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  1. I've bought my tickets for the concert at Manchester Arena on August 18th. I couldn't be happier tbh. I've also got the exclusive hoodie/ exclusive lanyard too. Cannot wait to see what it looks like! Good luck to people with no luck just yet, patience is key. And if you find tickets, don't take any chances. :sendinglove: 

  2. hi guys, i've just ordered the singles collection box set FINALLY as one of my gifts for christmas and i couldn't be happier about it. i've never really found the chance to buy it... so since 2009 i've been waiting. #WeStanALegend!

  3. Hai guys, wassup? Follow my social media(s), I'll more than likely follow you back!

    IG & Twitter: @britneyjeanxx 

  4. Hey Britney, how ya doin' gurl? We want #B10 and a world tour, promote well & platinum is coming ur way x

  5. roses are red

    violets are blue

    britney's a sweetheart

    katy who??

  6. Exhale has gone really dead, SP remix, where u @? :4music: