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  1. Britney is a grown *** woman who can make her own decisions in her dating life. It seems to be the only part of her life she does have control over. You’re not her friend, you’re not a detective, you’re not a reporter. She’s left men for cheating before. She doesn’t need your social media sleuthing.
  2. The word s*e*x gets censored on this site but “looks like a mouthful” is fine 😂
  3. You have literally no proof. You’ve simply spreading rumors. It’s amazing the wild claims you can make online when you have zero responsibility to back it up.
  4. That is WILD. Justin Timberlake is an EVIL human being? Hit**r was evil. Trump is evil. Justin Timberlake is a privileged white male popstar who has been given many passes societally. The hyperbole in this fandom is why people do not take any of us seriously. There is a level of reality missing when you're calling a popstar evil because he's made poor and hurtful decisions. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't r*** anyone. He didn't scam anyone. He has simply benefitted from his place of privilege, which many non-evil people have done and continue to do.
  5. Honeyyyyy conditions are SO MUCH WORSE NOW. Especially in LA. Are you paying attention to non-Britney news?
  6. This thread is ridiculous. Black people should be able to use whatever words they want to describe Black people. And everyone else needs to stay TF out of it.
  7. Wow. Such hate for someone who originated the #FreeBritney movement in a way. He was the first Britney fan to make his support for her a national news story. Also he’s been coming out with music since the late 2000’s.
  8. Its for HER safety... so she doesn’t get assassinated.
  9. The irony of this story of a s.e.x. worker (a legitimate profession) and the word is censored on this site 😂 I’m glad the story is at least being discussed here because it’s nowhere in mainstream or even celeb news sites.
  10. Oh no… I think you might be confused. Canceling someone is no longer financially supporting a person who has done some thing agree disgusting. Censorship is silencing someone. He will still have a Twitter, an Instagram and the media to speak. No one is censoring him. They’re calling him out for touching someone who did not want to be touched. Also there should be no statute of limitations for calling out pervs.
  11. Or because they are minors and wouldn’t have signed NDAs, as most people in Britney’s life have to. And as shady as that sounds, MOST celebs at Britney’s level do this to prevent people from going to the press with private information.
  12. Have you gotten a second time? Because you can if you don’t get vaccinated and it can be even worse than the first time. My best friend died last month. He was healthy and in his 30s. The first time he had Covid, he had very mild symptoms. The second time he got it, he ended up in the hospital for a week and died… Your individual, one- time experience is not an accurate depiction of how dangerous this is.
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