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  1. RCA just sucks compared to Jive
  2. jordeezy

    event TRL: Total Request Live reboot?

    They will only stay relevant if they are live 24/7 interviewing celebs and keeping up with online drama... make it like an extension of social media... and bring in viewers on live TV through like IGLive
  3. jordeezy

    music 10 least streamed Britney songs on spotify

    I am shocked that the bsides from the albums are on Spotify
  4. Didn't she rerecord BOMT around the tike Circus came out and that went unreleased? Would be interesting to at least release a remix
  5. jordeezy

    music Why do we call Blackout the Bible of Pop?

    Do we? I call it the beginning of the electropop phase but that's it
  6. I think it's funny how nobody has called her out on the "fun stuff" she has had done when she used the excuse that she "fell down the steps on her porch" - sorry, she had a nose job and cheek implant as well as that chin chiseled.
  7. jordeezy

    other New unedited pic by Randee st lightninglas

    LOL Britney tans just to be "whitefaced" in her photos
  8. jordeezy

    exhale Britney with 90's Idols!

    Well as a kid I fell in love with her because she reminded me of baby spice... so there are similarities there
  9. jordeezy

    exhale Britney with 90's Idols!

    Her outfits and dresses were very much like them and the marketing was very similar
  10. jordeezy

    Mother Monster: Lady Gaga Is Ready To Be A Mom

    She should do it after her residency
  11. jordeezy

    video Britney talking about Blackout

    Oh yeah! I haven't heard this interview in so long, I have it on the Circus Bonus DVD that came with the album
  12. jordeezy

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    These posters were in my middle school cafeteria!! Loved them so much
  13. She still has a good voice.. the problem is her songs always used too much vocal gymnastics in her high register and her range has changed
  14. Wait... what if she put sone kind of spell on Britney? We all saw how she was looking at Britney with side-eye at the TRL photoshoot abd shortly after stole her Pepsi deal after paying paparazzi to snap a pic of Britney drinking coke and how she has stole her shine several time since then...
  15. jordeezy

    exhale Britney with 90's Idols!

    So until this thread I have never seen Britney acknowledge the Spice Girls although her image in the early years was heavily influenced by them.
  16. jordeezy

    poll Do you like 'Make Me Oooh'

    I feel like Britney's team hears a completely different song than I hear when I listen to "Make Me" based on the 2 visuals recorded for it