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  1. i don't think she hates it as much as we think. Maybe bored of it?
  2. Bump anyone feel like this would be doable?
  3. I would love for her to bring back piece of me and have her do her favorite moments from the show along with new ones. Thoughts?
  4. I think a Piece of Me 2020 revamp would be ideal because its freshest on britney's mind they should definitely switch some parts up big time though. To give it a different feel. Do you think with proper training Britney could be at an onyx hotel level?
  5. Exactly give our girl some faith shes a fighter!
  6. No! I think if Britney can get back to the studio and start recording music that she loves and practicing her dance moves she might be back like before. Hopefully! Let's pray 🙏
  7. Do you think something like this could be doable with Britney being back to an onyx hotel level? I really think she can if she practices at all times. Would love to see her killing it! 🖤
  8. I think your message went straight to the spam folder
  9. Do you think something like this could be poss? I've always wondered what the show would have been had the show not been canceled. Thoughts?
  10. She needs to do a record with cardi b and shoot a music video in front of a whole bunch of bloods with her. Trust it’ll get the media talking lol
  11. It's ******. Sad because it's a poppin song and she looks so pretty and really hot once she lost the skirt. prayforbritney
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