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  1. Didn’t know anything about this! Watch how this gets deleted !!!
  2. I absolutely love what you did with the ending of having two shots from each MV!
  3. I think this was just the dancers coming up with moves as practise rather than Lucky being the show. It think that’s what the dancer said
  4. This is amazing! Well done You should upload them in individual acts like you did with part 1 OR put time stamps on so we can jump to our fave parts/ songs
  5. I like rumours... it’s makes it fun as long as we take them with a pinch of salt and don’t meltdown and get angry at Team Britney when it’s not true
  6. It’s amazing!!! Been waiting for ages for this!
  7. Nah... Whilst Overprotected is soooo wanted it won’t happen... And having 3 at the end instead of the third song NAHHHHH... (Watch how it’s correct )
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