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  1. I am sure it has! It has hit mainstream news. As soon at this gained traction, mainstream (funded) sites tried to debunk it without investigating.
  2. I just have no faith in the courts as I have seen too many people fall through the cracks and suffer.
  3. What would happen to her then, though? They won't free her, just pass her off to a stranger and it could lead to an institution. Ugh.
  4. I tried zooming into her eyes today to see if they are secrets lol actually, they look greener than usual in her newer posts
  5. Omg - so people have noticed some odd things being sold on Wayfair for outlandish prices and they are beginning to get suspicious. This makes me sick to my stomach.
  6. He is right, though. IDK - The comments on IG are uncalled for anyway but now it's the GP doing it
  7. We never saw these until 2019 but they seem familiar because Britney used to type info on her website that we can reference to know these are real. She was angry because she felt she couldn't trust anyone and they used her anger against her. It's too bad that she was too young and naive to see the gaslighting going on.
  8. I think it's Britney or at least she is involved in the posting. Maybe she is only allowed to post in the presence of someone being that she mostly posts Monday through Friday?
  9. Omg I literally had to reload this thread 12 times to be able to reply, the ads kept graying out the screen. WTF. Anyways, "ALL" encompasses everyone.
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