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  1. The VMA performance is definitely the most iconic, but I loved her whole set from Korea. It's definitely the one I've watched the most.
  2. I love Ariana but didn't care for this song or the video. Her poor diction hasn't stood out like this since the beginning of her career - I legit could barely make out most of the words. The political theme of the video seems extremely random to be paired with this song. I'm going to go listen to the most underrated song of her career, Focus, which I love to death...
  3. You know things are rough in the world when Kelly singing "Higher Love" brings you to tears. 💔 I also loved Demi.
  4. So this is all to protect her assets? They are HER freaking assets! Assets she has worked hard to earn. If she gets her freedom & somehow loses everything...so what? At least she'd be free! Her money should concern no one but herself.
  5. I didn't put the timestamps because he mentions him 3 separate times throughout the video, and part of them depend on the context coming before the joke.
  6. Seth Meyers randomly made fun of Kevin Federline's "Popozao" three separate times last night during his segment, "A Closer Look". Fair warning, it is a political segment, but I'm sharing due to the K-fed jokes for those who are interested.
  7. Did you really just call Britney "trash" on Exhale? That's a bit uncalled for...
  8. It's completely off topic, however, it's definitely not illegal to post someone's picture online in most circumstances.
  9. I updated the original post with a new link. They had a short clip posted & then replaced it with the full interview. I deserve epic brownie points for finding where the part about Britney is in the full video - I think I lost brain cells trying to find it. 😂
  10. It's pretty short but thought people would want to see it. Also, the video title misspelling is cringeworthy. 1:23:20
  11. And they say Britney isn't responsible enough to be able to handle her life/finances? I'd say any business that doesn't keep copies of multi-million dollar contracts probably shouldn't be in charge of anyone's money. To be honest, this sort of crap will help Britney in the end so let them keep making these dumb*** moves.
  12. I watched it earlier. I was left a bit disappointed. I think it had amazing potential but ended up falling short. They seemed to want to show the contrast between her character persona & the "real" Paris, and that was just wasted time. I think that was unnecessary because it's already very well documented that she plays a character when in public or while being filmed. I would have liked the whole documentary to focus on the "real" part. I also wish she wouldn't have done press prior to its release so that we didn't go into it already knowing about the abuse at the school. Lastly, I found myself really wanting to hear about her time in jail. Given the abuse she endured earlier in her life, I can only imagine how hard it was to be locked up. It also made me wonder why she would have put herself in the position to go to jail, given how much trauma she was carrying with her.
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