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  1. Diet Pepsi. My phone. Spending money that I shouldn't.
  2. Completely off topic, but... I can't believe Tucker Carlson interviewed Britney & that he worked for CNN! Also, it looked like he was talking to Anderson Cooper about the interview which just seems crazy! What the heck happened to him to make him go full on fox news crazy? Also, could serial sexual-assaulter Matt Lauer get any freaking closer in his interview with her?!
  3. https://youtu.be/I72VtNFNQAQ See I have to believe that there's more than this seems More than a soul in a boat in a sea of sinking dreams And I have to be sure that there's gonna be a cure 'cause somewhere down the line, I lost that part of me that's pure.
  4. Sippin' On is FLAWLESS. I've always loved it for its cool laid back vibe.
  5. I have an experience with Larry that I've never shared on here. Back in 2011 I flew to Phoenix to attend the Femme Fatale tour. When I originally looked at VIP packages they didn't include a meet & greet. Once I found out they added them, I bought a ticket for the only show with one left. Anyway...I had always wanted a Britney tattoo & really liked the idea of getting her signature. I made a tattoo appointment for the morning after the concert because I really hoped to be able to have her sign my wrist. I didn't want to ambush her with the request, so I got a card & wrote a note, asking for the big favor and explaining how far I'd came & how the tattoo shop was opening early for me so I could get it before my flight. Once at the venue, I met Fe. I gave her the note & explained it to her. She said she would pass it on. While giving the backstage tour, our group ran into Larry. Fe gave him the note. When the meet & greet happened, I still hadn't heard anything & Fe apologized. I knew it was a lot to ask but I thought maybe they would be impressed that I didn't try to just spring it on her & maybe accommodate. It kind of left me a little bitter that they didn't at least tell me it couldn't happen. Fast forward to when I was back in my seat watching the show. Out of nowhere, Larry came to my seat. He said he was sorry & that he hadn't read my note until after the m&g happened, and he wanted to come let me know. He told me that it wouldn't have been able to happen, explaining that doing it for one person turns into a bunch of pepple wanting the same types of things. It may not seem like much, but I really appreciated him taking the time to come tell me. He probably wouldn't have ever seen me again in his life so it would have been easy to just toss my note & move on. But he didn't. I think it says something about his character.
  6. I have to believe that at some point the conservatorship will end & Britney will regain control of her life. If that happens, I've often wondered what would happen in the days/months that would follow. So my question...what do you think Britney will do? Give a tell all interview? Write a book? End her relationship with certain family members? Start partying hard? Devote all her time to getting custody of her kids? Tell me what you predict will happen!
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