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  1. ...Baby One More Time - I Will Be There, Oops!... I Did It Again - Can't Make You Love Me, Britney - Cinderella In the Zone - Breathe on Me Blackout - Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Circus - Shattered Glass Femme Fatale - (Drop Dead) Beautiful Britney Jean - Til It's Gone Glory - Just Luv Me
  2. This is not true. I have chatted with the singer of the song, Khaled Rahime and he confirmed that it was a demo for Britney and he said : "I was told by my old management that they received my demo and liked it . What happened from there I’m not sure" So it was for Britney.
  3. THIS demo.. The official Danja demo that he sent in for Britney Jean, before Will I Am came in and crashed the party that could have been the URBAN SMASH of an album. Yez. Imagine this direction. Love it.
  4. I actually contacted the producer of "Lips" like a year ago. I just told him that i loved the song, asked who sang it and if it really was a demo for Brit.He told me that the girl on the track is Gigi Rowe, and that it was just a project. He didn't know that it was floating around online and that it wasn't a demo Britney. That he knew of.
  5. Sometimes I wonder..... are they making a contest to make as LITTLE money as they possibly can? I mean, like a vinyl of Blackout would bring them money. All of the fans are waiting for it and would buy it. Just look at that vinyl for BOMT at Urban Outfitters. Sold out like candy. It just make me frustrated. Money is money. And I think the want money. So MAKE MONEY. Don't get it.
  6. Yeah I know! I treasured my collection like its the biggest treasure of them all! haha
  7. I know. First i didnt want the fanmade ones.... but then I changed my mind, i want all the singles. And the ones i got are PERFECT!!
  8. I have all the albums. Even some deluxe editions. Both greatest hits albums. And I actually have ALL the released singles in psychical cd's. Even som unofficial ones like Make Me and Slumber Party. I love my collection.
  9. Break The Ice - Wasn't it suppost to be a chair-choreo like stronger before the changes it into a cartoon? Damn. Breath On Me - Would be iconic. Get Naked - Imagine the dance routine!!!!!! Do You Wanna Come Over- I want he EXACT one that a fan did, the cartoon one but for REAL! Just Love Me - Is it to late to dream?? and... Make Me... - It deserved a video. Not that so called thing that we got. I will NEVER get over it. NEVER.
  10. It’s Broadway, *****. Britney Spears’s managers, Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, have begun exploring the idea of bringing her songs to the Broadway stage, Forbes reports. They’ve already met with gay theater veteran Jerry Mitchell, who famously created Broadway Bares, to discuss using her music catalog for a major theatrical production. Mitchell previously helped bring Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s inspirational life story to the stage through their songs in On Your Feet!, but the Spears show would reportedly not be that kind of jukebox musical. Instead, her songs would tie together a fictional narrative in the same way that ABBA songs advanced the story in Mamma Mia! “It would not be autobiographical,” the potential director confirmed. http://www.newnownext.com/is-a-britney-spears-musical-in-the-works-for-broadway/05/2017/ AWSOME!!! YA YAY!
  11. Hey everyone! Are there any physical copies of Make Me, or Slumber party out there? Ive seen copies from China. But are they real? Does anyone know? Thank you!
  12. Ina Wroldsen who wrote "He about to loose me", is the singer and writer of the song. She said that "Fathers Eyes" never was intended for Britney, or someone else, its was always for her project Ask Embla.
  13. Hi!
    Saw that you have a cd version of Mood Ring? Could I please get a link?
    Best from Sweden!

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