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  1. You just position yourself. Guardianship will end. And everyone will say that he was never for guardianship. All rats. Hope Britney pays everyone no more than $ 5 a week. For 12 years. Or she should sue the whole family for embezzlement and deprivation of liberty.
  2. When he worked for Britney, he also signed a confidentiality clause. That makes it impossible for him to tell everything. He risks a lot. The people behind guardianship are very powerful. Britney's father is just a little sausage
  3. Britney has lost custody of her children. The longing for their children cannot be cured with medication.
  4. Threats to Britney's team are the wrong way to go. But these people need to know that they are on the wrong side. Because guardianship is wrong.
  5. https://famouskin.com/famous-kin-chart.php?name=22250+marilyn+monroe&kin=16614+britney+spears&via=8949+richard+scott There are already 1000 threads on the topic
  6. Britney's father enriches himself every day. He is paid to take care of his daughter. Do you pay your parents too? He steals Britney's right to a free, self-determined life day by day. Since 12 years
  7. Dream within a dream tour. Britney has never been better. Just perfect.
  8. There is a logical explanation for everything Britney did or what she posts. The article is garbage
  9. According to German media, Britney's mother wants to get an insight into a foundation founded in 2004. Nobody has access to it. It is said to contain the legacy of the children and Britney's true fortune.
  10. The little "TikTok fans hurt the Free Britney movement with their stupid comments. I don't know what they want, they post normal things. Why should that be crazy.
  11. No sarcasm but the legal situation. If you communicate yourself to the public via Instagram, you can no longer exercise your right to privacy. No court will be on your side. But this is about something else.
  12. The more details we know, the more we can publish. And Team Britney can no longer sell their "truth".
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