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  1. I voted britney because I don't know other faves' flaws
  2. because holding a microphone would feel illegal for her
  3. didn't we just get a new candid where she looks a little thicker? I'm Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin
  4. live a peaceful life. find a man, have babies, release music without forcing herself. I'm not gonna be jealous when other artists are still passionate about their career after seeing what happened to her.
  5. some of the fans here can even recognize her breath. they know it's not her voice
  6. how could you forget this dangerous, life-threatening performance?
  7. that's how she would look like if the c'ship started in 1998
  8. Hiatus Fantasy She needs to release colon for men
  9. there could be 99 fantasies in the room and only 1 believe and it changes everything #JusticeforBelieve
  10. even though it sounds fake but having speculations is fun
  11. well, I even looked for her demos so I guess I have listened to all of her recorded music
  12. See the sunlight we ain't stopping. Keep on dancing till the world ends
  13. well she's probably doing the face swap on snapchat with hannah right now
  14. she might have a plastic surgery and is now on recovery so she can't go out in public yet
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