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  1. Well I always liked her because toxic was my first favourite song ever and gimme more and womenizer were favs of mine when i was growing up. So when she released work ***** my classmates laught at her cuz she apperantly was dump, doesnt have good music and was untalanted. So i cheked her up and realased that she was better in every way than everuthing they liked
  2. Thats not that deep for me. She is a woman so of course she is going to go with that strog independent woman image plus she whants young people to like her so thats why she wants to seem care free. And the lyrics are kinda dated 'sorry not sorry' , 'savage'. She can talk about this topic in non-basic way. I would like something more like take off from britney
  3. Oh I got it now . Sorry english is not my first language
  4. She also said rhat Glory is coming sometime in the spring. It's better to not expect anything tbh.
  5. Its that french page it's britney ***** they have pictures. (How do you post here with your phone) EDIT: Here are the pics EDIT: I chatted with the page that posted the pictures. The said they got the pics from the Snapchat of the french media Melty. Does someone know if they are reliable or if they just use britney's name for attention.
  6. Teal Swan used her in the thumbnail of that video. She is a prety famous spiritual teacher. Thought it was cool
  7. The coach is friend of Britney and she has the studio.
  8. Its really good. I wish i could draw like that.
  9. Am ,he tried to warn Britney that she could lose her voice? Did I got it?
  10. Well there were rumours about the lead single. At first we thought it was cold Just Luv Me cuz one of her tweets. Then the name Make Me ooh started showing up everywhere the same time as the bbma rumours .So we didnt really believe it untill the las vegas sun (or whatever) twitted that the song is going to be released at May 20 (i was so exciteb that i forgot it was my mum's birthday on than date) and we thought that she will perfome it on the bbmas but she didnt. So then we were happy cuz the performence was on point but there was no new song. Hawever later in june one of her dancers posted a video on snapchat were he talks and in the background the song was playing.Then there were meltdowns cuz the song was slow and not fast and all that dumb stuff .Some liked it ,others didnt.After that we got the song ,everyone was very excited and everyone liked it.Then the music video strated leaking and we were even more excited. Unfotunetlly the video was scrapped and there was a HUGE meltdawn about that, we had a pettition and we felt ******. The hype was dead so was the era. Things got better when glory was released (or leaked cuz it happened an most of us heard it) we were so glad and there were new hype cuz of the vmas .But then people were dissapointed of the performance and after that the album and the single flopped and we waited moths for slumber party(there was a poll made by theam B ,and there were the SP vs Liar vs LMD arguments ) . Then when slumber party was released everyone was happy with the music video and yeah we hoped that it will be a hit.But there was zero promo like zero and no one knew that the song exsited. The era died. THE END However the positive stuff are that make me topped itunes very fast ,and slumber party was trending on youtube. So a new good song with a good video with a lot of promo would be a hit. Sorry if I have mistakes if hope i helped.
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