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  1. Look at the number of jobs Keystone created so far & compare it to what has been being created in the renewable energy industries (which is also growing like crazy). Keystone jobs wouldn't have even paid as much. Saving dying industries for people who work in them is not how any business or career works. You have to adapt to changes or else you choose to be left behind.
  2. Tom Girardi's brother filed paperwork to put him into a conservatorship. They say he's deteriorating & can't care for himself but I think it screams of him trying to lessen his damage for legal issues he's dealing with as well as his risk of losing too much in the divorce with Erika. https://people.com/tv/erika-girardis-husband-tom-conservatorship/
  3. Has anyone checked on @Just Because lately? @Blackout2006,@Justin Woodpond,@mythology, anyone? 😏
  4. It's my favorite movie & people have talked about remaking it for YEARS. It should just be left alone unless they were to put together an extended cut of the original with bonus scenes. Maybe do a special on TV to celebrate the 30th anniversary next year where they have some (MAJOR) artists perform the music with some interviews/never before seen footage woven in between.
  5. I've watched them live on youtube. I looked several years ago & I don't think they ever toured in the US. However, I just looked & they're in Canada this year. OMG. I wonder if it'll happen & whether I'd even be allowed into the country. I should have the vaccine by then... 🤔
  6. Aqua actually had 3 albums but the only major hit they had in the US was "Barbie Girl". I would totally dig more from them. They have their own bizarre style & I love it.
  7. The amount of hate in this thread is just too much, even for exhale. All I could think about is how most of you would have 100% contributed to Britney's downfall in the years leading up to 2008, especially if social media was on the same level back then. People treated her like crap back then, which people today understand was unfair due to the mental health component to some of the issues. Apparently most of you missed the memo on how to be decent human beings to people who struggle with things a bit more than normal in this world. With that said, vocal ability has almost no correlation with commercial success in the music industry. There are LOADS of people in the idustry with killer voices that just can't seem to get the recognition they deserve, while others with less talent always seem to end up on top. Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry... Are all artists that have had trouble capturing the success they deserve in the last several years/decade. Including Gaga will probably get me in trouble but nothing since Artpop has had nearly the same widespread success in the same way as her earlier releases.
  8. My ornament arrived on Tuesday this week. Saw Urban Outfitters reauthorized the charge today for the vinyl which is about the 5th time they've done so since I ordered it. A friend said he saw it for sale a couple days ago when he was at his local UO. Wondering if I should just pay him to ship one to me. I feel like any day now they are going to send me a cancelation notice.
  9. Why is everyone saying they're being disrespectful to Kim Cattrall? They've tried to get her to participate. I honestly think Kim Cattrall is being disrespectful of fans by skipping it over her personal vendetta agaist SJP. I actually dreamed that they had Vivica A Fox play the role of Samantha in all future content. I think she'd be absolutely perfect for the role.
  10. Technically it will only determine what the next 2 years will look like. In the 2022 election the house & senate will both be up for grabs yet again. But I agree that having a Republican senate would destroy Biden's opportunity to get anything done in the immediate future. Obama had similar issues for big chunk of his presidency. Much of what Republicans criticize Obama for (like saying our economic recovery was too slow or that the affordable care act sucked) can literally be explained by looking up the facts where they would be able to see that obstructionist Republicans forced legislation to get watered down, resulting in the things they now complain about.
  11. 157, but who's counting. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I *wish* it would work in our favor in Georgia, but I'm predicting that both Republicans win. We should all pray to Godney! If we could just get Georgia to only count LEGAL votes... am I right? No...seriously...they need to only accept legal votes. Cheating Republicans are gonna cheat. Even ones with law degrees... 💁🏼‍♂️ https://news.yahoo.com/florida-attorney-reportedly-under-investigation-134550684.html
  12. @Just Because This story is GLORIOUS! Trump supporters are criminals & committed voter fraud! The Texas Lt. Governor (R) offered $1 million for evidence of voter fraud in the November election because Republicans have no proof - only completely made up, FAKE accusations. The Pennsylvania Lt. Governor (D) produced the evidence of 3 separate cases. Each case was committed by Trump supporters who have now been charged. The TX Lt. Gov better get out his checkbook! @Blackout2006 Hope you saw this too. It made My day! https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/texas-dan-patrick-prepared-part-his-1-million-reward-n1252419
  13. Just a reminder for all you freedom loving Americans and even those accused of sedition & treason for trying to overturn our free & fair election...Biden will be inaugurated in 23 days & 11 hours! 🇺🇲
  14. When people talk about it taking years/decades to create a vaccine, they are taking absolutely nothing scientists have discovered in the last decade or 2 into consideration. For those of you who say they aren't sheep & did their own research... Every single one of us can make an outlandish claim based on how we feel about something, rather than base our beliefs on facts. The problem with the internet is that you can then take your feelings and research them - finding biased fringe sources that agree with you regardless of actual facts, making you think you actually know something that 95% of everyone else is too dumb to understand. If those sources could actually PROVE what they say is true to others in the industry, then their findings would become accepted as actual facts. Here's a long twitter thread that breaks down the vaccine better than anything else I've seen. He did make one mistake & clarified that mistake in the comments. https://twitter.com/WheatNOil/status/1339624815137722368?s=19
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