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  1. RIP Double Dutchess


    1. BoyToySoldier


      She waited far too long. It should have been out right after the success of The E.N.D., early 2011 at the absolute latest.

    2. KillerKittens


      Or right after MILF $ or La Love, no one cares anymore. :meltdown:

    3. BoyToySoldier


      Both of those songs were garbage though. :nicki2:  LA Love literally sounds like her shouting over two trash cans being slammed into one another. 

      She's stuck in 2007, she should have hooked up with David Guetta for a dancepop record in 2009 while she had the chance. "Gettin' Over You" was received well at clubs. RedOne would have sufficed too.

      If she wants to keep doing urban, she has to seek more current producers or producers that have actually evolved with the changing industry trends. Polow da Don was hot in 06, but now? :gross: