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  1. I'm 19 and i'm still a virgin. And also i'm afraid of losing it, i'm afraid of the pain and the bleeding, but sometimes i just want to get rid of it. :weirdmeout:

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    2. Britneybbhmm


      Omg u dedicating a song to me :sobbing:

    3. DaxCass


      You're 19 and you still on school??? :weirdmeout:

      Btw make sure of REALLY loving the person you're gonna lose ur virginity with, cause we've a hole life to f**k with so many people we want to, but the first time gotta be special cause you'll always remember it :snapney:



      If the person makes you bleed they arent doing it right baby. Even if they're really big. It's about the foreplay, make the bitch treat you like the prince(ss) you are :staysalty:

  2. I'm having suicidal thoughts right now :(

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    2. BoyToySoldier


      Please don't harm yourself, it's never the answer. There's people who love you. You're a very pretty girl and whatever you're going through, it will get better. :hugs:

    3. I'mSoCurious


      Oh god no. We love you too much. Feel better soon and don't hesitate to PM me if you wanna chat. :kiss:

    4. ohoney


      Thanks everyone who took the time to write those beautiful and sweet replies. I'm having hard times, but i'll be able to control this awful feeling, i already did it years ago, i'll rise...i shall rise. LOVE 4 EVERYONE! 

  3. Very often a weird version of 'Circus' is played at my gym when they are having spinning class but is heard in the whole gym, and also they often play a 'Stronger' remix, a mashup of a song with Katy Perry's 'ET' (i don't remember which one) and 'Womanizer'. :queenriri:

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    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      TY. Listening to it right now. Do you like it? It should be more rocking or something. But otherwise I guess it is good for the gym

    3. ohoney



      @WeddingNight  I like it but i was so confused at the combination when i first heard it on the GYM

    4. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Yes, the combination leaves me with a strange feeling. If I was at a gym and heard it, it would feel weird and trippy too.

  4. For everyone who's suffering out there, who's a victim of bullying or cyberbullying, who everyone who feels that they aren't worth it, stop there. . . You are. Life isn't easy, life sometimes is too hard to understand and sometimes you feel like, you want to dissapear, so your problem would dissapear too, you hate yourself because of the bullshit mean people say, you feel worthless because sometimes you are alone and you don't find the 'escape'. Don't think like that please! Even if you're going through a very dark and sad phase of your life, life is beautiful, you will find the solution, you will get stronger, you will find the light after all the darkness, you will find people to love and to love you, happiness, friendship and your own destiny! Stay strong! ♥

  5. VMA'S 2017: Bitches get ready to taste some good kpop slayage, mark my words.

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    2. Electro World

      Electro World

      TWICE is best k-pop group


    3. CashmereCat


      Forreal though? Omg.  Are you fucking foreal!? :lemmetellu:

    4. ohoney


      @CashmereCat a very famous horoscope on Twitter predicted, and they predicted the BBMA win too, so we should trust it, also https://twitter.com/MikeAdamOnAir/status/855207064557297668 


  6. For some reason i've been feeling really weird recently. . . I'm only 19 years old yet i'm so afraid to die, i'm afraid of wrinkles and i'm having weird thoughts of what happens after you die :omg:

    1. DaxCass


      Don't you worry darlin, those are feelings and thoughs that we all experienced, but at the end of the day you'll realize that you'll know what happens when you die...when you finally die.

      To me what I think of what happens after the death is maybe we all stay in something like an eternal dream, or (this is what scares me the most) that after we die we all stay in a black space and we are aware of it

    2. ohoney


      @DaxCass Awww sis! You're so so sweet! Thank you for taking time in giving me an advice and share your thoughts...yeah, it scares me to you know...not feel anymore, and be in a eternal dream :(

    3. DaxCass


      @ohoney The best thing to do in this case is..not thinking about it anymore, I mean we all gonna know what happens after death after all :awkblink:

  7. Yesterday 'If U Seek Amy' was played in the shopping, someone is a fan...

    1. blacklistedd


      Ewww, people need to leave that song in flopland and play something else by her.

