’s crowning jewel alone. If they dare let Ariana and her ponytailed whistle-tone business anywhere NEAR this iconic piece of pop culture I’m going to scream. Yes, she’s got the singing chops, don’t get me wrong, but her acting is... well, let’s just say it shows what an incredible vocal talent she is.
  2. Everything about Oops... I Did It Again was and still is just absolute perfection. I remember my jaw practically hitting the floor when I saw that video for the first time, and watched it on MTV repeatedly. For me it’s what made Britney BRITNEY. I remember driving through McDonald’s and begging my mom to get me that mess compilation disc of *NSYNC & Britney just because the Rodney Jerkins remix of Oops was on it and I played it TO DEATH. Ah 2000, what a simpler time. Second for me would be Stronger. Its lyrics have always gotten me through the rough times growing up and I always thought that chair choreography in the video was totally badass. To this day I still can’t get over that little ascending riff she does on the final “I...’m... stronger!” lyric.
  3. The only thing mentally vomit-worthy here is that you are taking the time to spread negativity on this post (after telling others to not do the same on previous posts of yours) by reading a fellow Exhaler for speaking highly of another person’s talent by calling him “king” only twice. If my positivity and choice of language is off-putting to you @jennyj, here’s a suggestion - don’t acknowledge the post and move your unwelcome condescension and “mental barfing” tendencies to a forum where your intolerance will be tolerated. And maybe next time, you can actually contribute to the conversation and comment on the content itself instead of personally attacking the OP, k?
  4. Director, producer, and iconic choreography KING @brian friedman just posted his original concept he created for Britney’s Toxic music video on Instagram, which was originally released almost exactly 17 years ago on MTV’s Making The Video on January 13, 2004, costing $1 million to make and being Britney’s most expensive video to date at the time. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who had just received his first Grammy in 2003 for directing Eminem’s “Without Me” video, and would go on to work with the likes of Janet Jackson, The Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and so many others. According to Friedman, there has been misinformation circling around the pop culture community about the music video’s origins, and he wants to set the record straight. Here’s what he has to say: He wrote this on his Facebook page: As a fellow Exhaler, I found this super entertaining to read, especially the parts that didn’t make the video - (i.e. - Ashton Kutcher & Brad Pitt... the early-aughts fantasy we weren’t prepared for!) Most of us stans are aware of the Toxic origin story, but regardless, I appreciate that our king of flawless choreography is taking the time to make sure we are all well-learned in the subject of Toxicology. For a more detailed account of his story, visit his FB page, and to start your 2021 off right - watch the Toxic video below! Related:
  5. If Sine From Above isn’t the next single, which the 911 video clearly foreshadows, then Babylon should be the final single, with the Haus Labs version being sent to radio. IMAGINE THOSE VISUALS! I love Alice and Sour Candy too, but the time has passed for those to be singles rn, IMO. Hopefully Gaga’s team will have the next video out by the end of January to stay on track with their current pace.
  6. K is it me or does this video treatment seem phoned in? Not feelin’ it at all, tbh. Just let me know when POV becomes a single.
  7. Don’t know if it was my favorite, but I loved my Hades costume I did for a Disney Villains party I attended last year. https://i.ibb.co/wK89WyZ/BE2-ABB46-4-E38-44-FB-9-F0-D-C11-FD1-F90-D1-E.jpg
  8. Me flipping through Pitbull’s entire discography, unable to pick just one song:
  9. She’s serving some Jackie Kennedy Onassis realness in the video and I’m in love with it. 🇺🇸🙌🏻🔥 The song is ****, but it’s gonna take me a few listens for me to switch my position towards it...
  10. Max: “Social media is a tool for artists, like myself, to express their truth...Let your talent speak for itself...don’t use people as clickbait...” Me: Is his “talent” being a hypocritical ****boy? Cuz I’m not finding much else...
  11. My initial reaction to Gags in this video: Me during the last 43 seconds, making sense of all the symbolism, then frantically clicking the replay button: P.S. — That CHROMATICA III Interlude is telling me Sine From Above is definitely the 4th single... bookmark me!
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