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  1. Yeah it was reported by multiple sources that Justin stopped by her dressing room to say hi and wish her luck. It was later confirmed by Nikki DeLoach on the We Need to Talk About Britney podcast that Justin did in fact approach her backstage but goes on to say that Britney was out it and looked at him as if she didn’t know who he was haha
  2. I can’t stand the comments from the gp on her instagram. They’re all a bunch of hypocrites (the ones that judge/belittle her that is) all you have to do is go to their profiles/pages and sure enough you’ll see they not only have questionable fashion choices themselves but they also have quotes/post about how they have battled with anxiety, depression, etc and how we should treat people with compassion and the importance of mental health and yet here they are commenting and judging her mental health and/or appearance. From the outside looking in it seems like she tries to stay positive, happy, and productive despite whatever personal struggles or circumstances she may be going through and I wish people would recognize that instead of tearing her down.
  3. Yeah Jessica was definitely there but wasn't Brit spotted leaving Justin's house the following month? I think they still had something going on..
  4. Anyone see it today? Posted a snap walking down Hollywood walk of fame and stopped at Britney’s Star, while chants of “Believe in Jesus Christ” can be heard in the background
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