    2. ohoney
    3. patience darling

      patience darling

      uhhh at least they didn't play Floppin' with You ....

      IUSA is flawless.

  8. Keanu Reeves is so gorgeous, and he's like 50! 

    1. BraveGraphics


      he aged gracefully

    2. ohoney


      @BraveGraphics he's probably inmortal as the memes say :omg: 

  9. Tom Hardy is just gorgeous and fucking hot, lord.

  10. Confessions On A Dance Floor is flawless.

    1. BoyToySoldier


      Love Love Love this album! My favorites are Sorry and Future Lovers. :madance:

    2. ohoney


      My favs are Push, Hung Up and Sorry.

  11. Yesterday i saw a guy who kinda looked like Sam at the gym, similar hairstyle and facial hair too, he was beautiful!

    1. I'mSoCurious


      Lol, I have a lot of Persian boys at my school. I hope they turn out like Sam :rihclap:

    2. ohoney


      But i don't think he was persian though, he was Argentinian as long as i know, his body was hot too.

  12. ''All 5 of their concerts across the US were completely sold out, with a combined 60,000 tickets sold, according to the band’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment.''


    1. Britneybbhmm


      Yasss bitch is conquering the world! :pumped:

    2. ohoney


      They deserve it, they are shutting every hater's mouth.

      This shut up some exhalers too who thought kpop is 'dying', also EXO sold out too when they went to the USA. :staysalty:

  13. So my heart is 'broken' now, even though i knew it was never gonna work from the start but i decided to keep the friendship with him, but now after our last convo i doubt we are gonna talk again... 

  14. BBMA's were so boring yesterday in my opinion, i only watched it because of BTS.

    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      The hosts were cringe af :ehum:

    2. ohoney


      @Electro World and the perfomances boring too!

  15. Silicone, saline, poison inject me
    Baby, I'm a free bitch, I'm a free bitch.

    1. LostInAnImage


      "Dance In The Dark" is one of my all-time favorite Gaga songs!  tumblr_lzidxcOKPB1qlnn9so1_500.gif

    2. korralations


      Great song. :slayney: I've been listening to The Fame Monster a lot recently! 

  16. The best thing that i did today was to watch Colin Farrell sex tape. :milkney: 

    1. IUSAtonight


      I remember they both had some big ass bushes, although i watched it so long ago i could be confusing :receipts2:

    2. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      You intrigued me:

      he ate that p*ssy for longer than he f*cked her, what a nice guy. :crying1:

  17. What was the tweet of this video? :staysalty:   sorry for bothering sis, love your perfume avi ♥ 

    1. Electro World

      Electro World

      I'll PM it to you since Exhale won't let me reply with a tweet, and thanks sissy <3

  18. Is tiring sometimes being too sweet with people that don't deserve it.

  19. Chester bennington DIED. I'm in shock...Linkin Park was a HUGE part of my life and i can't fucking believe it...

    1. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      The only thing I know is that at one point I found Linkin Park so good that I bought $146.86 worth of 24-bit tracks of it. Just sent a message to the seller trying to retrieve them :shake: 

      But yeah, he seemed like a good-hearted person :mhm: 

      Don't know much about him though, I will find something today or tomorrow.

  20. I love open-minded people, they are smart and just the best!

  21. Make them whistle like a missile, bomb bomb. Everytime i show up, blow up uh! :brit:

    1. 1999ney


      Stan Blackpink!

  22. It seems like today a guy followed me (in real life)... 

    1. IUSAtonight


      You mean in a stalker kind of way? :lostney:

      Was he cute? :lostney: 

  23. Yesterday i was on the bus, and on the streets there was a guy that looked like Tom Hardy because of his profile looks. :milkney:

  24. Aww :( Javier, you may NOT remember me but i remember that you were showing me that you were creating Britney-Galaxy, i was one of the first visitors, i still remember it :kidcries: you're one of Kevin's (Visualdreams) friend's, i never knew those fuckers stole your site, i thought you sold it or something because it was weird to see that your name wasn't in the disclaimer , i hope they get what they deserve. 

    1. overprotectedd


      Aw thank you so much. i really don't remember you though :(